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!Read ♴ This One Summer ☣ Every Summer, Rose Goes With Her Mom And Dad To A Lake House In Awago Beach It S Their Getaway, Their Refuge Rosie S Friend Windy Is Always There, Too, Like The Little Sister She Never Had But This Summer Is Different Rose S Mom And Dad Won T Stop Fighting, And When Rose And Windy Seek A Distraction From The Drama, They Find Themselves With A Whole New Set Of Problems It S A Summer Of Secrets And Sorrow And Growing Up, And It S A Good Thing Rose And Windy Have Each OtherIn This One Summer Two Stellar Creators Redefine The Teen Graphic Novel Cousins Mariko And Jillian Tamaki, The Team Behind Skim, Have Collaborated On This Gorgeous, Heartbreaking, And Ultimately Hopeful Story About A Girl On The Cusp Of Her Teen Age A Story Of Renewal And Revelation Me the whole time There is almost nothing that I would have found enjoyable about this story, if it weren t for the beautiful graphics that brought it to life.Which is weird, because drawings are something I find quite agreeable to look at and, in graphic novels, it s usually the only thing that I really demand, along with a passable to good plot.But there was no plot in this.Rose and her parents, as every summer since a young age, are spending the season at Awago, where there are beaches, fresh air and where she made a good friend, Windy She always has a relatively good time going to the beach and playing and gossiping with her friend This year though, her mother seems groggy and there is no eagerness in anything she s doing Her father and mom fight, and Rose is tired of it Tired of her mom In parallel, there is this guy whom she has a crush on that impregnated his girlfriend but doesn t want to take responsibility Rose hates the girl and pries hard for their relationship to be sabotaged The girl, her, is crushed Solidly crushed between choices and stress and the fact that she doesn t know what future awaits her.There is so much negativity in this book And drama A lot of drama It s deep, but it s also morbid and excessively sad by moments Who would have thought By looking at the cover, I was certain this was going to be a little bit atmospheric I did expect it too deal with serious life matters, but had no idea that it would be throughout the story Or that the two girls would be so unpleasant to read about.See, Rose is very judgemental and the way she talks to Rose, her friend, annoyed me many many times She seems to often be in her own shell even when her friend is around, which is not the end of the world, and I m not saying it s necessarily a bad thing, but, when that shell cracks, what comes out of it is not pretty and often unfairly reacting And it does crack.Windy is cute, in her own way but gets really childish all the time I don t know how old both girls are in this graphic novel don t recall it being mentioned but they were very immature Too immature They re always talking about grown up stuff sex, babies, blowjobs, parents, boobs and giving their opinions which sometimes are, yes theirs, but also most of the time unnecessary and seldom accurate.Like I mentioned, no plot Stuff happens, they react to that, we hear their thoughts, sometimes see a character scheming, cries happen, drama, drama, we get thrown into an impertinent scene, things aren t explained and, at the end, it all feels flat.I still know little to no information on Rose, except for her personality traits that I guessed while reading And she has no character development.Even though the story was not enjoyable, interesting or original, the illustrations are lovely drawn nonetheless and that s why I think it does deserve two stars instead of only one What can I say I notice pretty things wink wink The huge bummer of the graphic novel is that someone labors for ages over their creation and then you sit down with your pint of Chubby Hubby and make mincemeat of the both of them within the hour I always feel a little awful about it, and this is probably the kind of thing the French have a word for the sorrow of beauty s brevity.Anyway it s hard to imagine a French word for the sorrow of beauty s brevity hollowing than the end of summer Those last days of August nearly slaughtered me when I was a child time closing in and thinning out, cooling all your firefly sparks and kicking them under dead leaves Ugh.This One Summer is a story, on its face, about the end of one season in the lives of two families But it is also subtly, brilliantly, and infinite refractingly a story about girlness and womanness, from incipience to crux to decline, and the spaces between those lodestars, and what it is to inhabit them.The protagonist is Rose, a girl teetering on the cusp between child and adulthood on the one side is freedom, where she knows herself and the world and how those two things work together to form her life On the other is the freakish unknown, where boobs and blood and boys are lurking, waiting to trip her up and malform her Rose s summer buddy, Windy, a year and a half younger, is fascinated by Rose, but also a little leery she watches her for clues about what her own future will hold, both the gains and the losses Windy is at the lake with her rad hippie mother, and there is as well a wonderful, salty grandmother and even a couple of teenaged girls poured into short shorts and halter tops It s all very maiden, mother, crone in a