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!Read Epub í Identity (Miss Taken Identity #2) ⛅ People Aren T Always Who You Believe Them To BeDominick Kane And Rain Medici Started Their Relationship With One Another In The Most Unconventional Way He Kidnapped Her With The Kidnapping Now Behind Them, Life Returns To Normal, Right Not A Chance The Push, The Pull And Their Fights For Control That We Ve Come To Love About Dominick And Rain Still Exist And So Does Their PassionPeople Aren T Who You Think They Are Familiar Faces Are Not So Familiar The Past And The Present Collide, Opening Up All Of Those Old Wounds And Struggles Once Again Now, Everything You Thought You Knew, Gets Blown Out Of The WaterCan Dominick And Rain Finally Heal What S Broken Or Will New Discoveries Push Them Even Further Apart Will Love Win Out And Bring Them Back Together Or Will Ghosts Of The Past Ultimately Destroy Their Love Once And For All I just finished reading this book i really enjoyed this story even though the characters frustrated me with thier behavior Lol, I wanted to smack them until they smartend upThe story is full of emotional craziness, struggles, surprises and I recommend this book ARR Advance Reader Review copy provided as a gift in exchange for an honest review3.5Another catchy read from Cleo This is book 2 in the series and continues off where book 1 ends Check out my full review on my blog MY REVIEW My Rating 5 out of 5 Wow Wow Wow How this was such an amazing book Just wow You know , I am the fan of Dominick This guy is definitely a full Alpha He is a very very sexy Alpha This book enters with initial introduction to the topic I do not know, Cleo I don t know what to say You ve created a really true story It s a story that is realistic and briliantly That can be easy to read, and definitely a unique story I read this book so much pleasure and excitement that took me completely away I already love the Rain and Dominick When I was reading the book I felt the wound heart, happiness and unconditional love between them Facts about the history, secrets, lies and secrets then again Love really can also do crazy things to people I m keeping myself hard to avoid spoiler Ahhh Also it shows that everyone could have problems, it is a book about life of ups and downs.I was shocked, and then I m glad Oh, I do not know really have mixed feelings right now Dominick uncovers the truth, and has endeavored to preserve the Rain, and I ve seen Rain is starting to grow to become a stronger woman Absolutely love it, I want to say a lot , I do not like to give spoiler All I can say it is certainly an excellent job Especially on how it ended God Cleo, I really want to see you in the NYT bestseller list I want everyone to see the professionalism that you have Folks, buy Cleo s books, and I could swear that you will definitely not regret reading.You get plenty of inspiration, Cleo Love you Blog gifted in exchange for an honest review I liked this story I loved rain and Dominick s journey from the beginning there was a lot of twists I did not see coming and then some I did not sure if I would make Dominick my book boyfriend yet he still isn t there for me just yet perhaps in the next one this book has a way of sucking you in makes you want to be on their journey it was loving at times heart breaking and sexy, now I didn t like one area of this book which was some of it had a little too much attention to detail on small insignificant things such as making coffee or food or sitting at tables that for me kinda puts me off reading I don t mean this in any harsh way but its the only way I know how to say it so don t fault me on it I loved the book and the storyline but if I wanted to learn how to make stuff and so on I would read a cookbook things like that in books like this for me make me not want to read it which would be a shame because the book is great besides it still looking forward to reading the next one well done Cleo the story is great the journey fantastic but the attention to detail on the small stuff just wasn t my thing, all in all a great book.