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!Download ♠ Wicca (Sweep, #1-3) ⚆ Estn Ctilet Americk St Edo Kola Ka Morgan Rowlandsov Si O Sob Odjak Iva Mysl , E Je Naprosto Oby Ejn , Nep Li Hezk D Vka Kdy Se Ale Do M Sta, Kde Ije, P Est Huje A Na Jej Kolu Nastoup O Rok Star Cal Blaire, Kter Zrychluje Tep Nejen J , Ale Taky V Em Jej M Spolu A K M, Zjist N Co, Co J Od Z Klad Zm N Ivot Je Arod Jka A Poch Z Z Prastar Ho, Mocn Ho Arod Jnick Ho Rodu Stejn Jako Cal A Jej Moc Je Skute N Obrovsk , Tak Obrovsk , E Se Ji Pot Ebuje Nau It Ovl Dat A Cal Se Ochotn Nab Dne, E J S T M Pom E Jen E Cal Se L B I Jej Nejlep Kamar Dce Bree, Nav C Jej Rodina V Bec Nem Radost Z Toho, Co O Sob Zjistila Jak Si S T M V M Morgan Porad A Bude Cal Op Tovat Jej City This review was completed by Amanda Harbin, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.Overview of Volume 1 I made a mistake with this book s Usually, when I read a series of books I find that it is best to read and review each book as I go, otherwise plots and characters get a little screwy in my head Well, I m good and screwy on this one because I read the first book, then because I lack any self control whatsoever, I dove right into the second book, then the third, the fourth, the fifth oh yes all the way to book NINE before I slammed on the brakes and forced myself to STOP reading This book is was like an addiction I need rehab So, long story short I really like this book, volume, series, etc You might be wondering why I have rated it as a 4 5 instead of a 5 5, so let me get that out of the way first, I actually don t have anything bad to say about the book It s just that for a book to hit 5 5 for me it has to have emotional depth as well as be a delicious read I wouldn t go so far as to say that this is a shallow series on an emotional depth level it leaves other YA series in the kiddie pool It s just that it never really gets to the deep end, and that s actually okay, because if it tried to, it would stop being such a terrifically fun read This author does a phenomenal job of walking that ever so finicky line of not taking oneself to seriously while still being clever If I had to liken it to anything I would say it s like one of those state fair apples that s dipped in caramel, rolled in MM s, redipped in chocolate, then rolled in nuts It s mostly junk food but deep down there s a nutritious apple, which is how you rationalize eating the whole thing, in one sitting Okay, now you re all probably trying to figure out whether you want to read or eat sorry.Book 1 Book of ShadowsThis was a great introduction to the series and the characters Most of the characters are worthwhile and well developed in the sense that they behave in ways that I would expect kids their age to behave Their poor decision making skills and the resulting consequences reflect the sometimes tenuous friendships of high school girls I like that the characters possibly with the exception of Raven, are not caricatures of people They come across as sincere and this is very important to my reading experience Wicca itself is a kind of character and the introduction of Wicca is at first believable, which under many circumstances would make the transition into a fantasy version of witchcraft a little awkward There was one moment in particular I won t say when that I kind of went.ummm really but it passed easily enough and after that it was smoother sailing into the fantastic realms of witchcraft.Book 2 The CovenThis book pushes the reader and the main characters deeper into the realm of witchcraft, while also developing some important character conflicts In this book my distrust and dislike of Cal as a character deepened Every time I thought that I had caught him in something, I turned out to be wrong, but I know he s not all he s cracked up to be The characters, friendships, romances and triangles balance each other nicely This makes it difficult to completely take sides in the conflicts even though you want to be rooting for Morgan it was hard to fully disqualify the emotions of the other characters I liked that I couldn t always root for Morgan, it helps keep her character real in the midst of all of the fantasy The element of witchcraft really starts to develop in this book In terms of Wicca as a religion, I like that Morgan has to struggle with her identity as a Catholic and as a Wiccan, but sometimes the line between her fantasy witch heritage and her choice to be a Wiccan seem kind of non descript and I would have liked to have seen the choice to pursue the Wiccan religion be about her belief system and less about her bloodlines The conflict with her parents as a result of Wicca is believable and helps to propel the story.Book 3 Blood WitchWhile books 1 2 were a lot of background information and conflict set up, the third installment of the series brings on the action Two characters that were briefly introduced in the second book make bigger appearances and are definitely here to stay I know that I am supposed to dislike them, but I can t help but like and trust them, which is confusing because Cal has been a pretty decent guy thus far Throughout the series the author uses the journal entries of other character to illuminate their point of view, but in a clever twist, the journals are all signed with the characters Wiccan name, this works because it allows the reader to see other sides of a story without completely giving away the stories secrets This was especially true in this book I was certain I knew who was writing each entry, but since I couldn t be completely certain I was left guessing about some of the characters intentions This final book in the volume was a great end, because I was so involved in the nail biting action of the end, I had to know what happened next and instead of waiting for it to come in from the library.I ordered it from my Kindle.Ahhhh instant gratification.and well you know how it went from there I first read this series when I was about 12, and I ADORED it It was taken out of my public library due to poor circulation so sad , so I forgot about it until I came across it on a little over a year ago I couldn t find it in any public library system any, so I decided on a whim to buy the entire series which I ended up getting for about 30 I read the entire series last summer and was blown away I had completely forgotten the entire thing with the except of Morgan being a witch That was pretty much it I loved it all over again I absolutely adore the first 6 books of the series, and then I feel like it loses a little of its momentum in the middle and then really picks up again at the end There are so many great twists and turns, fantastic character development, and I felt that it is extremely