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BLUE ICE takes everything cold to a whole new level Katherine is perceived as a frigid bitch, but I see the truth she just never encountered the right person to heat her up to melt that frosty front she dons Then there s Dylan Berkley He has loads of cold hard cash, but he s going to have to come up with a better way to lure Katherine in because she has plenty of cash padding her pockets and doesn t need his Any author who can incorporate Ben Jerry s in a book blurb that has absolutely nothing to do with ice cream is a winner in my book Author Carolina Soto paints the most delicious picture when describing Dylan Berkeley s lifestyle With a Ben Jerry s lifestyle lots of options, exciting flavors, and never repeating a scoop. From the moment Katherine and Dylan met, I knew it was going to be an exciting adventure because the sparks begin to fly immediately they feigned disinterest, but any fool could see the truth The real fun began when their chance encounter morphed into something else entirely, something unavoidable something to do with her livelihood and to Dylan s delight, something that forced Katherine to spend time with him BLUE ICE, like the real world, isn t all perfect and pretty Although I was sad that we didn t get that picture perfect happily ever after, we did get a promise of an HEA in Carolina Soto s follow up book that will hopefully but not confirmed be out in early 2014 I felt that Ms Soto was true to Katherine and Dylan s strong personalities by ending the book they way she did and anything else would have been out of character, therefore unbelievable BLUE ICE is a great start to new author, Carolina Soto s writing career and is set to release on October, 30, 2013, so go ahead and add it to your never ending TBR pile Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review. Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Copy provided by the author in exchange for my honest reviewThis is the debut novel for Carolina Soto and the first book in the Ice series The cover shoes and blurb were winners for me and enticed me in to read.I must admit the first couple of chapters were hard going but this was getting to know the writing style of this new author and also the characters who were two headstrong individuals that at first were not portraying the warmth that is needed to grab the reader s emotion However, after a while I clicked into the psyche of Katherine and Dylan and it was all systems go Katherine Bianchi is a society princess used to getting what she wants and controlling her life from an early age She doesn t let many people into her inner circle besides her best friends Michelle and Kevin, who is also her housemate Katherine doesn t date and keeps men at an arm s length, after all falling for somebody gave them control over her emotions and nobody took control of Ms Bianchi She swears like a trouper, eats junk food like a big man and is a lover of trash TV, but being by herself at the weekend she can do what she wants.Dylan Berkeley, the blue eyed, sexy Forbes billionaire is an arrogant CEO of his empire He doesn t apologise for who or what he is and when he wants something he gets it, no questions asked or needed Like Katherine he is hiding behind his own ice cover and nobody has ever been able to thaw it that is until a certain society beauty throws him off his feet.Kathryn agreed to go on a shopping trip outside of New York with Michelle and it is here they meet Mark and Spence with their friend boss Dylan Michelle and Mark hit it off straight away, whereas for Katherine and Dylan, he immediately wants her but she immediately hates him and his arrogance.The story then progresses with Dylan and Katherine one step forward and two steps back dance of a relationship, however this is not a love story, they are not dating as they keep telling each other Dylan s intent is purely to own, Katherine s is to purely deflect against this The reader is taken along on this crazy journey but is privy to see from an outsider s advantage of the ice from each side thawing.I totally loved both characters and I absolutely got Katherine I could see lots of my own traits in her that it was scary It was brilliantly depicted in her standoffish ways, her controlling stance in everything she did I could understand why people tried to avoid her But those closest to her could see what a wonderful person she was and accepted her ways