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This is a novella length storyIn light of recent terrorist attacks in the last few months and indeed in the last few decades the premise may seem a little forward thinking However the reality is even the terrorist has a voice, and this story is looking at it from a perspective other than that of the victims.Farouk is planning to kill a plane load of innocent people Why Because they are infidels of course Does it matter whether he has his reasons for doing so Pius starts out strong, but tapers off towards the end I would have liked to have seen him explore the thoughts, mindset and interactions of the terrorist How one minute Farouk is the friendly compassionate conversationalist to the people around him and then in his head Farouk the murderer to be is having an entirely different conversation.Bomber Boy starts off as an ambitious idea, but it seems a little rushed The difficulty with a novella is that it needs to draw you in and keep you there without having the advantage of the full length novel to do so. I was actually approached by the author himself through my blog to see if I would be interested in reading a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review I don t mind admitting I was a bit sceptical to whether or not it would be something I would be interested in reading but after reading the description and some other reviews I thought I would give it a go.Bomber Boy is a short story which was originally intended for a magazine I have read many books where terrorism features as the main storyline but I have never read a book which has been from the prospective of a terrorist Saying this though I don t think the main character, Farouk is fully committed to the idea either There are parts of the book which I found to be quite humorous and later on ironic Even though terrorism is something certainly not meant to be taken lightly I think the author is trying to give a slightly different approach to the subject.Overall it is an enthralling read though slightly let down by the ending but I certainly would recommend this book to fellow readers and I would certainly readby the author. [Read Pdf] ♩ Bomber Boy ♶ Passengers One Plane One Bomb One Switch One Omar Farouk To Set It All Aflame Welcome To The Fast Moving World Of Advanced Terrorism Where Jihadists In Oman Or Afghanistan Can Blow Up Buses, Trains, And Planes In New York, Madrid, Or London Without Even Going ThereThis Is Not The World Of The Future It Is Our World As It Is A World Unpredictable, Unforgiving, And Deadly Extended Review Can Be Found on The Review Board you ever had an instance when you were given something to do and things don t go exactly as planned This is exactly what happened to the main character, Farouk Omar Muttab, in Bomber Boy The mission he was given on a flight headed towards the United States goes horribly wrong This story is a journey about how he copes with the aftermath of this fluke.I liked how much detail the writer went into in regards to Farouk s thought processes the reality of having no back up plan and the uncertainty of what to do next Some extra eyes could have been used on the work for proofreading, but the way the story was broken down made for a very easy read The action spiked in just the right parts and I found myself in great anticipation of what was to happen next.Despite touching on sensitive matters, Bomber Boy is a very exciting read that gives an interesting perspective and some things to think about I could envision this being a conversation piece not just with those close to you but others in reference to world affairs. Farouk Muttab had what was supposed to be a simple job Board the plane, blow up the plane But what does a suicide bomber do when his bomb doesn t detonate Bomber Boy is a short, episodic story of the reasoning behind terroristic attacks and the thoughts of the bomber.What Didn t Work The story is short and written in episodes rather than chapters Because it is such a brief tale the conflict and reasoning for the attack were lost on me, a person who doesn t keep up with all the political conflicts as often The format is still in need of editing, there are as many as four spaces between paragraphs making the story only appear longer More detail or explanation can be added to fill in the story and plot.What Did Work This is a bold and daring story to tell. In today s political climate no one wants to consider thinking any action of a terrorist is honorable This character is best described as an anti hero If you can step out of personal issues and the condition of a suicide bomber you can see the honor in the fate of Farouk.For being daring but still lacking in details Bomber Boy Rise of the Underwear Bomber receives 2.5 5. The Good Stuff 1 The imagery employed is excellent Ike does a great job of painting a picture in the reader s head without doing what I call an info dump 2 The style of writing reminded me a bit of Hemingway s It s uncomplicated and matter of fact, which is something that can be really tricky to do well.3 The pace can be a little slow at times, but when it hits its stride, Bomber Boy is a page turner The Stuff I Didn t Love As Much 1 Certain people who read this could take it the wrong way Ike clearly stated in his Intro that he wants to, state emphatically that this book is not an attack on Islam, but we all know how it can be really easy for some people to take things the wrong way There are also a few moments where the characters make generalizations that could be offensive if taken out of context The topic in and of itself is a tough one.2 This one could be taken as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the reader s specific tastes, but I m not exactly a huge fan of the episodic format There s nothing wrong with the way it was done, if that s your thing, but it s not generally my cup of tea 3 There are some references to pop culture that not every reader may understand, such as Chris Rock or James Bond This could also run into some issues with copyright, depending on how grumpy people are being.Overall ThoughtsIf you like to read things that have some underlying commentary on humanity to them, Bomber Boy is for you Ike does a great job of crafting a main character that is both intriguing and profoundly human, and the motivation is clear It s a quick read, though the pacing could use a little bit of tweaking All in all, I enjoyed the piece and think