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This was my first Michelle Willingham book and she has blown me away This is the second book in the Forbidden Vikings series and I read it as a stand alone and I am now going to go back and read book one, To Sin with a Viking because I am hooked I need to know Styr s story To Tempt a Viking takes historical romance to the next level The passion, conflict, heartache, and trials that Elena and Ragnar face can so easily be applied to modern times as well This is not a sweetly romantic historical romance like what your mom may have read, there is plenty of steaminess that may be shocking to the traditional historical romance reader However, for me that was just a bonus I got an amazingly written romance with a little hotness thrown in Ragnar is a warrior with honor and integrity born of a painful past and the determination to be worthy Ragnar is what I think of as the ultimate alpha hero Fierce, loyal, assertive and decisive all while having the ability to love deeply, employ empathy, and fight for the safety of those less able to defend themselves Ragnar is not perfect, but he is perfectly swoon worthy A fierce viking with a loving spirit Come on, it doesn t get much better than that Elena is a wonderful heroine as well She is faced with her own challenges to both her character and ultimate happiness Elena has to make heart wrenching choices and does them with a purpose and sense of integrity that I loved Everything is not always black and white and Elena navigates the grey the way most of us would like to think we would Willingham develops these characters so well that I was able to get so sucked into the world she created that I didn t want to let the story go Willingham has vaulted to the top of my want to read list for this year and I will be diving into many of her books soon I received a copy of this book from Netgalley Harlequin Historical in exchange for an honest review You can find at Monlatable Book Reviewshttp www.monlatablereviews.com I can t bring myself to read this book after book 1 So no rating I didn t like Elena from the first book and Ragnar, dude, thou shall not lust after your best friend s wife Usually when this trope happens the best friend is conveniently dead In this case, he just fell in love with someone else in book one I don t get why the writer wanted to write it this way I am so confused So does the married couple love each other or not Is the marriage a bad one or not And how is it romantic that said married couple ends up sleeping with other people and both end up being 2 separate books #Download Ebook ⛎ To Tempt a Viking Ô She S Testing His Resolve Warrior Viking Ragnar Olafsson Stood By As His Best Friend Claimed The Woman He Desired The Most There Was Only One Way To Quench The Deep Darkness Within Him Become Merciless In BattleWhen Elena Is Taken Captive, Fearless Ragnar Risks Everything To Save Her Now They Are Stranded With Only Each Other For Company Suddenly Every Longing, Every Look, Every Touch Is Forbidden Elena Could Tempt A Saint And Sinner Ragnar Knows He Won T Be Able To Hold Out For Long Barbee s review Jan 06, 14 edit5 of 5 starsRead in January, 2014Well it is no secret I am a huge fan of Michelle Willingham books and she never ceases to amaze me I just finished this book bcoming from me who has loved all her books that really something This book is a bit darker in a way as it touches a couple subjects you rarely see in historical romance these days infertility and children with special needs OMG this book is really wonderful as having close friends with children with special needs this book really touched my heart It also touches the subject of child abuse and how it affects those into adulthood and even as adults there are so many self esteem issues Of course back in the day they didn t have therapists or Doctors to help you deal with these issues so I found this book just fascinating although different then Michelle s other books and at this time I will say it my favorite book of anything she has ever written You can read this book alone but I highly recommend you read To Sin With A Viking the first book in this series as that way you can understand the heroine in this books first husband Styr Hardrata and the Irish women Caragh Brannon he falls in love with or else I feel you will dislike her first husband and his true love without having any insight of their real story or true characters Plus they are ancestors of previous Michelle Willingham books The Viking Hidden Love Slave, The Holy and The Viking in Warriors in The Winter and My Warrior Slave book 1 in the mega fabulous MacEgan book series So they really did need to happen plus it explores that not all arranged marriages work no matter how hard you try I personally love connecting the dots to from previous characters of books I have read and loved whether future or past characters It always makes me feel a part of the family in the way, yes I get that attached to my book characters Whoops To Tempt A Viking is the second book in the Forbidden Viking duet series By Michelle Willingham It is about Elena Karlsdotter the first barren wife of Styr Hardrata from the first book in this series To Sin With A Viking The hero in this book is about Warrior Viking Ragnar Olafsson who was the best friend of Styr, but has been secretly in love with his best friends wife since they were children which he has kept hidden all these many years Elena and Ragnar are put in a hostage situation and he has saved her life then once and he will always put his beloved Elena first, although she has no idea he has feelings for her Elena does know she can always be herself and not pretend with Ragnar as she does with her own husband Of course Elena and Styr was an arranged marriage and this just proves that arranged marriages don t always work Of course with Ragnar and Elena living in such close captivity the sparks sets out and once they find out about her first husbands betrayal things really heat up Yet Ragnar never feels good enough for Elena as he has a lot of self worth issues coming from an abused household and feels fighting is his only self worth Elena sees the good in him and has to help him overcome this darkness he feels he can t control Not to say Elena too doesn t have self esteem issues herself and some OCD as well, she cleans and cooks compulsively thinking it can make things