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Gia offers herself for sale at an auction for several reasons, she will raise money for an animal shelter she works at, she will earn enough for herself to put a deposit on a house but most importantly she will find someone who can finally help her reach her subspace She has been trained by an experienced Dom and Domme and dabbled in the BDSM club scene but has never managed to reach that level of trust with anyone.She is bought by Ivan and they fall in immediate insta lust with each other He proceeds to make all Gia s fantasies come true and decides that one week will not be enough so he persuades her to go back to Russia with him She agrees to go for another week but has to return to work after that because she has no vacation time left.And that is basically it There are a lot of very hot sex scenes and at the end of two weeks they are in love and planning to get married, the end I don t get it I got the lust, that came through loud and clear but I m having a hard time believing they were in love after such a short time together very little of which wasn t spent having sex An epilogue may have helped me believe a little but tbh I doubt it Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4.5 RUSSIAN HOT STARS Gia Lopez decides to stop floundering in the BDSM world and signs up for the Submissive s Wish Charity Auction She has no idea who has purchased her only that her Master s bodyguard, Ivan, has now kidnapped her before she could meet her Master for the week he has purchased And here begins Gia s adventure Abduction is on her fantasy list and Ivan, her real Master who has purchased her, plans on giving her everything on her list.Ivan is a no nonsense uber alpha who is normally a player but somehow finds himself super attracted to his little American sub Their chemistry is off the chart, not to mention the hot sex Problem is he lives in Moscow and she lives in the US What s a a Russian Dom to do to convince her to move halfway around the world.This was totally hot and just a fun read I loved Ivan s character and everything he did to Gia He pushed her and his alpha caveman ways were off the chart I think I could feel the testerone coming off the pages Gia wasn t exactly a brat, but pretty damn close to it Ivan had to make her submit and that s what made this enjoyable for me She didn t just mindlessly obey she gave as good as she could take. Meh I wanted intensity and some BDSM elements that helped get me there The plot sounded intruguingsubmissives up for a charity auction, one week of belonging to a stranger with the chance to opt out if they want and a D s that are just too attracted to keep their emotions out of the equation What I got was a cheesy, too fast paced B movie full of corny lines and shallow sex scenes based on stereotypical BDSM scenesspanking, sharing, withholding the big O , etc There didn t seem to be much tailor made for this sub There was a bit of a story, but I skimmed a lot of the middle By seventy pages or so, there were already so many redundant sex scenes that they were no longer exciting.There is girl on girlon girl Nothing too explicit for erotica but stillew Vaginas are gross, m kay I may be spoiled with my friend s recommendations with regards to this genre Megan Hart, Joey W Hill, even some of Cherise Sinclair do it so much better than this Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at The Romance Evangelist.My rating 3.5 of 5 starsFull disclosure I have met Ann Mayburn in real life and she is just as nice a person as you could hope to know I ve read most of her backlist and consider myself a big fan Ivan s Captive Submissive is the first in the new Submissive s Wish series by Ann Mayburn and if this story is any indication, readers who love BDSM romance are in for a real treat Submissive auctions aren t a new idea, but the details of how the Submissive s Wish Charity Auction works puts a new twist on the tried and true setup by adding a philanthropic facet to the outcome Each submissive is still sold for outrageous sums to thoroughly vetted Masters and Mistresses, but the bulk of the money goes to the submissive s charity of choice, with a fractional remainder paid out to the submissive once the week of service has been completed Gia Lopez has worked hard for the small measure of success she s earned in spite of her humble beginnings and family heartbreak Being able to raise a huge amount of money for herself and her local pet shelter while getting a week with a real live Master seems like the opportunity of a lifetime for her She has been carefully trained as a submissive by a skilled married couple but this would be her first real world experience serving her own Master But would anyone actually bid on a newly trained submissive with a wicked temper and a desire for forced seduction Ivan is the mysterious and handsome Dom who wins Gia s service for a week with an extraordinarily large bid As we eventually learn, Ivan can easily afford that and anything else Gia might desire, including an elaborate staging of what Gia believes is a real kidnapping but is really just Ivan s attempt to give her the fantasy she d said she really wanted Can any true relationship, even a D s one, really be forged out of such a traumatic beginning Or is Gia fooling herself that Ivan thinks of her as something than a temporary amusement One of the things Ann Mayburn does best is write a scene between a Dom me and a submissive that is both incendiary and intense Even when Ivan is pretending to be Gia s kidnapper instead of the Master who bought her, he is still a fascinating and irresistible character, one that any woman would want to dominate her if she were so