without question Although Michelle did get frustrated of her reluctance to commit to any man Dylan was an absolute dream of an alpha billionaire who at first seemed an over the top stalker that he seemed a little disconcerting Some people would have had him incarcerated without a doubt However he drew the reader in to his boorish ways and his twinkling eyes as underneath it all he was a hurting boy who missed his doting Mom and Dad and had never gotten over their deaths from when he was an impressionable teen To see how he had changed in adulthood gave the reader a great insight.The ending was a bit of a shocker, as there I was on the road to happy endings when with a boom a corner was crash bang walloped straight between my eyes So glad the next book is already out so I can whip right on to find out what will happen after that.A fabulous debut by Ms Soto who has produced a wonderful read Four stars All reviews can be found at Foxylutely Book Reviewshttp foxylutely.blogspot.co.uk @Kindle ⚸ Blue Ice (Ice #1) » Everyone Tells Little Girls To Be Themselves Around Boys, But Let S Face It, That S Simply The Worst Piece Of Advice Ever What If Yourself Is Not Exactly An Appealing Woman Katherine Bianchi Was Raised To Be Herself, A Smart, Posh, Stylish Girl From New York City The Problem Is That Herself Also Included Eating Like A Truck Driver And Cursing Like A Sailor, With A Genetic Inability To Take Bullshit From Anyone Not Necessarily An Appealing Description In Her Pretentious EnvironmentThat S Why, At , She Was Predestined To Live A Crazy Cat Lady Life, Or To Be The Overachiever Workaholic She Had Become Since College But Her Perfect Life Plans Got Messed Up When She Met Dylan Berkeley, A Handsome Billionaire, Owner Of BKY Enterprises, Who Never Learned The Meaning Of The Word NO With A Ben Jerry S Lifestyle Lots Of Options, Exciting Flavors, And Never Repeating A Scoop , Berkeley Wasn T Intimidated By Katherine S Ice Heart Bitch Reputation The Challenge Of Having Her Became A Personal Task He Couldn T Forget How To Avoid A NO From A Girl Who Has Never Said YES For An Answer Warning Contains Sex Scenes And Lots Of Unnecessary Profanities Katherine the closed off, self conscious leading female whose whole life revolves around her work, parents and weekend routine filled with T.V and junkfood.Dylan the equally distant, overbearing leading male with piercing Blue Eyes, never dates and has become stalkishly infatuated with the Icy Ms Bianchi.Two worlds collide the night Kate and her best friend Michelle meet the handsome men at dinner while on a Girl s Shopping Spree Vacation to forget Chelle s latest breakup Dylan can t take his eyes off of Katherine and while she is drawn to his dark good looks and blue eyes, she isn t about to let her guard down Never trusting and self conscious of her own appearance, she blows off his attention as a play to get her into bed and nothing When Dylan does make his move, he comes face to face with a brick wall and then pure, hot anger at his boldnessHe probably wanted someone to spend the night with, and I was near Maybe he was too tired to look for someone else so he decided to take what he thought was easy I was just the flavor of the evening, and if he lived, as I supposed, in a Ben and Jerry s universe, I was just one of the many flavors As hard as Kate pushes him away, he just pushes that much harder to get close The back and forth banter was entertaining, snarky and kept you guessing where it would lead Dylan could be so cold and distant from the rest of the world but when it involved Kate, his emotions exploded and swirled around like a hurricane He was determined to get Kate by whatever means, pushing past all of her boundaries, to the wall of ice in her chest Kate just as stubbornly refused that Dylan meant anything to her, friends that sometimes sleep together was all she was capable of giving him.Things heat up and get quite intense, just when you think they are making progress, BAM Kate is pissed and they end up three steps back She isn t used to the daily invasion in her life but most of all, she isn t used to feeling something for someone other than her parents or two best friends I am really rooting for Dylan in this one I just want to shake the stubbornness out of Kate The end will throw your emotions in utter chaos and I have to read Book 2 to find out what happens next I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review Let me start off by