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I was interested to see how realistic this book would be, since I work in the veterinary field, and was happy to find that the veterinarian author pretty much nails the things that would happen in the life of an emergency hospital veterinarian. The author does lump all of his unique and interesting cases into a oneday story, when the odds of seeing all these unique cases on any one day would be limited, but I am sure this was just done to keep the story interesting and to keep from having to tell all the routine and mundane repeat cases that veterinarians see. In the end have to say I enjoyed this one, and the last chapter even left me choked up. I disagree with a lot of previous reviews of this book. In 280 some odd pages, Nick Trout has managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible and find words to describe the indescribable relationship between owner and pet. Seldom has an author been able to take something so abstract and create something tangible.

This book is less of a day in the life of a veterinarian than a collection of anecdotes and memories. Nick Trout chose to write it in this manner in order to cleverly convey the normal hectic pace of every day at the hospital. All of these events may not have occurred on the same day in reality, but they are meant to tie together Dr. Trout's most prominent memories to resemble his every day life.

All in all, this book was a good read. Not many veterinarians can write so successfully. I wouldn't compare him to James Herriot, but Dr. Nick Trout is certainly an accomplished author in his own right. I do not recommend this read for anyone that has no interest in animals, but if you have ever looked into your loving dog's eyes or snuggled your kitten by the fireplace, I would say this is a book you would enjoy. [Ebook] ♰ Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon ♪ Tell Me Where Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisTell Me Where You Are And Don T Lie Dis Moi O Tu Es Et Ne Mens Pas Reese Tell Me Where Elias Is REESE Dites Moi O Est Elias Contenu Potentiellement Inappropri Dverrouiller Les Exemples Vous Aident Traduire Le Mot Ou L Expression Cherchs Dans Des Contextes Varis Ils Ne Sont Ni Slectionns Ni Valids Par Nous Et Peuvent Contenir Des Mots Ou Des IdesTell Me Where Jennifer Lara ShazamTevin Campbell Tell Me Where Lyrics Genius Lyrics Tell Me Where Lyrics I Know Your Story He Stayed Out Late Last Night And He Didn T Even Call But Don T You Worry You Can Cry On My Shoulders I Just Wanna Hold Ya Cause I M The One That Tell Me When And Where Traduction Franaise Lingueeoperator Or A Consumer, Tell Me Where We Are Doing Well, And Where We Need To Improve Traduction Can You Tell Me Where Franais Dictionnairetraduction Can You Tell Me Where Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Tell On ,tell Apart ,tell Off ,telly , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques Tell Me Where I Can Find Traduction En FranaisTraductions En Contexte De Tell Me Where I Can Find En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context But Before That Happens, I Need You To Just Tell Me Where I Can Find Dickie Traduction , Tell Me, Where Did You Franaistraduction , Tell Me, Where Did You Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Tell On ,tell Apart ,tell Off ,telly , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques MYMP Tell Me Where It Hurts Official Lyric Video Official Lyric Video By MYMP Performing TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS CIvory Music Video, Inc MYMP TellMeWhereItHurts OfficialLyricVideo Now Availa Tell Me Traduction Franaise Linguee My Constituents Tell Me They Believe The Budget Paidattention To The Boardroom Table Parlgc Parlgc Mes Concitoyens Me Disent Qu Leur Avis, Le Budget Tient Surtout Compte De Ce Qui S Est Dit Autour Des Tables Des Conseils D Administration Parlgc Parlgc Please Tell Me For Each Proposal, Whether You Are For It Or Against It Eur LexTell Me Joey Albert YouTube Tell Me, Where Did I Go Wrong What Did I Do To Make You Change Your Mind Completely An excellent book all around! Tell Me Where it Hurts had lots of funny anecdotes, heartwarming stories as well as its fair share of heartbreaking moments, and an overall inspirational feel to it.

I truly love animals and had even once considered becoming a veterinarian myself when I was a little kid, so I hold this book in very high regards due to its subject matter (though, you do not need to have an interest in veterinary sciences to enjoy this book to its fullest extent). I know that anyone who cares for animals or has pets of their own will easily connect with Dr. Trout and his treasure trove of animal "tails" (forgive the pun).

You will find a range of stories included in this memoir involving a variety of animals and their equally interesting owners. Of the stories included, I especially enjoyed reading about how Dr. Trout came around to becoming a veterinarian when he was inspired by following one for a day (as reluctant to do so as he was initially). Throughout this book, I felt like I was with Dr. Trout in the animal hospital meeting the animals, preforming the surgeries, experiencing the accomplishments as well as the losses, and going through the roller coaster ride of emotions that follows suit in such a profession. Definitely a powerful book that will not leave you out of the action.