sly, satisfying way that will make you feel clever for having thought of that.The plot, in keeping with a long summer daze, is not especially complicated for all its apparent simplicity, however, this is a story with kind of a lot of heavy stuff going on Without being too spoilery, the subject of fertility plays a fairly central role, with marital discord setting up a good handful of scenes, a few cameos by our old pal Internalized Misogyny, and even death rearing its seamonster head in a series of dark, disturbing panels late in the book A lovely washed out lavender bluegray scheme keeps the action at a remove, like these are your own memories dimly recalled from hot, bright days long past it also provides a constant immersion in the melancholy that informs the core of the story all the things we have to leave behind in order to become the things we ll be If this all sounds a hair downer y, let me drop on you the knowledge that Windy who is so true to herself and thoroughly charming as to border on Manic Pixie Dream Summer Buddy territory krunks at one point in the book, which, if comic book krunking doesn t make you want to get up on this like yesterday I don t even know It s just a great book, and it will make you feel poignant about the trials of your youth and stoked about the less gruesome row all the little ladies of the future have to hoe, and then stoked again to be on the other end of the trials, just stoked to be a dame Like, I meet monthly with an all female graphic novel book club, in apartments scattered throughout Brooklyn, talking about books and art and life in general over what can only be described as consistently sumptuous snack feasts The women are all insanely terrific, just smart and genuine and creative and thoughtful in ways you think TV makes up when you are a gloomy child living in some redneck backwater.We are not very old and this is not at all uncommon to have all your ladyfriends be straight up world changing amazing It is a good time to be a woman the tide that has been turning since feminism s first wave has obviously not washed away all the grody flotsam there is still heckuva grody flotsam , but a pretty decent beach has been revealed and it is really possible to spend a lot of your time there, face tilted to the sun. This One Summer is worth a read for the breathtaking artwork alone Check it out Unfortunately, the story didn t do much for me I really liked the idea of a summer of firsts and lessons, but when it was all said and done, I don t really think the main character learned anything There s some slut shamming done and she never understood why it wasn t okay to say certain things Though her friend did correct her a few times, she seemed to just write it off The book also never felt like it actually had a climax at all It largely felt like a summer of revelations that was witnessed by the main character, but she doesn t seem to have a strong reaction to most things either way As a result, it was very hard for me to place my feeling about her and I m left wondering what the whole point was of the book But again, the art is beautiful. 7 10 19 Reread with a small group of students focused on coming of age stories So good.6 23 17 Reread update, after reading it with my YA Comics Graphic Novels class this summer The way all great novels can be, better each time you read it, and it is always a privilege to experience reading with others who also like love it, especially for me people who have never read anything like it before Most of them have never read graphic novels So many small details, the mundane, become important Was choked up speaking with the class of the resolution, Alice, the mother, in the water, saving another, saving herself.9 16 16 Update, Fourth reading This is better and better every time I read it, and reading it with others always increases my love for it, too I d just read this for a summer class in July, but I connected it this fall with Ghost World and Black Hole because they all deal with teen girls explorations struggles with becoming sexually active The class, mostly women, were really engaged with this book They really seemed to get into the subtleties of the text, the fact that the images carry most of the weight of the story, minimal gestures and facial expressions, and not much talking An emotional center I ll leave the July review intact, but just add here something I don t discuss below in my review, that water a lake where they go for two weeks every summer figures in mightily in this story It s the central image and emotional site of the story As we know, swimming can be a joyous summer experience, and it can also be dangerous And we have no real idea through most of the book why it is such an anguished site for Alice, the mother.July 2016 review This One Summer is the collaboration of two cousins, Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, who work seamlessly on their story of a summer at a cottage on Lake Huron focused on woman girls in peril as observed by girls in transition between tween age and teen age, the very cusp of womanhood More accurately, it is focused on Rose, at 12, who hangs with 10 year old Windy every summer This summer is different, though, in that 1 Rose s mother is depressed and fighting with her husband she wants children, but had a miscarriage 2 Rose has begun to register an interest in boys, particularly a guy named