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!DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♔ M.A.J.I.C. and the Oracle at Delphi ☢ Synopsis Sixteen Year Old Alice Payton And Her Four Best Friends Are All That Stand Between The Universe And Its Greatest Threat After Centuries Of Captivity, The Titans Have Escaped From The Underworld And Returned To Earth Seeking Vengeance Bound By An Ancient Curse That Prevents Them From Defending The Planet, Zeus And The Olympians Send Their Powers To The Only Beings Who Can Help Alice And Her Friends With The Guidance Of The Olympians, Melanie, Alice, Jenn, Izzy And Colleen Embark On Dangerous Journeys Through The Dimensions Of The Universe, Encountering Mythical Creatures And Legendary Lands Equipped With Bravery, Wit, And The Magic Of The Gods, They Will Discover The Ancient Secrets That Hold The Keys To Defeating The Titans Once And For All Reading this book was a lot of fun, I first heard of Katie Mattie from this article I hadn t gotten the chance to read the book until recently, but as it s now selling atfor.99 I got it on whim and I am very glad I did On Goodreads I ended up editing up the authors profile and cover art and putting up quotes and adding the book to lists just because I thought it should getnotice here I do that very rarely so that should tell you a bit of how well I think of the author s work.If I can describe it without giving away to much, I ll say it had a lot of humorous moments, and while it sometimes over explained what had happened, what was going to happen that reading didn t drag on very long A lot happens in this book, Titans, Olympians, Camelot, the Sphinx in Egypt a Scottish fishing village that s only seen once every hundred years, there was a hovercraft and a time travel machine and majic gear for the ladies and teleportation, andIt was a wild but very worthwhile read This book review first appeared at Cuzinlogic and you can find it Here M.A.J.I.C is a great read that can be enjoyed by many readers who like simple yet detailed stories It s full of many elements I enjoy reading about, like Greek mythology, history facts and the power of friendship, all intertwined in a clever entertaining plot.I really liked how the story pulled me in since the beginning of the story, the prologue was interesting and went straight into a bit of action that determined the course in which everything would develop later on Alternating between different points of views, MAJIC not only lets us into the lives of Melanie, Alice, Jenn, Izzy and Colleen, but we also get to hang around with the famous Olympians and the banished Titans Even my favorite Greek god, Hades, had a nice role inside this book.Something I found to be amusing was how the girls adapted so quickly to their new powers There was barely a struggle, and at first, I was worried this would undermine my enjoyment of the book and affect my attachment to the characters however, I quickly got used to their way of being and I just went with the flow and smiled away with the magical and odd logic of this book.M.A.J.I.C and the Oracle at Delphi is the first book in a trilogy, so the fun adventure with the girls and the power hungry gods will continue I definitely recommend it, maybe you ll end up liking it if you give it a chancePlease note that I received a complimentary copy of M.A.J.I.C and the Oracle at Delphi in exchange for my honest review All opinions shared are 100% my own I really enjoyed this book it was full of adventure, intrigue and Greek Myth Katie Mattie did a wonderful job, I loved all the characters they were so much fun and were such great friends.Cronus has escaped the underworld and taken the Titans and the dark souls of hell with him, his ultimate goal rule the world of gods of course In order to stop him Zeus and his council have decided to endue people on earth with the power of gods in order to stop them.Melanie, Alice, Jenn, Izzy and Colleen go from being your typical students to people with power.Not only that but they are being chased by mythical creatures and having to save the world from the Titans all in the blast of one of Zeus s lighting bolts Will they be enough to save earth from one of the most powerful Gods in history Equipped with only their bravery, wit, and the magic of the gods, they will discover the ancient secrets that await for them when they save the world from total chaos.Katie Mattie is a wonderful writer I really loved the characters they each had their own set of personalities and ideas that didn t always mesh Izzy was my favourite, I would love to have her powers she was so freaked out when she learned she had them it was so cute If you haven t read this book yet TBR it as it is a awesome read This book was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good I would recommend this book to anyone First off, I was just impressed with the author which had me pick up this book Her name is Katie Mattie, she published this book at 20 and is currently 21 She grew up in a little town in Michigan and is a senior at Notre Dame University Apparently she is doing a book tour starting in Michigan , but is trying to go nation wide Talk about chasing your dreams The Book B better than average with lots of potential for a fantastic young adult series that is unique, creative, and simply fun to read No spoilers, but very specific details below If you want to be completely surprised, stop reading Intro Yes, as soon as you read the introduction, you ll be hooked It s genius you have two separate worlds interacting in one world and it is not only easy to understand, but fascinating to flip through Beginning Then you get to the set up There s A LOT of it since there are 5 main characters with important and referenced side characters that will be thrown at you It s a bit over told with tons of detail per character and their exact activities Mixed in with the Greek Mythology subplot, it s very doable though Just wish it was condensed You then have the inciting incident that you were hoping to get earlier, you see where the book is going, and this is when the genius takes over Middle The best part of the book The pacing REALLY accelerates, the locations becomeinteresting, and the characters simply have fun in the situations they get themselves in Nodetail to detail paragraphs here, it is complete action and reaction This is where the book really shines as having it s own voice in the young adult world, the characters come off the page, and you feel like you re have a new series to get into The End It ties up everything nicely, you are satisfied with the characters, but suddenly you find yourself trying to keep track of too many people Who is who and what can each do It s something that will hopefully be cut down in the next installment, and hopefully this moment was just a necessary big picture benchmark that was necessary for the story.Conclusion Yes, definitely worth the read, and very unique in the middle Will the series take off I hope so Especially because the author is extremely driven at such a young age, and seems very approachable about discussing the series and taking reader feedback.