there s a lot of room to expand it into a full on series of novels Great work, Ike Talk about an interesting idea Bomber Boy by Ike Pius is not for the overly sensitive Honestly, I don t believe I am, but this story kinda got to me Though a simple tale, it was compelling all the same With all that has been going on in the world of terror, we find an unlikely I don t know what to call Farouk Omar Muttab Part of me wants to condemn him as an antagonist, while the other part wants to view him as a protagonist So what do you do You see, the author builds a clear picture of the character s background and draws you into Farouk Omar Muttab, the man Even when he turns himself in and cooperates with the US government, giving up details about the organizers, and trying desperately to protect his own family with little regards for himself When he got on a plane prepared to cause its demise, the ploy fell through and, fearing for his family, took selfless steps to set things straight, in a way It s difficult not to feel bad for him That bothered me because I didn t want to care about him.You see, this story focuses on a young man that fell into the wrong crowd Little did he know that his relations would cause him to become a potential terrorist But you see, Farouk had genuine concerns, a family, felt trapped, etc He did not genuinely hold the harsh views that one might associate with a terrorist This is where it got complicated for me because I felt compassion for him, and then felt guilty for my emotions So I would get angry, yet I couldn t remain angry because the author shows a different side of what many might assume Even to write this review, I ve been struggling What amazes me evenIt s a very, very short read The plot keeps things moving and many characters are incorporated into this quick read in a pretty decent manner Ike Pius captured so much in Bomber Boy Once again, I will stress that this story is not for the overly sensitive I d also like to add that it was an interesting read, one that would rest on your mind for one reason or another I look forward to readingfrom this talented author, hopefully somethinglighter. This abbreviated review comes from Review Board member Mr Controversy For the extended review please check out this link NOTE Bomber Boy touches on EXTREMELY SENSITIVE matters that are reminiscent of September 11, specifically Islamic points of view and Terrorism Reader Discretion Is Advised Bomber Boy is a very sentimental story by Mr Ike Pius about a young man named Farouk Omar Muttab who has had a streak of bad luck after his intended mission on a U.S bound flight had gone wrong.Citing the events on the plane, Farouk decides that blending in with the United States population is the most prudent course of action In doing so, he had some unexpected company and things go on a bit of a roller coaster ride that climaxed at the right moments With all that has occurred, it resulted in a finale that was somewhat interesting Bomber Boy is the sequel to the novel The Paradise That Was Reading the latter will tie in the prior for the reader.Sentence structure suffers from improper use of punctuation marks, chopped up sentences can be compounded for maximum effect, as well as utilization of homophones hiding in plane sight vs saying hiding in plain sight all suggesting that an extra pair of eyes would not hurt Bomber Boy is indeed an eye opener of a character study where the reader will have several topics to wonder and ponder as they flip the pages of this very short 27 page read The story is solid, and is worth a look. I have never read a book about terrorism before so I gave this one a try I read it in one day as it s a very short story about a boy named Omar Farouk, a terrorist that isn t really 100% behind a mission he has to complete and the situations that he has to face because of that mission I didn t get bored of it as I wanted to know how his journey will proceed especially being part of The Brothers, the terrorism team.The story line was good although the ending was a disappointing It didn t flow with the vibe that the book gave me as a reader The book is very calmly written So the tensity of the story can be felt, but very lightly because of writing style in a good way.So I didn t like the ending, which was like a sudden happy sentence at the end after a sad news was revealed The ending could ve been so much better Something that could keep the tensity going.I find that the ending didn t fit the story well But other than that, for me it was interesting I also didn t expect the happening before the book ended, especially after Farouk had contact with the police I thought that he ll be fine after that but then something else happened ContradictionSPOILERFarouk had to blow up a bomb on a plain, but it failed He even went with one backpack as he knew that he was going to die I don t understand how he had enough money to eat, pay the taxi and a room to stay in, after he landed.Meaning if you know you re going to die and didn t think about the bomb not blowing up, then I imagine him leaving everything behind for his family. Bomber Boy The Rise of The Underwear Bomber deals with the controversial subject of terrorism in a mature and sensitive manner The tale is a spin off from Ike Pius novel The Paradise That Was which I haven t read but intend to soon but it stands alone as an impressive short story.In the post 9 11 world, few narratives have dared to explore the perspective of a terrorist, but Bomber Boy breaks that mould At times it reminds of the acclaimed movie Zero Dark Thirty, but comes from a drastically different angle Where the western view is presented, it is in the form of news reports faceless, robotic, biased and eager to ignore the individuality of those outside its societal ideals This is subtle satirical tactic is both clever and effective.Particularly profound are the descriptions of Nigerian culture, which continue the project of Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of reclaiming a culture too often misconstrued by western discourse The direct and frank comparison of American and Nigerian food illustrates this excellently.The writing is not always polished the dialogue varies in quality and the descriptions especially of actions are often plain and repetitive But there is potential in abundance, as evidenced by Pius delicate approach to the intriguing subject matter and his ability to chronicle the small but telling details.