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NO, NO AND NO YOU DON T FALL IN LIKE LOVE YOUR CAPTOR RIGHT AWAY SO HIS FATHER DIDN T LEAVE HIM THE COMPANY JUST MONEY , THERE IS PROBABLY A REASON FOR EXAMPLE YOU KIDNAP GIRLS TO GET YOUR WAY, OR THE FACT THAT ARE GETTING REVENGE ON SOMEBODY THAT DIDN T DO ANYTHING WRONG CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG, I DIDN T READ AFTER THE 50%, I COULDN T.SHE IS PLAIN STUPID THINKING TO CHANGE THE CAPTOR MIND, HELP HIM A CRAZY PERSON , ARE YOU INSANE BEFRIENDING HIS HOUSEKEEPER, JOKING WITH THEM, SAYING THANK YOU WHEN HE KIDNAPPED YOU AGREEING TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, AND SO ON. 5 Miss Taken Stars I simply loved this book I loved Dominick, and i loved Dominick and I truly damn loved Dominick Oh yeah sorry moving on, the story was really good The plot twist was very well executed and characters very well defined It s a shock to me but I read this identical twins theme for the first time and i pretty much loved it The whole credit goes to the author, the story was so strong I just can t put down my Ipad It was a complete page turner It hooked me right from the very first page.I was in that state of mind where we need a break from reading, but this book It completely changed my mind I loved it I desperately want to read the next book and then every other book written by Cleo Rain and Raven are identical twins They look completely alike but yet they are totally different from one another in nature Raven is stubborn, she is a lawyer following her father s steps while Rain is a professional photographer.Rain is kidnapped by this most charming, hot, sexy, dominant yet incredibly sweet man ever alive in books named Dominick uhh i don t need to start about Dominick Yeah i LOVED him PYes, Rain is kidnapped but by mistake, she is abducted instead of Raven She is Miss Taken Here i must say i loved the title of the book, suits perfectly to the story Now you need to read this book to find out what happens next Will Dominick be able to take his Revenge Or will he fall for the reckless, carefree, beautiful lady he reached to by mistake i enjoyed this book, okay now i am off to read the Book 2.Thanks to Miss Cleo Scornavacca for providing me both the books to read and cherish without waiting Recommended to everyone. 3.5 roller coaster stars Rain and Raven Medici are identical twins but are completely opposite in character While Raven was exposed to the outside world, Rain wasn t, she was born with a blood disorder and denied many normal childhood experiences Growing up, Raven became a lawyer working with her father on her father s firm, Kane Medici, and Rain with her childhood friend Tommy Conte, built a very successful business as professional photographers.Dominic is blinded by his need for revenge He wants his father s share of Kane Medici and to destroy it He sent his men to kidnap Raven, but instead they kidnapped Rain I love the start of these two characters Dominic is a very complicated person and Rain started off holding her own But omg, along the way, both characters just got irritating Their on again and off again relationship is giving me whiplash Rain is so freaking naive, her relationship with Tommy is sweet and all but, I don t blame Dominic in getting jealous And don t get me started about Dominic oi I enjoyed this book, really did Love the storyline It got me hooked from the start It s hot and angsty I think Rain and Dominic are the perfect pair Hope they work through their character in the second book And yes, it is a cliffy ARC provided by author for an honest review Thank you Review also posted here Blog FB Page ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I love this book I m tempted to put this review down and go read it again But alas, duty calls.This book pulled me in from the beginning and held me until it chucked me out kicking and screaming at the end.I LOVE Rain This is a fact she s feisty, she takes no rubbish from anyone This girl is kidnapped Miss Taken identity held against her will and still manages to give as good as she gets I love the way she also stands up to Dominick You go girl.I actually do like Dominick and although he s clearly a sandwich short of a picnic, I found myself wanting to take care of him He s a domineering alpha male who doesn t know how to be anything else.I love the story line and can see this moving on to be a fantastic series This book has ended at the right time and you can clearly see the threads of the book coming together to move into book 2.This book had me laughing, on the edge of my seat and so frustrated that I could have been Rain, I felt like I experienced it all with her.The scenes were well written and that allowed me to completely loose myself in the book.For a debut novel this author has seriously blown me away.Here s to book 2 ( Download Book ) ⚆ Miss Taken (Miss Taken Identity #1) ☨ Rain And Raven Medici Are Identical Twins Although They Come From A Loving Close Knit Family Their Childhoods Couldn T Have Been Different Raven Went To School And Was Exposed Freely To The Outside World Rain On The Other Hand Was Born With A Blood Disorder And Denied Many Normal Childhood ExperiencesOnce Grown, Raven Becomes A Lawyer At Their Dad S Firm Kane Medici In NYC Rain Along With Her Only Childhood Friend Tommy Conte, Builds A Very Successful Business As Professional Photographers Traveling Between Europe And Manhattan, And Enjoying A World That Was Kept From Her, Rain Vows Never To Be Controlled AgainDominick Kane Is A Product Of His Upbringing He S Powerful, Self Assured And Knows He Can Achieve Anything He Desires Nothing Gets In His Way There Is Only One Thing He Has Ever Failed At A Relationship With His Father Vincent Kane Upon His Father S Death, Dominick Vows Revenge The Events He Sets In Motion Put Him On A Collision Course He Himself Will Be Unable To