inclined GIa s mind may insist at first that she s just experiencing Stockholm Syndrome but her body is completely on board for wherever this ride will take her Ivan and Gia s intimate scenes together only become impassioned after the kidnapping ruse is abandoned and they start forming a tender bond with one another This emotional bonding between the hero and heroine is what I ve come to expect as a regular reader of Ann Mayburn s books and Ivan s Captive Submissive did not disappoint in that category.There were, however, a few issues I had with the story that were troubling enough to keep me from giving it a higher rating The main problem I had was with Gia herself We re told that she has a quick temper and we definitely see that excitability in play several times throughout the book High spirits are one thing, but for me it seemed that she was always looking for something to be offended or angry about While that worked well in a remarkable scene where she lays direct claim to Ivan in front of other submissives who would dare attempt to touch him in front of her, Gia s tendency to snap was especially problematic for me in the penultimate scene of the book Spoiler removed view full review at The Romance Evangelist I was also concerned that Gia really didn t know very much about Ivan at all, other than that he was incredibly wealthy and had an overly large extended family all living in the immediate Moscow area We the readers are told that Ivan has family connections with both the Russian underworld and spy agencies, but it wasn t until nearly the end of the book before Gia indicates that she knows his last name Gia s worries about committing herself to this man are than understandable and I was relieved that the book ended with a Happy For Now, because neither of them is quite ready for anything beyond that yet Those issues notwithstanding, I did enjoy reading Ivan s Captive Submissive and will definitely be reading the next book in the series Ann Mayburn always writes heroes that make me swoon and I can t wait to meet the next winning bidder at the Submissive s Wish Charity Auction. Finding this one for free,i thought it was a good opportunity to see if it was any good.The idea behind the story drew me in,but in total i was..not convinced.The intimate scenes were well written,but after a while,i found they were the main part of the story.What bothered me,was the fact that Gia had a fantasy,and when Ivan gave her that,she panicked Even though it was mentioned at the auction She didn t think he was doing his best to give her what she wanted,noshe thought it was real She started to have feelings for him,but even though he obviously felt the same,she didn t trust he d stay But then trusted him with knifeplay And there were other moments..I honestly don t think i ll be reading of this series. Welcome to the 28th annual Submissive s Wish Charity Auction The submissives up for auction tonight have been thoroughly tested and screened with extensive background checks done They have provided us with their BDSM fantasy wishes, including any limits or restrictions, which we have included in the program for you to read and review The winning bidder agrees to make said fantasies become reality for a one week period I do want to remind you that 90% of the purchase price will go to charity with the remaining 10% to the submissive themselves so bid generosity Masters Mistresses Let the auction begin.Ivan Ershov, a representative from the European BDSM delegation, has a fondness for role playing so when he views Gina Lopez s information and fantasies he decides she is to be his Staging an elaborate capture fantasy scenario, Ivan sets in motion a week that Gina will never forget But will a week be enough time to fulfill ALL of her fantasies And his Gina is a relatively new submissive in the BDSM lifestyle and can t believe her luck when she s chosen to participate in an exclusive BDSM Club s charity auction She resolves to make her new Master proud and be on her best behavior That is until she s kidnapped by his bodyguard who plans to keep her as HIS hostage and submissive until a hefty ransom is paid Doesn t he know she s a hard working nobody who has no family to notice that she s missing OK Maybe after her week s vacation she might be missed but until then If she has any hope to escape she ll have to do it on her own.New series by an author who knows how to make her readers squirm This story features a Russian Dom who likes to role play and has oodles and oodles of money at his disposable He sets up an elaborate capture fantasy that in theory would have me over the moon thrilled to be a part of Problem is that in this story said submissive doesn t realize her kidnapping is staged A major aspect of this read is of course the BDSM scenes I kept wondering what type of warning label would be appropriate as things do get really down and dirty with a good dose of smutty smut The good kind The kind that has you glued to your e reader enjoying as scene after scene of panty changing toe curling fun plays out There are m f, m f f, and f f scenes that do push the envelope, never crossing into the taboo but teases the reader regardless Yummy As to the story line itself There is a natural flow to the story that pulled me in as a willing voyeur who supported and enjoyed the events as they played out This isn t the white knight coming to the rescue of the damsel premise for sure It s the dangerous Dom kidnaps damsel making her submit to all his carnal needs and desires regardless of her own insecurities and or doubts People all have baggage issues whether they choose to reveal them or not and all HEA endings can t happen in the course of a few days Yet When something