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The series as a whole is okay I like the author s idea behind the series but the characters need a bit development As other reviewers have pointed out this series would have worked better as a book This would have helped with getting to know the characters better More specific to this installment the editing was very bad There was of word misuse using her she instead of his he when the main characters were interacting with each other This made for a lot of head scratching Overall 2.5 rating. [Free Kindle] ♭ Submitting to the Alpha ⚒ Reeling Over The Fact That She Might Be Pregnant With Sin S Child, Sapphire S First Instinct Is To Run Away Yet Again But When Her Own Pack Begins Showing Signs Of Defiance Against Her, Sapphire Must Come To Term With What It Means To Be An Alpha And What It Means To Submit To Her AlphaWill Sapphire Come To The Realization In Time Or Is Her Lone Wolf Nature Too Stubborn To Submit This is a short story about Sapphire an Alpha female, mate to Alpha male Sin The story starts out with her thinking she is pregnant and pretty much throughout the story she is working through feeling out her new relationship Overall I thought the story was a nice romance I found myself rooting for Sapphire and many times wanting to hit her up side the head There were a lot of grammatical and typo eras This was very distracting from the story The story jumps drastically between chapter 5 and 6 and leaves the reading wishing there was substance there I know it is a short story but without giving away any details all I can say is it seemed like the author was just trying to wrap up everything to conclude the story.I would love to read from this author and would recommend the read becuase I loved the story but I would warn that it seems to be missing something. interest to read Sapphire submitted to her mate Sin And accepted him as her husband, and now they are expecting a new born child soon. Great Another great book I ve already picked up another series that Joanna Wilson wrote can t wait to read it Thank you Joanna Wilson for another great read.