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!Download Ebook ó Special Attraction (Coursodon Dimension, #3) ⚦ The Weirdness ContinuesThanks To A Magical Transplant From An Inter Dimensional Enforcer, Hailey Parrish Can Transform Into A Hawk When Someone Begins Dismembering Hikers Along The Appalachian Trail, The Enforcers Make Use Of Her Feathery Talents To Catch The Killer Unfortunately, Like Most Things In Hailey S Life, There Is Nothing Ordinary About The Assignment Their Target Turns Out To Be Maddeningly Elusive, They Rescue A Stray Dog That Makes A Sewage Treatment Plant Seem Pleasantly Fragrant, And Stopping The Murders Turns Out To Be The Least Of Their WorriesSpecial Attraction, The Third Book In The Coursodon Dimension Series, Combines Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, A Bit Of Science Fiction And A Healthy Dose Of Quirky Humor See this review and other at Book Marks The Spot4.8 5I love how these books continue to grow and change book by book, slowly expanding the world in the individual segment Each book is set in different places, so you don t get too bored sitting in one place Also, I love how, true to the form of a good urban fantasy, there is a new story or conflict in every book that needs resolving This was, by far, my favorite plot of the three I can only assume I will love the individual story lines even as the series progresses Hailey and Sebastard are back to their snarking and I still adore their banter and constant arguing They are like brother and sister fighting all the time Alex and Hailey are still a sweet couple who talk things through I love that the personalities of all three characters have rubbed off on one another, especially their senses of humor That makes for a very entertaining read But again, neither the snark nor the romance are too heavy I love love love love love that this series has a progression of the romance and it is not insta love gags This book takes place a few months after the series starts and I am really enjoying the pace.I am a bit disappointed that I got to go on a reading binge with these three books and have to wait for the next book to come out It hardly seems fair The villains grins As you can probably tell from the blurb for this book, there is a murder serial killer chopping people up and leaving little pieces behind Um, yeah, this dude is a major step up from the previous villains Maybe I just crave a little bit of psycho in my suspense novels okay, there is no maybe about it I m sick I am a huge fan of suspense novels and Urban fantasy, so I loved the whols catch the serial killer aspect of the story I enjoyed this book immensely and eagerly await the fourth book in the series. Special Attraction M.L RyanImagine what would happen if someone decided to infiltrate your dreams and control your thoughts and every move What would you do if you were at their mercy and could not resist their wishes What if this person was the one you and your investigative group are hunting this very person that seems to have latched on to you Killing and dismembering hikers in many different areas this person regales and admires his work as those that lay victim to him leave a bloody and horrific scene at each site of his work Hailey Parrish, Sebastian Kess and Alex Sutherland are now tasked with the difficult job of finding this person and bringing him to justice Hailey now thanks to Sebastian and a magical transplant from Sebastian can now transform herself into a hawk Now, you might say why would anyone want this power Hailey s power allows her to explore, hunt, investigate and report back to the others what she sees, finds and learns without the worry of anyone seeing her or knowing that she is there As she is our narrator and relates the story to us her job is to fly around and hope to get a look at the person that is responsible for the carnage that I have described She is what she explains a Yterixa, someone who can transform into an animal and is suited for this special reconnaissance job But, not everyone is happy with her escapades, as you will learn early on as she returns and many different conversations and discussions arise between her boyfriend Alex and Sebastian who used to be than just her superior Actually, when and if you read Special Rewards their first adventure you will learn what I mean As they discuss this latest situation and mull over why this person is leaving a trail of body parts, Hailey realizes that she does not quite understand the technical possibilities that would allow someone not to show up on Cortez s radar let s call it How can someone be somewhere and yet nothing about them is visible or known The plot thickens as Karttyx the head of the Coursodon, has decided to make an appearance and here is where things begin to happen as she brings everyone together, discusses their options and decides that Hailey should become now become a permanent part of the group Learning about the different dimensions and those in charge we are reminded on page 47 that Alex s parents are the Royal Family or King and Queen of Alenquai and his brother is would be their next in line Being King and Queen affords them many rights and powers but as we hear the discussion and learn the gravity of the situation Karttyx makes a bold statement about Hailey and her