saying, I loved this story I adore Katherine s no bs attitude I appreciate that she swears like a sailor, we could be bffs if she were real Dylan is everything I want in a fantasy The cliffhanger is a killer, please tell me the sequel will be out soon My thoughts are scattered because it s the middle of the night and I just finished reading I read a few other reviews and I would like to address two things 1 The comparison to FSOG Yes, I can see the similarities, but I also appreciate the fact that the author didn t write her heroine as a complete doormat, so beyond the rich,successful, super dominate business tycoon, I think the similarities end 2 I saw a review or two that was very critical of grammar and dialect, the reviewers also stated that like me, they had received an advanced copy WTF people You do realize that we are not supposed to be judging ARCs as finished products, right We are receiving a free copy of a book, that most of the time hasn t gone through final editing yet Now, if the book is being sold with a ton of errors, completely different, but don t give a low rating on a unfinished product based on that End rant.Bottom line, I very much enjoyed this story and I will be impatiently awaiting the sequel. I think Carolina Soto has hit a home run out of the park on her first try I would love to have given this book 5 stars but the story wasn t without some missteps her and there for me I received this book as an ARC for an honest reivew I do not recall ever reading a character like Katherine I don t think she ever had a day dream about what her wedding would be like when grew up or who she would marry or how many kids she would have She is unapologetic about the way she is She does not seek anyone s approval, she says what she thinks, she does what she wants One of the things whe doesn t want is to be a stepford wife This what a plot hole for me Katherine states two or three times within the story she does not want to be or become a stepford wife without any explanation why this is a big deal to her Katherine meets Dylan and immediately there is tension and antagonism and attitude between the two of them Dylan is a twenty something billionaire with an entourage of two trusted friends He does not date and he always gets what he wants He also does t do friendship Ha Ms Soto makes a liar out of him That is the beauty of this story The first line of Katherine and Dylan s story is This is not a love story And it is not in the atypical definition of the phrase The author takes us on the journey, albeit slow from their first meeting through friendship and dating She left me with wanting immediately and there is a second book I hate that I have to wait but wait I will Just a few things I don t think the secondary best friend character is developed and maintained throughout the story appropriately Michelle is Katherine s best friend and the reason Katherine and Dylan meet She develops a relationship with one of Dyaln s entourage but all of a sudden they are missing from the story Finally, I touched on the stepford wife issue There has to be a reason for how and why Katherine has become the person she is and I do not feel there is any back story Did I mention the sex was hot Will it was but I would actually have liked once their relationship reached this point.To summarize I am so jealous that Caroline Soto wrote such a great story on first try I highly recommend this book and look forward to future titles by her One final thought I have about this book Blue Ice contains characters and a story line that is the same but different So for every time you have read the line If you liked , you ll like this book Here you will find that statement to be true If you like Sylvia Day or J Kenner or Anne Melody or Jennifer Probst or Nicole Edwards then you will like Blue Ice. Primero que nada he de contarles que di con ste libro gracias a un concurso muy bonito en books minion y al que me anote sin pensar que ser a una de las ganadoras As que muuuchas gracias Books Minion a la autora Carolina Soto, que por cierto es mexicana Por lo que cuando vi mi nombre en la lista me emocione como belieber porque era la primera vez que ganaba un concurso Y para no hacerles el cuento m s largo, la autora mando la copia a las personas que salimos ganadoras, as que me dije que si lo dejaba para despu s pod a pasar muuuuucho tiempo para que lo leyera y no se me hizo justo dejar pasar m s tiempo y d as despu s lo empec