I think this would be an excellent book to pick up if you want to pursue a career in veterinary science or animal care, but it will just as easily appeal to anyone who loves animals in general. Tell Me Where it Hurts can help prospective veterinarians acclimate themselves to the emotional side of treating animals, whereas a textbook would only prepare someone for the technical side of caring for and operating on animals. In a complex field such as this, knowing what kind of emotional highs and lows await you is just as important as knowing how to perform a complex procedure, in my opinion, so this memoir should not be discounted by those with a serious mind for a future in animal care. I know the average reader will go to this book for cutesy animal stories and they are there. For me, the read was therapeutic in a sense. It’s nice to hear that these sort of scenarios go down in other hospitals. There’s emergencies in the middle of the night, surgeries to remove the most disgusting things from intestines, owners who can’t stop trying to find a cure and people who think that veterinary medicine is a waste of the consumer’s money.

Veterinary medicine has challenges by the boatload. We practice on a wide spectrum of species. We meet people who want to do everything for their pet but don’t have the money. There are people with tons of money but would never spend it on a dog or cat. You’ll see cases that you know are doomed from the start, but sometimes you’ll have miracles pull through when you least expect it.

All of this plus being constantly sprayed with some sort of bodily excrement and still being able to smile when people refer to MD’s as real doctors.

I found myself crying during several stories and laughing uncontrollably at others. (The Jack Russler story… hilarious!) All of the stories in the book do not actually take place in the ‘Day Of Humor, Healing And Hope’. As he takes on each new case, he recalls other similar cases. Anyone who has spent time with a veterinary crowd knows that one story leads to another story that leads to another. I saw some reviewers found this sort of story telling awkward. I guess it came naturally to me.

I plan to pass this book around to my coworkers. If you are in the veterinary field, I strongly recommend this book for some R&R reading that still ties in with your occupation. If you are an animal lover, I think you will enjoy it also. If you don’t love animals, then you are just a weirdo. Having spent hours in veterinary hospitals with various pets over the years, I am always curious about the lives on the other side of the tablethe veterinarians. Their diagnoses are made often solely on observation, because their patients obviously can't communicate verbally about their distress (hence the ironic title.) And so Tell Me Where It Hurts revolves loosely on several different cases Trout, an orthopedic surgical specialist, sees in the course of a day.

Unlike many works of nonfiction by those for whom writing is not a primary profession, Trout is actually a talented writer. I enjoyed his wry sense of humor, both in his quirkly observations (a dog peeing in the snow is "a yellow tribute to Jackson Pollack on a frozen canvas") and his stories (a couple's discovery of infidelity when a vet reveals the source of an abdominal obstructiona black fishnet stocking that most certainly did not belong to the female partner.)

Trout weaves his insight and perspective into the various issues vets must face (such as performing euthanasia, the rising costs of veterinary medicine, the difficult task of introducing poor prognoses to loving owners) in with anecdotes about his life growing up, his work as a student vet, and the case load. Some readers have complained that the effect is disjointed, but it read much like a real vet going through an actual day, where multitasking several animals throughout their treatments and recoveries is a must. That, interspersed with rounds and other conversations, is simply how vets work.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Anyone who has loved an animal will relate to the cases in the book, and may need a tissue or two! Listened to this on cd and found it just charming. A great glimpse into the life of a small animal vet, and into his head and heart as well. He deals with the dilemma of whether to keep pets alive, sometimes at significant costs. as opposed to euthanizing and ending their pain. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule; it's a judgement call, and it's often very tough. In spite of the sometimes very serious subject matter, the book is written with humor and sparkle and is generally upbeat ... a very enjoyable and enlightening read. Not sure if it was read by the author himself, who is British, but the British accent is an added bonus .... what is it about English accents that I find so irresistible?
Some nice animal stories, and not a bad read, but the writing is awkward and the book has no focus. It tries to cover too much territory for a short book and becomes a random collection of largely unsatisfying anecdotes.

The author is a veterinary surgeon who performs expensive procedures on pets, and he does demonstrate the controversy behind this, albeit without an indepth discussion. For instance, he tells the story of an old man who is willing to spend money he can hardly spare on a complex, risky procedure to save the life of an elderly dog.

There’s much emphasis on how attached people are to their pets, and only one brief mention of the ethical problem of performing extensive medical procedures on an animal who cannot comprehend the tradeoff of present suffering for future life and health. 3.5 stars, but I just can't give it 4 stars. It is an interesting look at a modern vet & his hospital where he specializes in surgery on dogs & cats. There are plenty of references to Herriot & I think he wanted to write in that vein, but the tone was too uneven & he is too callous to carry that off. He didn't get the people the way Herriot did, although he does describe them superficially quite well.

Marg tried reading this, but put it down about a quarter of the way through, about the worst part of the book. (view spoiler)