Dunc Windy calls him Dud who seems to be the summer crush for the little resort area, and 3 they watch a lot of horror movies, which, as you know, feature usually girls being pursued by dark mysterious principally male forces and sometimes slashed Dunc also seems to have impregnated one of the local girls, Jenny Jenny is one of the girls in the area referred to casually by the boys as sluts, though all of the teens seem to party together.So this is a book about what it means to be growing up female, an early coming of age book The cusp of it all, after the innocence of so many fun, carefree summers The darker adult world looms for Rose, as she and Windy all summer sift through artifacts of the local teen grownup life empties, cigarettes the detritus of the teen party scene, and they overhear rude profane conversations about sex Through this inquiry they come to understand what it means to be a teenaged girl and how boys fit into this scenario Danger ahead, and yet desire looms, regardless.Talk of sex is everywhere in This One Summer Windy asks if Rose has a boyfriend, resents her crush on Dunc Rose resents her mother s pursuit of babies, though Rose thinks she would like one herself, maybe, at some point, with Dunc or someone like him She reads comics and books with romance in them It begins to quietly consume her and Windy resents it Windy is not ready for any of these considerations herself She mostly just wants to swim and dance and dig holes in the sand with Rose.A lot of people love this for Jillian Tamaki s art especially and I agree Her art is even amazing here than on their previous project, Skim, which I also loved Many people seem to hate this for a lack of narrative, that little happens, but I disagree with that, as so so much happens that summer, multiple interpersonal crises, and so much that is happening is reflected in the visuals, in the inviting foreboding lavender purple indigo coloration, the deftly subtle facial expression, the spot on dialogue It s in my opinion very spare and subtle, very slice of life as it gives you the sense of what it may be like for girls in the transition between childhood and teens Most importantly, it takes advantage of the comics medium A small gesture, a wince, a tear Subtle representations in word and image Not much happens, in a sense, not much gets resolved, but really, everything happens The most important things happen in this novel in response to these crises in very small ways a hug or not, a word expressed or not A smirk, a small smile It is great patient and spare storytelling deliberately getting at small moments of summer crush, and pregnant girl dilemma and mom and dad dilemma And friendship pressures.This is my third time reading it, and this time I was actually quite moved by it Maybe it s having a daughter Maybe it s reading all the literary visual parallelism, the beauty of that This book is such a tween book, in a way, and evidence for that is that it was a Caldecott Honor Book for children and such a teen book, too, and evidence for that is that it is also a Printz Honor Book for teens , and yay, a graphic novel, a beautiful collaboration between cousins This is a book maybe designed especially to speak to girls and women, and I love it And I have to say the men in my class this summer also seemed to especially appreciate it Yay for all that. This was a tiny bit of a disappointment The thing about graphic novels is that you have TWO giant elements the writing AND the art.The art in this book was phenomenal Absolutely wonderful I have not a single complaint There was a giant combination of different types of panels squares, rectangles, splash pages and all of them were gorgeous And it was all purple I loved that it was all purple Very moody and lovely.The writing story, however meh It felt a little boring, and not for lack of plot, but because of lack of follow through There were two interesting things going on, but there was no sense of growth in either story, and no type of conclusion I m happy to have this in my collection, and I will be picking it up again at times to admire the art I actually kind of want to cut some pages out and hang them up , but I think the story was not 100% This story follows Rose s yearly summer trip with her mom and dad to a lake house in Awago Beach It s their getaway, their refuge Rosie s friend Windy is always there, too, like the little sister she never had But this summer is different This One Summer felt like a great summer read And even though the plot wasn t the most exciting, it still kept me flipping page after page Plus, the friendship and banter between the two main characters added some needed humor to the story Windy s dance moves are hilariously great A great read to reminisce about those summery days with spectacular illustrations in it I m excited to read from the authors 3.5 starsNote I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying This One Summer, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with A very low key, beautiful story with amazing artwork Also very Canadian. Artwork 5 starsPlot 2 starsThe artwork was STUNNING in this book but that s where my love ends I felt this could have told a bigger story and made a bigger impact but it felt very open ended honestly I did resonate with the mother so very much you ll know once you read the book But I wanted plot, depth.The artwork though A