Y qu les digo Lo AM 3 Me sorprendi mucho que as fuera, porque a simple vista parece una historia que ya le ste antes, del tipo millonario que todo lo puede y que se cree hecho a mano de hecho o est pero que de primera impresi n resulta un tanto familiar a esa novela famosa que pronto ser pel cula y que personalmente no me gusto mucho As que cuando le el primer cap tulo me dije No sigas, parece que esto ser como 50 Sombras sin ofender a la autora 3Why on Earth people want to talk about awkward topics, we can live our lives ignoring things that make us uncomfortable, why to talk about themPero afortunadamente me di tiempo para el segundo cap tulo y desde ah me enganche, tanto que lo pase a mi celular para no dejar de leer y encontr que la protagonista es MUY divertida, dice muchas palabrotas que a veces resultan innecesarias, pero que te divierten, sobre todo porque no es el tipo de protagonista que se deja impresionar por el primero que parece tenerlo todo Me divert mucho mientas le a todo lo que pasaba con ella mientras ignoraba a Dylan xDDD les digo que en verdad es una historia que vale la pena, hac a mucho tiempo que no me divert a tanto con unos personajes Y qu decir de Dylan, es el tipo millonario todo lo puedo que en un principio y como le sucede a Katherine no te cae bien pero ni un gramo de su ser, pero conforme van pasando las cosas termine am ndolo, es un personaje que tiene complicaciones sentimentales que lo llevan a no querer compromisos, de cierta manera que buscan la comodidad al estar con alguien sin necesidad de etiquetar las cosas, pero que si est s con l sabes que no puedes aspirar a un matrimonio y muchos hijos porque Dylan no es as y punto La autora me dijo que si encontraba frases que me interesaran gustar n etc se las compartiera Y puede que ya se hayan dado cuenta que el libro est escrito en ingl s y ojal que en alg n punto salga en f sico porque me gustar a mucho tenerlo en mi colecci n f sica Pero me regreso a la parte de las citas quotes en su mayor a me gustaron las que tienen palabrotas en ellas D de verdad que como me divert a la forma en que se hablan Katherine y Dylan del tipo de relaci n sin etiquetas en la que definitivamente no me molestar a tanto estar porque Dylan tambi n tiene su lado c micoBlue Eyes asked for a coin, of course, rich men don t carry change, that s for stupid mortalsEn una rese a anterior de un libro en ingl s les cont que no soy mucho de leer en ingl s m s por flojera que por otra cosa, pero con sta historia me fue diferente, la le a r pido y no me dio nada de flojera, es m s cuando estaba cerca del final no quer a llegar a ese momento, me entristec a llegar a ese punto D no ten a idea de como terminar a y me sorprendi Si tuviera que cambiar algo, ser a la forma de actuar en algunas circunstancias de ambos protagonistas, sobre todo de Katherine, si, reitero que me agrado y paso a mi lista de personajes favoritos y con lo dif cil que es encontrar a mujeres protagonistas que agraden tanto Bueno pues en algunos momentos me daban ganas de golpearla, pero hasta eso que fueron contados, de ah en fuera todo estuvo bien No es una historia particularmente complicada que te pone a pensar cuando la terminas, pero si es de esas que recuerdas por lo mucho que te divirti y sobre todo por las infinitas ganas que tengo de leer el segundo muero por saber qu pasa con Katherine y DylanYou always do what you want, don t you pretentious bastard Watch your fucking mouth Katherine Again, he was pairing my badattitudeDespu s me encontr con mi lado adolescente groupie que hace playlists y les confieso que no es com n que una historia me lleve a hacer eso D pero repito que la historia es divertida, es diferente en algunas cosas y similar a otras en unas cuantas Tampoco puedo dejar de mencionar el lado fan de Katherine por ver series de TV la am m s por eso aquello de que tengo una peque a adicci n por las series no tiene nada que ver y tambi n que com a lo que se le antojaba y llegaba a casa a descansar y el mundo se pod a acabar en fin un personaje con el que me identifique en m s de una ocasi n Y repito que a Dylan lo am uno m s a mi lista as literarios a pesar de que como Katherine le dice, puede ser un bastardo pretencioso.En resumen, lo recomiendo ampliamente, se van a divertir mucho y por el momento no queda m s que esperar a que salga el segundo. Ya s lo que est n pensando Otra vez un millonario Lo s porque yo misma lo pens cuando vi este libro en Goodreads