better in her life.I found this book so fascinating as so many people have the same psychological issues even in today s world unfortunately, but at least we have place to go and people who can help with these problems Of course her compulsive disorder cannot make things better and then Elena finds a new purpose in her life name Matteus a handicapped child she saves from murder The scenes in this book with Elena and Matheus were breath taking and beautiful as it really pulled my heart strings and blew me away that s all I am saying you really need to read this book it s so very powerful and wonderful at the same time.This book is really beautifully written and honestly hated to see it end Yes it was that great I definitely recommend To Tempt A Viking by Michelle Willingham I love, love, love Very good book with several unusual issues for a historical romance biggest is that not all arranged marriages work out and the way it has affected four people Also a large part is the effect that child abuse has on the adult s life, infertility, and a child with special needs I loved the depth of emotion as both Elena and Ragnar have to deal with the twists and turns of their lives This is the sequel to To Sin With a Viking, in which Elena s husband Styr was captured by an Irish woman and fell in love with her even though he was not free to do so Now we get the story of Elena and Ragnar, Styr s best friend and the man who has always loved her The first part of the book runs parallel to Sin, as we find out what happened to Ragnar and Elena when they were taken Ragnar had promised Styr he would protect Elena, which he would have anyway When he found a way for them to escape, he took it, getting injured in the process With the two of them alone together the strain on Ragnar s honor is greater than it s ever been before I really liked Ragnar He has been in love with Elena since they were young, but always knew that he wasn t good enough for her His father was a drunk and abusive and Elena s father is the leader of their band He is also Styr s best friend and Styr is the one who marries her Over the years of their marriage, Ragnar has always behaved honorably He has also continued his friendship with Elena, hurting for her because of her unhappiness in her marriage When he is the one to save her after they are captured it puts a terrible strain him After they are rescued by Styr, he has to watch as they attempt to save their marriage, even though Styr is in love with another woman He is relieved for her sake when Elena and Styr split, but he still feels that he is not good enough for her Because of his size, his background and his training he feels that fighting is all he is good for and that he would be dangerous for her to be around Even when Elena shows him that she wants him, he thinks its only a reaction to the end of her marriage I loved his fierce protectiveness, but I also liked the way that he was always a good friend to her He was always happy to listen to anything she wanted to tell him and liked her just as she was I loved his support of her when she adopted the young boy likely autistic It took a great deal of effort for Elena to finally break down his walls, but when she does it opens a whole new world for him.Elena had been friends with Ragnar most of her life She was aware of what his home life was like and often tried to help She also found it very easy to talk to him and share her hopes and dreams She knew she was supposed to marry Styr and that was okay with her, she loved him Once they were married things weren t all that great She never got any of those feelings that other women talked about and felt that it was something lacking in her As the months and years went on, things got strained between them She was sure a baby would help, but that didn t happen either until it got to the point that she didn t even want to try any She felt her marriage falling apart and she didn t know what to do She even tried changing her whole personality to try to be what she thought Styr would want When she and Ragnar were captured while in Ireland, she feared that Styr was dead but held out hope that he would escape his captors and find them I loved her strength when she and Ragnar escaped and she had to take care of him after he was wounded She had a great deal of ingenuity that she used to build their shelter and heal him She was also quick witted enough to find a way to save them from some raiders loved the whole curse idea While she was worrying about her husband, she also noticed that she was feeling things around Ragnar that she had never felt before This disturbed her quite a bit When they were found by Styr she was happy because she thought she was finally pregnant, but then found out that he had fallen in love with someone else She was hurt but still tried to make their marriage work, even though she could tell he didn t care any When she realized there was no baby, she cared enough about him to set him free, but that left her with no one She wanted to continue her friendship with Ragnar but quickly discovered that even that was changing Over the next few weeks she came to realize that she had never felt for Styr was she was now feeling for Ragnar, but she didn t know how to show him that I really liked the way that she had always seen the good in him and didn t treat him the way that others had I also loved her compassionate nature Because she had wanted a child for so long, she noticed the orphaned children in the streets Her rescue of the little boy who was probably autistic was just what she needed at that time It also brought her and Ragnar a little closer together and did some great things for her own self confidence I loved where that confidence took her when she finally decided to go after Ragnar Her method of getting him to listen was fantastic I picked this up on a spur of a moment Not knowing if I would enjoy it at all Usually I do not read historical romance and I do not read the type that involves Scottish, Irish or Viking If only because the covers are so insulting I was intrigued with this and took a chance.This is a story of a man who is in love with his best friend s wife It is also a story of a couple who were wedded as part of an arranged marriage and are not happy But it is than just that This book surprised me with the themes First of all, this is my first Viking book The culture, language and history