ControlIn A Bizarre Twist Of Fate, Dominick Kidnaps Raven As Part Of His Plan For Revenge Only To Discover Afterward, He Has Taken Rain By Mistake Rain Knows She Can Never Survive Being Confined Again So She Strikes A Bargain With The Devil And Agrees To Help Dominick Get Back What He Feels Rightly Belongs To Him His Father S Share Of Kane MediciDominick Decides To Use The Strong Attraction Growing Between Rain And Himself To Control Her In Every Way Imaginable Too Bad No One Ever Taught Dominick You Can T Control The Heart Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For The Effect Rain Would Have On HisWill This Plan Of Revenge Turn Into Unconditional Love Or Will Dominick And Rain S Need For Control Ultimately Destroy Them And Any Possible Chance For A Real Futuretogether Identical twins Rain and Raven may look like one another, but they are different than night and day Raven is a headstrong lawyer, engaged, and focused on her career While Rain is of a carefree photographer, who beats to her own drum Growing up Rain had a blood disorder that caused her family to keep her sheltered and overly coddled Even though as an adult she has learned to keep her blood disorder under control, Rain still feels the tightening ropes of protection when she is with her family.Kidnapped, Rain can t believe she was kidnapped It s even worse when she realizes they think they took Raven What transpires though once she meets her abductor Dominick Kane, neither see it coming.Provocative, raw, and fierce Dominick is a jerk, a total jerk with a capital A He is intense, he realizes shortly after taking Rain who she is He wants her, but is afraid to have her He seduces, taunts, rejects, and relishes Rain Rain is torn with the merry go round named Dominick, she wants to try to push the mistake he made aside and feel like the treasure only Dominick can covet, but every time she gives him a chance he tears a piece of her heart I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it is not a warm fuzzy read by any means but it is so good you can t put it down I am anxious for the next one I need some wine after this one. I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book has me so confused I should hate Dominick with a passion but I don t , at times I almost cried for him that s kinda messed up, this book was nothing like I would have predicted it was so much better and I loved the controlling sexy parts but I must say I was a little thrown by the skimming around words involved there for a steamy passionate book it threw me for a loop with books such as this I feel like if you are going to make it steamy go all out maybe that s just me all in all I loved this book the storyline was great and holy hell what a cliffhanger, I was so excited to find out what happens guess I have to wait and see recommended for all you girls who like your man hot and a force to be reakoned with well done great book can t wait to find out what happens What can I say I don t believe in giving spoilers or much of the story line That s what the synopsis is for Lol I will say this Cleo left me on edge wanting to know what will happen next Rain is a strong character, but extremely sensitive at the same time Dominick is an extreme alpha with major mood swings that made me wonder why women are the ones that have to suffer through pms Jiji I enjoyed this read, it took me back to my first books I am a huge romantic, and always want the best Dominick was to intense and made Erie of what might happen So many developments Cleo s writing made me smile Her book was written in the style I would find myself writing if I could get over my what ifs I am glad she gave herself thus chance It was a nice story that lead to the basis of learning what control can cause in relationships Something where over detailed and some lacked info, yet the storyline still comes through strong You will find yourself enjoying this characters, and go through some intense and at time annoying emotions She leaves you wanting to know what will happen next I admit I couldn t help myself from messaging her about Dominick s mood swings One thing lol Tommy, what is going to happen there I need to know Jiji So if you guys are intrigued by this book pick it up and give it a read Definitely a give it a chance book I personally enjoyed it, and loved the scenes with Italy Made me confirm I want to go Sorry I tend to lose myself when I read and ramble of all topics when I leave a review, but for me this is a good sign Means I enjoyed the writers story and will continue reading her books until further notice Thanks Cleo for the privilege you gave me, by letting me read this book Can t wait for book 2 Your style is simple and honest Loved it Made me smile when I was reading I couldn t help but talk my sisters ear off about it. This was a fantastic read I really enjoyed it and couldn t resist reading it all in one sitting Rain is a twin who for medical reasons has had a completely different life to her sister When a case of mistaken identity results in Rain being kidnapped her life will never be the same again Her kidnapper, Dominic, is s very sexy alpha male Out for revenge he kidnaps Rain believing she is her sister This is a brilliant gripping read with a unique storyline Be warned its got a whopper of a cliffhanger but all is good as book two is out now loved it. Lets start reading Hopely inside will be awsome like the blurb DThe blurb freaking awsome I cannot wait Edited i give 3.5 stars Gosh the blurb sound fantastic thats why i wanted to read this book badly But im bit disaapointed, the story didnt turn well for me Yes dominick is alpha male but hes annoying alpha male for me Mostly yelling to her, angry then suddenly so sweet to herRain another one, so damn naive I even didnt get who do you want dominick or not orr you even want tommy And omg its cliffy But im still curious to read second book