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An great readWhen I first started the book, I wasn t sure if I would like it, but quickly warmed up Elmo and his day to day musings Realistic in every way, and probably all too true Definitely recommend this read. The last of a good three book series It s an avowedly Christian work of fiction An interesting look at the inner workings of a big urban church through the eyes of pastoral intern Elmo Jenkins Lots of hilarity and humor with serious life lessons not all spiritual inner woven. In this, the third installment of the Elmo Jenkins series, Jenkins is an amiable goofball and newlywed whose presence at First Church is certainly secured in this book as he relays his epiphany from Elijah knees on the ground Was it just me or was Eli obviously a figment of his imagination from the get go He just happened to not be in the coffee shop whenever Jenkins wanted to introduce hi to someonewhy didn t the rhyming clerk ask Jenkins why he was talking to himself over in the back booth A little far fetched that Jenkins didn t catch that himself Also, yes, the knees on the ground idea was great, but it was a little overplayed here.A few tangential adventures cemented the goofball qualities of Jenkins, but they made him rather endearing I did not laugh out loud as other readers did, but there s humor in here along with the Christian values More corny than funny On that note, though, Bonnie Jenkins wife and Jenkins seem well suited to each otherexcept for the health food kick.Not having read the first two in the series, I felt a little at a disadvantage, but not terriblyjust enough to make you consider picking up the first two to catch up, even if it means backtracking. Another good book, the last in this series, I think I really enjoyed these books, I am hoping the author husband of Christian author Dianne Moody has written Elmo is a great character and the little stories woven in are just very funny and heartwarming to read I thoroughly enjoyed these I am really enjoying the Elmo Jenkins series and this was book 3 of 6 It is the continuing adventures of young minister Elmo Jenkins In this volume, he s now the assistant to the pastor of First Church There s another mystery which runs throughout this volume as the preceding two The title tells you what the mystery is about and the mystery is sort of solved at the very end This book seemed to end abruptly than the first two and I sort of had questions remaining, but maybe that was the point At any rate, I m ready to start book 4 and I m going to be sad and will miss Elmo Jenkins and the other characters once I finish book 6. The title caught my attention because one of my favorite short stories of all time Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway It is much easier and inspiring then The Great Gatsby which it should replace for High School students in English Lit However this book 3 about Elmo Jenkins, an assistant church minister as he is now out of protected school and out in the world is a very fun book to read and very realistic about life, interaction, romance from a male perspective, wasps, squirrels, picnics and of course ones relationship with God who inspires The first book of this series should be read and a copy kept by every minister, pastor, and all religious leaders This 3 book is very enjoyable if one reflects on the two earlier books, so read those two first. The life and times of Ellington Elmo Jenkins associate pastor at First Church Thinges are a bit strange at First Church a new administrative assistant is causing waves, and what is happening with the Senior Pastor assistance Add to the mix a proposed 12 million renovation capital funds campaign and we have another look at the workings at First Church For those of us either in full time ministry or married to someone who is, do yourself a favor and read these entertaining books about life in the church *Pdf ☟ The Old Man and the Tea (Elmo Jenkins, #3) ↡ Elmo Jenkins Is Back For Another Fun Filled Adventure At First Church Tag Along As His Cadre Of Quirky Friends Continue To Amaze, Stupefy, And Entertain Reverend Elmo Be There When Erlene Gets Thrown In The Slammer For Conking A Policeman With Her Dentures Discover How Eddie Hughes Breaks Both His Nose And His Big Toe And Suffer With Elmo As Bonnie Puts Him On A Health Food Regimen Thurm, Julianne, Father Ted And The Rest Of The Gang Are Back Along With New Friends Sergio, The Limo Driver, And The Mysterious Elijah Enoch Through It All Elmo Discovers Some Life Changing Spiritual Truths, And Chances Are, You Will TooIt S Another Hilarious Ride Through The Halls Of First Church You Won T Want To Miss OBT Bookz Beyond excellent read Unfortunately, this is Book 3 of a 6 book series, and I didn t read the first 2 However 1, the book is perfectly fine without reading the first 2 However 2, I will be purchasing the Elmo Jenkins series and others by McMillian Moody Additionally, the author responded to my email So Funny So EnjoyableOnce again McMillian Moody has outdone himself What an enjoyable book to read The characters and situations depicted are so contemporary and relatable Yet, Moody is still able to convey truth and inspiration into his work Well done.