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@Read Epub ¹ Sweet Grace É Teresa Shields Parker Knows What It S Like To Be Super Morbidly Obese Once Weighing Pounds, She S Been Through Every Magic Fix Imaginable The Thing She Found That Worked, Really Worked, Was A Key She Had Available To Her All Along After Years Of Praying About Her Difficult, She Finally Realized She Had To Make A Bold Decision To Change Her Life She Knew She Was Addicted Processed Sugar And Flour Because She Craved Them Day And Night With God S Help, She Gave Up What She Craved And Began Walking Choice By Choice Into Freedom Sweet Grace Will Challenge You It May Shock You At Times You May Shed A Tear But One Thing Is Certain, You Will Never Again Be Able To Say You Don T Know What To Do To Become Healthy It Is Possible To Overcome Food Cravings And Live Free And Healthy Teresa begins her story with being in the hospital at age 45 and 430 lbs and finding out she had congestive heart failure instead of the valve problem she thought she had and high blood pressure and diabetes which she had never been diagnosed with before A cardiac surgeon bluntly told her she needed to lose 100 lbs right away or she d be dead in five years He suggested gastric bypass surgery Teresa had lost and then regained weight off and on through the years She knew this time she needed to make a definite change Still, she wasn t sure exactly how to go about it or if she could stay with it long term.She then backs up to talk about her childhood and the several things that contributed to her weight gain Eating comforted her through various issues and situations, especially eating sugar or bread products She had become a Christian, majored in journalism and Biblical studies in college, and wanted to write for and publish Christian publications She got good jobs and married She made lists of things she should be doing to please God lists that seemed and were impossible Every problem or pressure point drove her to comfort herself with food She finally did have gastric bypass surgery Afterward, she couldn t eat a lot at one time, but she found she could eat a little bit all through the day and her weight returned.Then she shares the day the flip was switched in her thinking, how she realized she needed not only to pray for God to take away her cravings, but she needed to obey what He wanted her to do, relying on His strength in her weakness In her particular case, she felt she was addicted to sugar and sensitive to gluten, so she cut out those foods completely along with exercising She discusses various issues she had to learn to deal with realizing that she did not need to eat in order not to offend people, forgiveness, etc Most of all she realized that God s love was characterized by grace, that He loved her no matter what, and she didn t need to keep long lists to keep in His love.Although my reasons for being overweight are not the same as hers, and I wouldn t follow her plan exactly, and I disagree with her on a few theological points, I did enjoy and benefit from reading her story. Teresa Shields Parker has taken her life story and told it in such a way that thousands, maybe millions of individuals who struggle with food addiction will be blessed and helped by reading her book Food addiction is never really diagnosed or perceived as a problem for the obese at any stage of the weight struggle Here, Parker helps the individuals struggling with not being able to say no to certain foods to see there is a way to cope and to rebuild your dietary life eliminating those food triggers.We ve all heard that it takes 21 days to eliminate a bad habit and the same amount of time to build a good habit Parker struggled a lot longer than 21 days to learn what she had to do to become a healthier and fit woman The human will is a powerful tool and, like Parker, many have the ability to maintain that bad habit for years Emotional stressors create the perfect environment for the food addict because there is such a thing as comfort food Whatever that is for Parker, her readers or someone who hasn t heard about her book it is difficult to ignore the good feeling it gives you Much like alcohol for the alcoholic and drugs for the drug addict, certain foods can take a person to a new level of feeling better for the moment.In her book, Sweet Grace, Parker gives us her own journey mapped out page by page with raw and unveiled truths about herself and her food habits, her struggles to achieve her current weight and lifestyle, and her faith It is an amazing story of will, determination, and courage Parker gives the obese hope for better tomorrows. Amazing storythis woman is an inspiration for anyone struggling with addiction her story is moving, emotional and relatable I truly enjoyed reading sweet grace and would recommend it to everyone. This book was brilliant Not only is Teresa a great writer and her story so inspiring, but her words spoke to my soul I am not morbidly obese, but I definitely am overweight especially in the last 10 years I ve seen my issues with food, in particular sugar bread become strongholds It s affected my health in many ways I even went on The Virgin Diet last year where I eliminated sugar gluten from my diet among other things found that when I reintroduced them back into my diet I was highly intolerant to both of them I lost over 20 pounds in a month on the virgin diet, felt amazing, all the puffiness in my body disappeared joint pain inflammation became non existent But the call of sugar was strong one cheat day destroyed me I fell off the wagon almost instantly I now see that I have a true issue with sugar that I am powerless on my own to control I lasted for about a month on my own before failing miserably That was the issue in this book that resonated with me the most I always knew that my behavior was compulsive addictive as I have had other addictions in the past like tobacco I had tried time again on my own determination to lose weight it works temporarily then I quit gain it all back plus I knew in my heart that it s a spiritual issue I believe God led me to this book I now see that I am completely incapable to conquer this problem on my own have to place it in God s completely capable hands Then only then will I have true strength His to overcome it There were a few things I disagreed with the author about like how she says she has a disease of sugar dependency that possibly God created her with this so that she would have to solely depend on Him for strength to overcome it I believe that we do have to have Him to overcome it, but I don t believe in speaking over yourself disease I don t believe that God created us with disease for any reason I think we live in a fallen world we being born as a sinners allows for disease, but in fact God turns it around for good IN SPITE of the disease or addiction for those who trust Him give it over to Him I am so thankful that this author shared her deeply personal moving story, from growing up having to take care of her younger siblings while her mother was suffering from mental illness, to being molested by a family friend, to her developing obsession with candy sugar I think this book is hard to read for some because the truth of it might hit too close to home, but for many it is a necessary read possibly life saving to some.