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Panduan asas untuk mengadakan vision board sendiri secara mudah dan dimulakan dengan peringkat asas iaitu,Buku Skrap..atau Papan Skrap #READ EBOOK ó The Complete Guide to Vision Boards ⚣ A Vision Board Also Called A Treasure Map Or A Visual Explorer Or Creativity Collage Is Typically A Poster Board On Which You Paste Or Collage Images That You Ve Torn Out From Various Magazines It S Simple Really If You Don T Believe Me, Check Out My Free Ebook On Vision Boards HereThe Idea Behind This Is That When You Surround Yourself With Images Of Who You Want To Become, What You Want To Have, Where You Want To Live, Or Where You Want To Vacation, Your Life Changes To Match Those Images And Those DesiresRead From This Link I started looking for some kind of guide to vision boards when I recently said I was in a huge stressful awful rut, mostly because of work, and my friend s mom showed me her vision board and encouraged me to think of one word for the year and make something about it Hers was risky journeys and included a dirt path with text like love, hope, joy, strenght, etc, and pictures of pretty vases and stream beds, leaves, that sort of thing I started looking for a guide to that sort of thing, because I want to make one of my own, because I really don t have any creative outlets left in my life, and I found this free guide It s a lot materialistic like, I m not going to put a new car or a washer dryer on my board mine will be purely about independence and healthy boundaries but it s got some good tips Basically, this is about figuring out what you really want And I m going to sit down and think about it Maybe it ll get me out of my head and out of this awful place I m in. I love vision boards and she has some great ideas I actually am totally in love with the vision journal, that is right up my alley Also the prayer cards Love that. A very inspiring author love the way she writes I m def trying this out from experience of similar methods I ve found this does work