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I m sure it is a good book but I stopped at chapter 6 it wasn t myCup of tea Read ♴ Second Chances ☿ Hayley Weston S Life Has Been Plagued With Tragedy She And Her Three Close Friends Grew Up Together On Falls Lake In North CarolinaHer Very Best Friend, Chase Atwood Was The One She Relied On For Nearly Everything When His Family Suddenly Moves Across The Country, Nothing Is The Same Any She Realizes After He S Gone That Her Feelings For Him Went Much Deeper Than Just Friendship But Despite His Promise To Keep In Touch, She Never Hears From Him Again And Is HeartbrokenThen Hayley Looses Her Father Unexpectedly And Her Mother Has Never Been The Same SinceChase Atwood Grew Up Across The Street From His Very Best Friend Hayley Weston And Early On He Knew That He Was Actually In Love With Her Too Afraid To Tell Her Before His Family Moves Away, He Looses His Chance When The Two Of Them Loose Touch Everything Changes When Chase Hits Rock Bottom In His Life And Decides To Come Back To Falls Lake Where He And His Friends Grew Up They Haven T Been In Touch In Four Years Anger, Hurt, Mystery And Passion Erupt When They Reunite Can They Make Things Work When Given A Second Chance OMG Chase and Haley are such a beautiful couple You can t help but to fall in love with them instantly Their love is so real and raw and you can t help but fantasizing about having that kind of connection with someone Tracy Younker did an amazing job again developing the storyline and character traits. Great story read in a day. Terrible OMG I feel that I wasted my time. Amazing read Loved this story It had me pulling on emotions throughout the entire story The author did a great job writing this book. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed it I wish it was a little longerespecially going further into the future in the epilogue I d love to read stories about Griff and Brynn. Available now Oohh a new second chance romance AddingHayley Weston s life has been plagued with tragedy She and her three close friends grew up together on Falls Lake in North Carolina.Her very best friend, Chase Atwood was the one she relied on for nearly everything When his family suddenly moves across the country, nothing is the same any She realizes after he s gone that her feelings for him went much deeper than just friendship but despite his promise to keep in touch, she never hears from him again and is heartbroken.Then Hayley looses her father unexpectedly and her mother has never been the same since.Chase Atwood grew up across the street from his very best friend Hayley Weston and early on he knew that he was actually in love with her Too afraid to tell her before his family moves away, he looses his chance when the two of them loose touch Everything changes when Chase hits rock bottom in his life and decides to come back to Falls Lake where he and his friends grew up They haven t been in touch in four years Anger, hurt, mystery and passion erupt when they reunite Can they make things work when given a second chance