new role Not happy and definitely having a tantrum, Alex finds it difficult to contain himself when he learns that Hailey is up for the job However, first they have to figure out just what makes this killer different, why Karttyx did not want to wait until he strikes again and finally how she would use her new found Courso human Hybrid powers to their advantage But, before I forget she did bring something back with her, a dog But, wait until you learn about Rufus As the story develops we learn about the Coursodon, their powers and the friction that develops between Alex and Hailey when she decides to assert her independence But, sometimes tempers flare and things happen that should not as Hailey decides to take on her parents When her mother hands her a line that she could do without it, Sebastian quickly defuses it with his handsome charm Finally leaving they all regroup, discuss what the plan might be but something happens that will change it all Just why is Rufus so attached to Hailey and what happens when she goes missing Just what happens to her will explain why there are so many bodies that have been mutilated and to come As we hear the voice of a killer who thinks he should be revered, honored and worshiped we hear Hailey trying to process what he s saying amidst the searing pain in her head A message that he wants delivered would change it all as she returns, relates what happened as they are summoned to meet with the Royal Family Finding herself in the Coursodon dimension they wonder just how Rufus, an animal was able to get through the portal, which sends up a red flag about who or what he might really, be Processing what they plan to do, meeting with the man claiming to be called Doc Martens, Hailey submits to interrogation by many in order to clarify what she has learned and remembers But, the Royal Family, or Alex s parents will succumb to this killer s demand if no solution come to pass before the deadline A third dimension that no one told her about or knew it about could that be true How can someone disappear without leaving his or her magical signature anywhere or anyone one being able to locate any trace of the person in that dimension But, there is as Hailey reveals something even stranger as this illusive Doc enters her dream and presents her with a small egg shaped stone The significance you will learn when the final reveal is made but first you won t believe what happens when they learn whom Rufus really is and why he is so protective of Hailey Enter Hewlyxnathin her mentor who is teaching her about her powers and ability to transform Practicing she releases some energy but then someone else transforms too As the truth about Rufus or Ulut comes to light Alex feels threatened Thinking he has some feelings for Hailey at times clouds his judgment about him and might leave them vulnerable when danger threatens.As their plan to capture the killer comes to pass with the help of the small stone and Ulut they learn his true identity and hope to stop him before it s too late An ending that will surprise you and twists and turns than the roller coaster at Coney Island or in a fun park, as Alex and Sebastian face off with a killer leaving Hailey and Ulut to save them but can they Special Attraction is if Hailey changing into a Hawk Is it The killer who wants attention and will do anything to get it Is it the entire Coursodon team that you cannot resist Or is it a special dog or Ulut that can t seem to stay away from Hailey because he as well as Alex have a special attraction to her What happens to the killer What is the fate of Alex and Sebastian Will the killings stop Some questions are answered and others will have to wait to be answered when author M.L Ryan pens Book4 Characters that are sarcastic, humorous and at times take their jobs quite seriously as once again author M.L Ryan enlightens readers about those that live in different dimensions and whose hopes and dreams are not any different than ours living in peace, safety, with love and free Using a special and unique touch of magic, transformation and other special effects that if this were a movie would keep viewers transfixed to the silver screen Special Attraction read it you won t be disappointed Fran Lewis Reviewer Hailey still comes to terms with the fact that she now possess some magic as well as kind of shapeshifting abilities Her transformation to a Harris hawk at will comes handy when a killer is on the loose on the Appalachian Trail and it appears as if the culprit comes from Coursodon Together with Alex and Sebastian, Hailey tries to help their team to find the killer but he seems to be always a step ahead and aware of them Soon his fascination with Hailey becomes dangerous when he leaves bodies like presents with messages for Hailey When he kidnaps her to deliver a message, Hailey learns that there is than one dimension out there..I have to say that the third book was the best so far in this series the action starts on the very first page and I couldn t put my kindle away The author has a great sense of humor and I love her imagination Coursodon is an interesting world and the third dimension is completely different I m looking forward to what comes next and of course I have already downloaded the fourth book Alex and Hailey are my new addiction. So so