is meant to be it willvague and confusing thoughts aren t they DOverall I enjoyed this book and am excited that it will transition into a series There were secondary characters who I definitely would like to see have their own story so let the stalking for release dates begin. Slave auction, kidnapping, dub con, wealthy Russia men, what could a poor submissive ask for Love Gia is putting herself up for a kinky auction all for a good cause wink wink The money goes to the charity of her choice, an animal shelter Okay, I m down with that and I think that is kind of awesome Gia also gets 10% of the sale That s not bad, a few hundred or maybe a couple of thousand for the sale, she d get maybe 100 What she doesn t expect is 450K to purchase her Dayum, that s 45K all in a week s work Well, now she kind of feels like a prostitute, but at least a highly paid one snicker Okay, I couldn t take this story seriously Ms Mayburn is yanking my chain with this series This is total glitterkink and following the trend of super rich men falling for honest, genuine poor girls rolls eyes Gia is not really a poor helpless girl She is a product of her environment She is hardworking with an extended family even if her parents are deceased The one I felt saddest for was actually Gia s mother She sounds awesome Gia and Ivan s instalove lust was cringe worthy The BDSM is erotic fantasies come to life This is a romance designed to be in the Calgon take me away fantasies Unrealistic but an uber rich and powerful man who is a dominant The luxuries Ivan has at his finger tips make me swoon Would I want this for a bit Hell yeah What woman toiling away at work trying to pay her bills doesn t appreciate a little fantasy like this Enjoyable to the last drop Even the excesses visited upon Gia are pretty thrilling The BDSM club, the clothing, jewelry, homes are all fantastic My favourite was the jet If only I could travel like that on all my flights sigh Recommended for romantic kinky readers who love rich male dominant characters. Ivan s Captive Submissive is hot, hot hot Keep a fire extinguisher next to you, cause your kindle is gonna sizzle I loved this story Ivan was a wonderful domanant caring and protective I loved watching the hard ass man fall for his little sub Ivan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but worked his ass off to make his own name in the world Former Russian military, scarred, tough and a little rough on the outside Ivan isn t looking for a relationship He s happy with getting his kink on in the BDSM clubs with a new sub every week But when he meets Gia, all bets are off.Gia grew up hard Her father dies when she was a child, her mother suffered from depression and she grew up in the bad part of town But, she fought her way out of the gutter and while only making a modest income, she is a business professional and working her way to the top But in the bedroom, Gia wants to give up control She a a true submissive at heart, but has had terrible luck with men.Gia is immediately attracted to Ivan, but a comedy of errors almost destroys there chance at happiness before it starts.Ivan s Captive Submissive is my favorite type of BDSM novel, centering on domination, rather than pain I loved the interaction between Gia and Ivan THe secondary characters where great as well.Gia may be Ivan s Captive Submissive, but she is the one who captures Ivan s heart. Copy kindly provided by the publisher Barclay Publicity, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review I have read this author s Exquisite Redemption about a month ago and I really loved it So when I saw this title appear on NetGalley I immediately clicked it After I finished reading I noticed on my Kindle that I already had this book Gia has been trained by a Dom and Domme Now she participates in a submissive auction after which she will serve a Dom for 1 week When she meets scary, hot Ivan she feels an immediate attraction and feels safe with him right from the start One of her fantasies is being kidnapped but when Ivan tries to make this fantasy come true, Gia thinks she s really being held captive When will she find out What will she do with the feelings she has for Ivan Can he convince her to give him time You ll read all of this in the book Something that doesn t really work for me, in other books and this one too, is the insta love Within 2 weeks they are in love I would also have loved an epilogue because the ending was to abrupt for me I liked the concept of this book and really felt the attraction between Gia and Ivan There were some really hot scenes in the book This book gets 3.5 stars ^DOWNLOAD ☠ Ivans Captive Submissive (Submissives Wish, #1) ⇩ When Gia Lopez Signs Up For The Submissive S Wish Charity Auction She Has No Idea That She S About To Be Bought By A Russian Dom Who Will Do Anything To Make Her Fantasies Come True Including Staging An Elaborate Kidnapping That Gia Believes Is Real Ivan Is Instantly Drawn To Gia And He Wants To Be The Best Master She S Ever Had As He Spends Time With Gia He Begins To Have Intense Feelings For The Strong, Independent, And Sexy American Woman He S Only Won A Week Of Her Service But Wishes To Keep Her Forever Unaware Of Ivan S True Feelings, Gia Fights Her Growing Emotional Attachment To Him All She Wants Is To Settle Down With A Nice Dom In The United States, Continue Her Career, And Live A Normal Life However, Ivan Sets A Plan Into Motion That Will Push Gia To All Of Her Limits And Take Her On A Global Journey Of Self Discovery, Extreme Pleasure, And LoveWarning Contains Erotic Spanking, Subspace, F F Situations, A Devastatingly Sexy Dom Who Knows What He Wants, And A Submissive Who Just Might Be Ready To Give Him What He Needs