are all new for me But that is what I am fascinated about as well The names almost gave me a headacheRagnar, Styr, Caragh, Onund, Hring The language and slang was interesting but I kept worrying about pronoucning them wrongly What is awkward than realizing the way you have been saying a name or word has been wrong When I began reading I thought it would be a typical Harlequin romance Mildly satisfying with not much depth But it was than that At first when Ragnar mentions Elena s barreness I assumed it was way to describe the emptiness she feels because of the problems in her marriage and the toll it has taken on her view spoiler I came to know later that it meant she was having problems with conceiving hide spoiler Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyTo Tempt a Viking Now there s a challenge in and of itself But author Michelle Willingham writes a wonderful story about making the hard choices and does it brilliantly Honestly, I was predisposed to dislike this book, it is book two in her Forbidden Viking Series and after feeling slightly ambivalent about book one The entire premise is based on what happens when an arranged marriage goes wrong When the love is lost or never found How do the two individuals find their HEA Do they stay in a marriage that doesn t work Or do they move on Now in real life most of these individuals just make do, they probably led miserable lives or at best just chugged along because we all know that love was never a reason for marriage One married for family, duty and land which is what Styr The hero from To Sin with a Viking and Elena were expected to do And they tried they really did, well Elena tried Elena was betrothed to Styr at 13 and married by 17, she wanted to love Styr, he was the man her father picked out for her She was young enough to believe that they would love each other, that they should love each other but that never really happened Elena spent years twisting and turning herself inside out trying to become the woman Styr could love and it never happened Styr was a good guy but not the right guy, he had dreams beyond hearth and home and all Elena wanted was a family When Styr finally decides to take Elena and a select crew away to start anew they are both hoping for a fresh chance Instead they find hard times and near starvation then were attacked by a clan from one of the Irish Isles Styr was captured and Elena left to Ragnar s tender care Ragnar was their best friend and honor bound to care for ElenaRagnar Olafson was the abused son of the village drunk Once his mother died the light left his father s eyes and Ragnar suffered over and over again Left with little pride he struggled to become a warrior of worth Dreaming all along of one thing a life with Elena, she was his best friend and the love of his life Instead he had to watch her marry his other dearest friend watch them destroy each other, slowly All Ragnar wanted to do was care for Elena When Styr was captured, Ragnar was determined to make sure Elena survived Only to discover that many times it was Elena making sure he survived Each day into their journey Ragnar fell and in love and yet he was a man of honor and did his best to deny those feelings When Elena started to lean on him just a little too much Ragnar did all he could to stand true Eventually, decisions were made and Elena realized that Styr had fallen in love elsewhere, that she needed to let him go and move on A hard choice for a young woman A woman who fears she is barren and of no worth Before she can do anything she has to discover just who and what she is Find her ownself In many ways this book could have been called the metamorphosis of Elena A Beautiful Transition Ragnar had his own demons to slay Yes he loved Elena but would he forever be a Styr stand in Did Elena truly want him And honestly COULD Elena truly love him He felt little but self loathing felt he was little than a soldier, good for nothing than fodder He wasn t worthy of Elena, of any woman He had to find his own self worth.The farther I got into this book the in love I fell WOW Michelle Willingham tells a fabulous story, a timeless one, wrapped neatly into Irish and Viking history And yet, I can see so many correlations to today s relationships Neither Styr nor Elena were bad people they were just wrong enough for each other But it was Elena who found her spine and chose to end it all It was Elena who realized that duty wasn t enough And it was Elena who jumped at the chance for a true new life in a new world A strong woman who needed near tragedy to help her grow While my feelings were rather tepid about To Sin With a Viking my emotions were captured in To Tempt a Viking A powerful story about finding love and still living with your honor This book can easily be read as a stand alone but is powerful when read as part of the dualogy But either way, I seriously suggest you read this book.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of To Tempt a Viking, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2014 Rating 3.5 Rounded up to 4.This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I enjoyed it I am not a history buff, so I have no idea how accurate the characters and the scenarios were, but I really liked that the prose was understandable and clear I have read a similar historical romance before but trying to pronounce the words written in a heavy accent was rather tedious No problem here.I liked Ragnar and Elena in this story Although I usually prefer assertive heroines, I do believe her at times annoying characterization was accurate for women from that time Their marriages were arranged, and they weren t meant to do much else than create a family That was the crux of her problem Elena s greatest wish was to conceive a child, but after five years of trying, she hadn t been successful The sadness and disappointment naturally put a strain on her marriage Before they could work on fixing it, they were separated.Over the course of a week, give or take, Elena and Ragnar faced many dangers together, both physical and emotional While Elena seemed to be all over the place emotionally, Ragnar was focused on ignoring his fantasies and setting aside his forbidden attraction He was a man of honor, and for the most part he kept to his word not to sully his best friend s wife.What I liked was the balance of action versus romance There were sword fights, Elena proved