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s better than a story with men in kilts One in where half of them are actually shape changing dragons In this second novel in Charlie Richards Highland Dragons series, Ewan MacNiery comes back to the dragon valley in order to warn his friend that mercenaries are coming to force him back to his father s clan or kill him. A father s wrath Great story tied in very well with the first and had a nice lead into the next Friends together each with the love of there lives. [Read Epub] ☤ For a Dragons Protection (Highland Dragons #2) ♚ Two Men One Only Wants To Help A Friend The Other Wants To Capture His HeartWhen Elder Combs Leader For The Gray Caste Of Dragons Discovers Ewan MacNiery Dying On The Side Of The Mountain, He S Instantly Smitten Helping The Human Regain His Health Comes First, Followed Closely By Seducing Him And Making Him His Own Except Ewan Claims He S Not Interested In Males And Fights Their Attraction Between The Danger Ewan S Appearance In The Valley Represents And The Human S Own Resistances, Can Combs Figure Out How To Convince Ewan That Staying And Building A Life With A Male Dragon Will Fulfill The Desires Of His Heart All my fav things Highlanders, Dragon, Men Oh my Original Blogspot For A Dragon s Protection right after I had done with For A Dragon s Touch Highland Dragons 1 was a great idea on my part This story steps right in where the first dropped off So this is, in effect, a literal sequel This means readers interested in this series have to make sure to read the books in order of publication.Now, where the first book established what a dragon human bonding could mean and the probability of a bit of war freak drama from Ian s father the chieftain, this second book establishes how EROTIC the dragon human bonding could be Or, is In short, this is an erotic ride where the other book was not it was like barely there than erotic.And, really, this is my point of contention This story could have come out better, it could have driven the arc to a newer level Instead, we get an erotic ride, we get to see that the much older elder dragon is one naughty guy, much experienced in training the men under his command, who knows just the right words to speak, knows just the right caress to touch and knows just the right sexiness to turn a heterosexual male into his bonded love Was I less entertained On the contrary, I definitely enjoyed this, but at a different level, if you get my drift This is totally different from the first book like poles apart and this makes me think how that third book will read We caught a glimpse on who the next characters are going to be around the end of this story and the glimpse pinged my curiosity radar.The Highland Dragon Series is an interesting light read that is very entertaining I read this in bed last night and finished it within the hour, highly entertained and definitely smiling goofy I think I better think up of a gif to get this goofy smile on my blogs now hehehehe Dragonmen in tight, tighties leaving nothing to the imagination was a great visual, Ms Charlie Richards Looking forward to the third book Already I am not that happy with this new to me series any Although it might be mostly this volume.Let s get the formal aspects out of the way first.The editing is bad Was there editing beyond a spell check Just as an example, our old friend pecks for pecs makes than one appearance Not that things went better in book one, but I don t even bother mentioning that kind of issue any half the time.The modern speech patterns feel incongruent with the setting but I suppose it s that kind of series.I forgot to mention this last time but having characters named Ian and Ewan together in a book as close friends, no less seems like a fairly bad idea Those names sound way too similar, so when they come up in sentences together or are having conversations it just feels odd Mind you, I have a thing about names Pretty sure others would not mind in this particular instance.On a random note, reading the word asda the term this series uses pretty much in place of mate gives me a small jolt each time and makes me grin, since it s so close to what I usually end up with when I mash the keys on my keyboard with my left hand Many a file has been named that way in the heat of the moment and I have seen this too often for it to mean anything else to me now Very amusing.All of that is peanuts, however, and wouldn t for a moment really stop me from enjoying a nice story Much crippling about this one are the characters and general atmosphere.It seems safe to say that I can t like Combs I specifically resent the way he tricks and forces Ewan into their bond and sex I truly don t think that this is what Ewan would naturally go for without the magical stuff So it just feels deeply wrong to not give him a real choice in the matter Grr.I believe that Ewan is completely straight So he likes a prostate massage That s not about sexual orientation All that talk about how with a man he does not have to hold back physically and can be bolder verbally, and how a man knows what a man likes Is meaningless It just means the sex is easier to negotiate This really doesn t mean he actually is attracted to other men either romantically or physically As sad as that sounds, sometimes and for some people sex is just about mechanical stimulation and ease of access.Honestly, even putting the most favourable spin on things, this story is about sex and convenience, absolutely not about love I am in fact beginning to wonder if I ve been reading this author the wrong way all this time Are these books actually supposed to be porn with a light frame of story And not romance at all That would explain much, I guess I ll need to consider this.Anyway, a point of confusion arises regarding Combs tail I mean aside from the fact that tail sex appears to be a thing now Is that tail unattached to his body Cause Ewan sure as hell would at the very least have felt its presence even if it were invisible and he wouldn t have seen it at its point of origin against his stomach or groin area, seeing how he is draped over Combs back during their tryst So unless that tail is, in fact, a free agent, I don t really see how this works.Nice retcon on the procreation of dragons, by the way In book one Roark s father deplored his bonding to a human male only because there would be no pure dragon babies possible any Ever Cause of the bond and all And now Combs explains that, nope, bond or not, any male dragon can fertilize those eggs whenever he feels like it, pretty much.I also wish to know how it comes that Roark is a different type of dragon than his father, if progeny is decided by the strongest shot out of several different males efforts What other way, then, to determine fatherhood than by which type caste the hatchling ends up being There were really only two scenes or parts of scenes I somewhat enjoyed The very first one, and the brief duel near the end.Meh, all of this has left me than a little dissatisfied I hope the next book somehow makes it all better, but the established lore is already a mess Not sure how that can be overcome. FIRST RE READ 6 March 2017Interesting how much less seriously I take things after 3 1 2 years Maybe re reading my original review before I re read the book helped, too I was able to approach this this time with the expectation of an over the top silly, and I liked it much enough that I m raising my rating from 2 stars to 3.ORIGINAL REVIEW 7 November 2013 view spoiler I went into this with pretty low expectations It had a silly premise and has a silly title, so I wasn t expecting much than silliness.It s sad when even my low expectations aren t met.The relationship was ridiculous The human was adamantly not interested in men, and the dragon I suppose was relying on some magical dragony mojo to suddenly make him interested.The whole having children discussions were beyond ridiculous view spoiler The idea that the dragon could forget that his blood would make the human desire him was beyond ridiculous hide spoiler Ok so I got just one piece of info I this book..sooooo a bit disappointed The only that I can say right now is Combs only said Ewan name once In the whole book it was just asda this asda that like seriously And is the other hand the way that Ewan became instantly attracted to Combs is a bit unrealistic for someone who is been straight all their life to change right of the bat, I love a gay for you book how grown men fall on their face for that special someone but unfortunately I didn t feel it here..Expected a bit out of this.. 3.5 liked the gay for you aspect sex scenes were awesome and very in depth This book actually explained of the Dragon world and the different types of dragons It even introduced human and dragon characters for future series installments The conflict in the book regarding the neighboring human king was pretty anticlimactic and disappointing It was built up and built up then just ended I m hoping that the conflict will be fully resolved in future books. 3.5 starsSweet and enjoyable