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[Read Epub] ⚐ Goodnight Princess ♭ As A Little Girl Says Goodnight To Her Dressing Up Clothes And Dolls She Is Transformed Into A Princess In A Magical Realm A Beautiful Rhyming Text Is Accompanied By Atmospheric Illustrations Which Will Delight And Soothe All Little Girls As They Snuggle Up In BedA Follow Up To The Wonderful Goodnight Tractor And Goodnight Digger, This Is The Perfect Bedtime Book Simple and easy bedtime story. SOOO.it is the same old good night to everything What I liked about it and why I rated it so high was yes she was a princess, but she was putting all her toys away in the castle I loved the imagination My only silly critique is when the little girl is in the ball room her ring up towards her mouth looks like a cigarette But then I realized it is her ringif I cared enough I would take a pictures and share butjust a note.not a big deal A simple toddler and up book about all things princesses getting ready for bed simple and cute