believable minus the over exaggeration of Wiccan magick I loved that they were easy to read without feeling like I was reading a book written for a 13 year old I loved the incorporation of Wiccan practices I m Christian, btw and how we get to experience it as Morgan learns so much of it for the first time I think it s great that some of the books are written from other character s perspectives which keeps them interesting and fresh.I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal or coming of age novels SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES I did get a little sick of the dark wave showing up left and right It just seemed like it always came back to Look, we ve defeated someone And they were trying to do a dark wave Oh crap it s still going to happen And I found that aspect of it a little too repetitive. ok g zel,ak c bir cerezdison k s m d n nce 5 veresim oldu ama 4 hakk ilk b l m fazla ergenimsiydi ama toparlad , kinci k s m g zel nc k s m ahaneydi soluksuz okudum. This is a bind up version of sweep series 1 Book of Shadows 2 The Coven 3 Blood WitchI am surprised that I was able to finish this book It took me 5 days to read it and it is so frustrating because I endured reading that long and yet the book did not get any better I think the writing is too juvenile Hate the characters Morgan is so annoying, and sometimes selfish Cal is arrogant and I did not like him at all Mostly the characters are too childish and irritating I think the plot has a lot of potential, the Wicca stuff is good and the mystery involved with it However it is not executed properly There are no good explanations about the Wicca stuff Or it was not explained further I found it weird when Cal invited them into a party and then out of the blue he decided to perform the ritual WTF Just like that No reasons or explanations about that stuff and the kids just jump in with the idea Are they that stupid I don t know but I find it to weird for my standards Reading this book is like I m reading a Cult forming With that nonstop Wicca ritual and stuffs The books are short and I m kind of expecting it to get better after the second book The third book really frustrates me There is no development in the plot, yeah Morgan discovers something about her past but I don t think it suffice the need for good plot development I completely wasted my time reading this book Heard so many great things about it but I am not one of those who love this series The only good thing about it though, I bought it a bind up book so I only paid it for the price of one. Goodreads Most of my old Shelfari reviews are missing WHY TT SWEEP I Love Danger Magick.Book 1 Book of ShadowsMorgan isn t a special girl or so she thought she is loved by her friends and family, her life is basic and normal until a new guy enrolls in their school in the beginning of their school year named Cal He is every girls crush including Morgan He befriends every clique in high school and invites them to a party where he introduces them to wicca and magick Morgan is than intrigued and it s not only about Cal for her, magick calls to her She buys books, learns and even does a spell that works, her obsession send her into a revelation that she is not who she thinks she is.Book 2 The CovenSo Cal finally kissed Morgan, his intentions and those of his mother are obviously not pure especially that we learn that Morgan is adopted, a Blood Witch and is descended from a very powerful clan Bree and Raven and many other girls hate Morgan who they view as less than them and wonder how she caught Cal, Morgan wonders about that as well, but her emotions blind her judgment The spell she worked on Robbie turns out to be amazing and her magick too powerful her family doesn t accept that and don t want any part of it Morgan learns about her birth mother Maeve.Book 3 Blood WitchMorgan discovers that Cal s mom Selen hided her birthmother s Book of Shadows, she claims it and learns many things about her mother, family and origins She is a Woodbanes, but her clan revoked evil Wicca, unlike Cal, who happened to have a step brother who evokes the strongest feelings in her, who also is a Seeker hunting wicked witches like his name Hunter , Hunter has a friend, her name is Sky and she makes a new coven with Bree and Raven joining her, looking to dissolve Cal s coven Morgan misses Bree but doubts her especially when someone runs her over the road Then she scries in fire like her mom used to and finds her tools Meanwhile her sister is dating a guy who attacks her and she sends a witch s bolt to hurt him, she also helps her friend Jenna who has asthma, and discovers that Raven and Matt Jenna s boyfriend have an affair, also that Robbie has been in love with Bree for years By the end, I think Morgan must suspect that Cal is using a charm and love potion on her, controlling her and her powers. This book was supper fun do to the Wicca elements While reading this all I wanted was to have magic and discover Wicca as did Morgan However, the romance and friendship were very tropish and immature Also knowing the plot twist of the second book I couldn t help but roll my eyes It also took me like 3 weeks to read the last 35 pages, I kinda just thought it dragged so in the future I wont read the whole bind up. I have mixed feelings about this series Maybe I waited too long to read it, I probably would ve been smitten if I d read it in highschool I do know this bind up wasn t BAD and packs a lot of interesting information into each of the three books However, most of the dialogue and utterly obnoxious teenage drama was a huge turn off of the series for me I m not sure yet whether or not I d like to continue onto the next bind up We shall see. Zamanlamam mi yanl t yoksa bana ok mu ergence Geldi bilmiyorum sadece 3.kisim g zeldi benim i in di er iki b l m ve genel olarak kitap bo yere uzat lm gibi geldi konu daha g zel yerlere gidebilirdi diye d n yorum tabi buda bir emek sonu ta Hm I m not going to get that much into it.I didn t connect with the characters and therefore I didn t care AT ALL.I didn t care for the characters, for the story and I don t care how the story continues I m honestly quite surprised that I finished it that fast I mean I don t quit books I belong to those who force themselves to finish a book I guess the only good thing that comes to my mind is that it was fast paced and easy to read But overall it was a total letdown My reactions throughout the whole book were Aha I don t care Hmm mmI still don t care I don t like her, I don t like him and SURPRISE I don t care what happens to either of them In general it s not a bad book, I think if I d have connected with the characters I would have enjoyed it Sadly, I didn t.