Sin embargo, hab a algo que me atra a y decid ponerlo en mi lista de deseos Cuando la autora me lo ofreci para rese a, no me pude negar aunque segu a teniendo mis dudas, por fortuna, ador la historia infinitamente.Katherine es un personaje de lo m s peculiar y me atrevo a decir que es quien hace que este libro valga la pena Estaba cansada de leer libros con protagonistas tan aburridas y de pronto leer a una mujer que es independiente, RICA, mimada, guapa, mal hablada, y con un exceso de bagaje emocional que para qu les cuento sorprende Y para bien.El protagonista masculino, Dylan, es un tipejo de esos que saben lo que quieren de la vida y van a por ello Hay algo en Kat que le encanta y entre m s se resiste ella, m s se decide l a no dejarla en paz Sabe que ella no lo necesita, como dije, es rica, as que el dinero no es un factor importante en la ecuaci n Analizando a estos dos, la verdad es que no hay a quien irle, ambos son de lo m s dif ciles, llenos de problemas y se la viven en el estira y afloja por un buen tiempo, y siendo honestos, eso me gust Ninguno dio su brazo a torcer hasta ya avanzado el libro Se la viven en su plan de no te necesito no me importas, por un buen rato l, tan empe ado est en tenerla, se las ingenia de lo lindo para hacer que Kat pase tiempo a su lado y a la sufrida Bianchi no le queda de otra El gran punto a favor es que para ser el primer libro de la autora, que es mexicana, por cierto, la novela es una maravilla Y que, al ser el primer libro, la primera escena ntima entre nuestros protas queda un poco en el aire, pero se recupera despu s y eso me hace tener mucha fe en que el siguiente libro ser genialoso.La verdad es que podr a decirles mucho pero ser a arruinarles parte de la historia Quisiera comentar ciertos puntos que am y odi pero me es dif cil sin darles spoilers, as que me estoy conteniendo Blue Ice no es una historia con un final feliz, se los advierto Este a o sale el segundo libro y aunque generalmente me fastidian las series en este tipo de libros porque no les veo el caso, quiero que sepan que me siento FELIZ por el desenlace de estos dos Como le dije a la autora, me habr a ENOJADO MUCHO si Kat y Dylan hubieran terminado de otra manera Y ya que estamos, ese final, realmente no lo vi venir Es decir, s hab an cosas que imaginaba pero no en la manera en que ocurri , no ahsgshsga Ese es mi grito de desesperaci n por no contarles l anlo, en serio, vale la pena Y tenemos un sorteo JUSTO AQUEn resumen Una novela intensa, sexy y cautivadora Blue Ice me mantuvo despierta hasta altas horas de la madrugada, cada p gina te seduce y te conmueve a partes iguales Sin duda Carolina Soto se ha vuelto una de mis autoras favoritas Lo am Enviado por la autora a cambio de una rese a honesta Los comentarios se basan nicamente en la lectura del libro, no se percibe ninguna remuneraci n por ellos. I was lucky enough to be asked to read this before it gets released and I m addicted to this book It s so awesome Ladies you re gonna love Dylan Berkeley 3 Katherine is probably one of my favourite book girls because she s totally like me I swear a lot too haha Anyways when this is released you HAVE to buy it So I have been debating how to rate this book I want to clarify that I did not finish the book There were a few problems with it for me 1 Editing An absolute must I read that this author s first language is not English Ok, that s fine, but there were a lot of fairly simple errors that need to be cleaned up 2 The condescending boss I could not get past his constant kiddo remarks She would have filed a lawsuit against a boss who talked down to her the way he did 3 I felt no connection to Dylan He shows up, he s bossy and basically a stalker 4 Way too many similarities to FSoG The rich, incredibly good looking and smart Dominant male who takes too many liberties The chastising for foul language The experienced guy taking in the inexperienced female, I could go on 5 The dialogue was pretty choppy at times and felt a little off This could be due to the language issue listed earlier I do think that Carolina Soto has talent Keep writing If she could work with an editor and clean up some of the details, this could be a really good book The similarities to FSoG would not be such a huge deal to me if the writing were cleaner So, If I had to rate this one, probably going to be a low rating for me Sorry, it just didn t work for me A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.