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{Read E-pub} å The Fifth Season ⚠ This Is The Way The World Ends AgainThree Terrible Things Happen In A Single Day Essun, A Woman Living An Ordinary Life In A Small Town, Comes Home To Find That Her Husband Has Brutally Murdered Their Son And Kidnapped Their Daughter Meanwhile, Mighty Sanze The World Spanning Empire Whose Innovations Have Been Civilization S Bedrock For A Thousand Years Collapses As Most Of Its Citizens Are Murdered To Serve A Madman S Vengeance And Worst Of All, Across The Heart Of The Vast Continent Known As The Stillness, A Great Red Rift Has Been Been Torn Into The Heart Of The Earth, Spewing Ash Enough To Darken The Sky For Years Or CenturiesNow Essun Must Pursue The Wreckage Of Her Family Through A Deadly, Dying Land Without Sunlight, Clean Water, Or Arable Land, And With Limited Stockpiles Of Supplies, There Will Be War All Across The Stillness A Battle Royale Of Nations Not For Power Or Territory, But Simply For The Basic Resources Necessary To Get Through The Long Dark Night Essun Does Not Care If The World Falls Apart Around Her She Ll Break It Herself, If She Must, To Save Her Daughter Original Cover Of ISBN Really good.N K Jemison s 2016 Hugo Award winner s world building is as good as Frank Herbert or Ursula LeGuin and with magic rules as well thought out as Brandon Sanderson and with an intimate talent for complex characterization as good as Octavia Butler.All comparisons aside, Jemisin s work is wildly original and she has created a far future fantasy that provokes thought and entertains Evoking Jack Vance s The Dying Earth, this is far, far in the future if it is even Earth where some people, Orogenes, have wild earth moving kinetic powers.And there are aliens.In metaphor, Jemisin describes the Orogenes as both imaginatively powerful but also hated and used as slaves In this way Jemisin uses her impressively intricate narrative to also explore themes of individuality and the One versus the Many This allegory is especially noteworthy in our post 9 11 world where powerful individuals can affect change as much or than a sovereign nation Also interesting was her use of the second person narrative structure in alternating sequences Really don t see that much.Jemisin s intricate use of tectonically powerful super humans, shunned by the rest of mankind, is also a fitting and resonant metaphor for our own responsibilities to our faltering world The author uses the Orogenes complicated plight to reveal failings in our responsibility to our Mother Earth interestingly changed to Father Earth in her story Recommended. Yes, 5 full stars for this one because it s everything I want in a fantasy book I will explain.I don t read fantasy and sci fi because I like magic or space ships or laser swords or what have you I read fantasy and sci fi because I want to see something new, and there s no other genre that allows this much freedom of imagination, this much flexibility and bending of reality and this much room for what ifs The genres are ripe with tropes and cliches even so, and I m at that point where it pains me to have to read again through a story about the noble hearted what s his face who saves the land of medieval Europe plus elves and dragons with the help of the wise mentor and the pretty princess Show me something else, something truly weird, I say And N K Jemisin delivered Let there be a world wracked by earthquakes and volcano eruptions, she says, restless and hostile Let there be apocalypse level events every hundred years or so Let this world be inhabited by people who believe the Earth hates them, who value survival above all else, and have organized their society around making sure some of them will make it through the years of darkness, and famine, and poisonous air and water that follow such geologic disasters Let there be among them those who have the power to control the earthquakes, to start and stop them at will, and let that society hate them, while doing their best to exploit them at the same time Let there be another sentient species, strange creatures of stone whose motivations are unknown, who share this world with humans Then come the the details The mysterious ruins of the many civilizations that came before this one, some considerably advanced Their artifacts endure to this day, their purpose unknown and maybe unknowable now that their makers have been dead for thousands of years The harshness and ruthlessness of a society living on the brink of extinction, where value is based on usefulness and where, come Seasonal Law, those deemed useless are left to die in the wastelands The purely utilitarian approach to building in a world where a balcony is unquestionable proof of foolishness or privilege, where decorations are a waste of time and resources since they ll be wiped out in a few years without fail The surprisingly advanced science, focused unsurprisingly on geology, chemistry and physics The hatred and exploitation of the orogenes, those who have power over the earth itself, by a society that both fears them and desperately needs them if it is to survive The secrets and the lies and the rewriting of history and the suppression of lore by those who want to keep the orogenes willing slaves The horrifying abuse, and the inescapable brainwashing, but the training and education too A system meant to make them powerful and powerless at the same time so that it may better make use of them And then Jemisin pushes further She goes so far out of the medieval Europe setting that she ends up on the Equator She makes the other sentient race truly alien, as a different sentience should be, lest you end up with just stranger looking humans She makes the humans different races, and gasp doesn t put the paler one in charge Just as the characters span the gradients and combinations of human races, they span human sexuality too, from straight to gay with blurry boundaries all over the place There s love and family and sex, but they re not the kind of relationships you re used to Why should they be This is not our world with some magic, mythical creatures, and sword fighting mixed in This is something else Something new And yet, as you read, you get the feeling that this could be our world with some magic and some mythical creatures mixed in You get the feeling that it was this sort of world at some point, and then something maybe went wrong, and everything had to change, to adapt, and this is the inevitable result The world is strange, but it s not strangeness for strangeness s sake It all makes sense, everything fits together, and while you can see that some things could be different, you understand perfectly well why they re not It s like a gnarled and twisted tree growing on a rocky windswept mountain top It s not like other trees, but not because someone decided to take an ax to it and make it as different looking as possible No, once the seed was planted, there simply was no other way it could grow.I can t say , especially about the characters and the story line, without spoilers, even though I feel I could rant about this book for days on end Go read it I can t begin to imagine the level of skill required to create a world so different, and then make it feel so real N.K Jemisin deserves your attention. I picked this one up because I greatly enjoyed Jemisin s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but this novel was even better Jemisin blew me away with her world building and beautiful writing It s the tale of an alternate earth called the Stillness, which is plagued by constant seismic activity This leads to frequent near extinction events called Fifth Seasons that keep humans on their toes The evidence of past civilizations litters the planet ruined cities, incomplete stonelore handed down from earlier generations, and strange obelisks that float through the atmosphere like low altitude satellites and serve no apparent purpose The civilization that we meet in this book, the Sanze Empire, has survived for centuries by harnessing the power of orogenes people born with an innate ability to control their environment The orogenes can stop earthquakes or start them They can save cities, or drawn power from living creatures and ice them Their powers are terrifying yet essential, so the empire develops a caste of Guardians who have the power to neutralize the orogenes when necessary The orogenes are held in contempt and called roggas by ordinary humans Despite all their power, they cannot control their own lives They are either hunted down and destroyed or sent to the Fulcrum to be trained and used by the empire Imagine Hogwarts, if Hogwarts treated its students like chattel The world Jemisin creates is as horrific as it is brilliant.My advice is to give the book at least fifty pages before passing judgment, because it takes a while to understand what is going on There is a lot of terminology to get used to, and the book is told in three intertwining narratives that at first don t seem to match up, but once you get into the world and into the story, it is a fantastically rewarding read I can t say much about the plot without giving away some of the wonderful surprises, but if you want to read about a truly dystopian world that holds a mirror to the darkest of human motivations, this novel will haunt you long after you finish it. O.M.G.Post apocalyptic mixed with Fantasy My two favorite genre Hell yes This was such a good read The writing does take some time to get used to one section the narration is told at the second person for example but I didn t find it slow and found myself immersed into it very quickly but time was clearly put into it than the average Fantasy so it might be why it can take a bit time to get used to it Totally recommend it and I m planning on reading the whole trilogy pretty much back to back