herself quite capable under duress, and when they talked, Ragnar always seemed to be open and honest about his feelings while trying to remain honorable There were quite a few moments that sounded repetitive, especially from Elena I think the story could have done with fewer mentions of how badly she wanted a child, how she had pushed Styr away, or how comfortable she had always been around Ragnar because she had him placed in the friend zone The sex scenes didn t happen until near the end, but what was there was really hot After the reunion there was a lot of emotional drama in this triangle Elena finally found something to take her mind off her barrenness, Ragnar felt conflicted than ever, and Styr seemed to extricate himself from the situation rather easily.I know some readers had an issue with what they saw as infidelity in this story Usually I stay away from such plots in romance, but this worked for me There was no sexual intercourse between the hero and heroine, but there was definitely emotional infidelity Aside from Elena holding out hope that her husband was alive and he d come for her, the reader had no way of knowing whether Styr was alive or not, and neither did the characters.Once I finished the story, I checked on the first book in the series which turns out to be Styr s story, or perhaps appropriately, this book from his POV Considering that I connected with Elena over her issues, I don t feel the need to go back and read his side of the story I felt he could have acted less cold towards the woman who was his wife for five years and a friend for even longer I do think this book can stand on its own In the end, I was happy and satisfied with the outcome for all involved, and I would read from this author Disclaimer I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review The views and opinions expressed in this review are my own, and in no way represent the views or opinions of the publisher distributor. I haven t read a book about Vikings for several years and if honest haven t read a lot of historical fiction recently but something about this book appealed to me and I m so glad that I downloaded it This is not your ordinary romance no this story has substance and makes the reader stop and think If looking for a book worth investing your time in then you could do a lot worse as this author tackles the sticky issue of infidelity and arranged marriages in a most unusual way.Elena is married to Styr and has travelled with him and her fellow kinsmen to Ireland to start a new life but from the moment they land trouble dogs their footsteps The native Irish fear their intentions and Styr is taken prisoner whilst Elena barely escapes with her life aided by Ragner her husbands closest friend Ragner has always loved Elena but has never admitted it and now he finds himself wounded in a strange country and responsible for getting her safely reunited with her husband Styr.Elena s marriage to Styr is not a happy one and although they have both tried it appears as if children are not to be in their future Whilst trying to survive the inhospitable landscape they find themselves in Ragner and Elena become much closer and Elena starts to see Ragner in a different light He s an honourable man though and would never try to steal his friends wife no matter how much he longs to hold her Temptation is tearing Ragner apart but their trials are far from over as Stry returns and this time he s not alone This was written in such a way as to completely captivate this reader Loving the strong Ragner but Elena is a heroine to be admired Born in a harsh time she stands up for herself and also those around her who cannot defend themselves I really enjoyed this aspect of the story as all to often it s the men in historical romance that seem to run the show Really enjoyed the second half of the book and the developments as Elena and Ragner began to make lives for themselves So in conclusion this was a surprisingly thought provoking book and I will be looking for other books by this author I now realise that this is a follow up to To Sin With A Viking and I feel I would have enjoyed it even if I d read that first Loved the character Matteus that was introduced towards the end of the story and really enjoyed the twist that allowed If I m rating it I have to say it s a four and a half but that s just because I didn t read the previous book. 3.5 stars We could have used a little Viking RAWRRRness here mentions of praying to Thor and Freya weren t enough to satisfy my cravings , but I ll take any little crumb I can get while I m waiting for season 2 of the show Vikings to come back on the air.While To Tempt a Viking could possibly be read as a stand alone, I d recommend picking up book 1 of the series first in order to get the full impact I don t know if the back story of Elena and her husband will resonate as strongly if you start with this book.What I do like about these books is that they re easy and enjoyable reads full of inner turmoil and forbidden love This story runs the same timeline as book 1, but tells the continuation of the side characters who were left behind in the prior installment This is probably one of the best executions of the trials of infidelity which I ve ever come across The concept of black and white, good or bad, is not so obvious here The reader gets to see a story of one marriage gone wrong and how it has an effect on four different people In order to move on, everyone has to come to terms with what went wrong in the first place.You end up feeling for these characters and want each of them to find their happy ever after.I was surprised by the twist near the end where a small child comes into play Anyone with a soft spot for children will find another character to root for.I would love to read books from this author She s found a way to tap into the real trials of being human and adapt these trials to fit within the confines of the past I can see the world she s drawn in my head and I love watching these Vikings in their day to day routines It s just as much about being a witness to how a culture lived and worked and played as it is getting to witness an emotional love story The only thing I truly missed was the Viking divide and conquer RAWRness which I ve found in other Viking books But I can t complain, because I adored the story in spite of that lack This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.