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Burke and his crew continue to deliver Once again, good storytelling combined with engaging characters made a great read I m a bit sad about some of the language in the book I don t find it necessary nor welcome I ll read the next book and if that single flaw increases, I m done, but that s a personal preference It is a good action adventure book. Guilty Pleasure ReadingBook 2 continues much the same as the book 1 Has a kind of Firefly vibe It s simple, straight forward sci fi A little lacking in creativity but if you want an easy read this series should suffice. @Download Book ⚪ Soldiers of Fortune (Omega Force, #2) Ç After The Daring Rescue Of A Political Dissident, Omega Force Is Contracted To Investigate A Rash Of Violent Attacks On Civilian Shipping Lanes Within A Group Of Star Systems Known As The Concordian Cluster It Seems A Simple Enough Job With A Huge Payday At The End And It S Exactly What The Ragtag Group Of Mercenaries Needs In Order To Keep Their Ship Flying And To Stay One Step Ahead Of Those Hunting ThemHowever, The Further They Delve Into The Seedy Underworld Of The Cluster The They Realize They May Be In Over Their Heads With Innocent Lives Hanging In The Balance, Captain Burke And His Crew Begin A Desperate Race To Uncover Who Is Responsible For These Attacks, And Why, Before Their Ultimate Goal Can Be Realized I have now read two books in this series That s probably all for me The characters are not reaching my heart, and the plot isn t mysterious or complex enough But it s fine for light entertainment. Before you start this book, please realize it is the second title in the series you will need to read the first book in the series in order to understand the back story and the characters.The author picks up right where he left off with book one of the series While this isn t a hard science fiction tale or over complex from my usual science fiction reading stack it was enjoyable, has a lot of smart alecky characters, and I am looking forward to the next one of the series I picked this up for 99 cents during a Kindle promotion vs the normal price of 2.99, and I believe I received than 2.99 worth of entertainment value out of it if you enjoyed the first book of this series I am confident you will like this one, also. Lightweight, Fun Crew of Bickering Band of Brothers Omega Force Soldiers of Fortune OF2 , continues the lightweight, fun tale of a bickering crew of a human and five 5 aliens from different races, as they snipe at each other and combat varied enemies.Authored by Mr Joshua Dalzelle, the eclectic group of mercenaries, are a tight crew, a Band of Brothers, who fight amongst themselves in an entertaining manner There s no overwhelming story or plot, all is driven by the character of the characters The author does have multiple writing shortcomings, including his incessant need to use of course, snorted, and rolled his eyes, are just a few to illustrate.Overall, the book and the series is harmless, inane fun, with no heavy lifted involved Omega Force Soldiers of Fortune OF2 , is recommended and was fully read via Kindle Unlimited. I recently discovered Joshua Dalzelle as an author and I really like his books I m currently reading his Omega Force series with Soldiers of Fortune Omega Force, 2 As with the first book I enjoyed it to the point that I found it difficult to put aside for other normal activities If you like a rollicking good Space Opera then this series is for you Great character development and a feel good series of actions makes for a great series Do yourself a favor and check out this Author. Another excellent book on the series I am really involved with this series and characters.In my view this book was fast paced compared to last book and also very interesting and I especially love their small hints left to many future events and possible story lines.Will definitely pickup the next one asap. The first book was a setup for this, book two in the series The first book introduced us to some very well conceived protagonists, and here we really get to know them and the action really takes off I ve seen others refer to the series as Firefly like, which is only partially true Although this book does follow a wandering band of misfit mercenaries with a heart theme, that s where the comparison ends It s really nothing like the witty, taught, layered writing of Firefly because this is just straight forward fun, and no apologies about it Good characters, exciting plot, and so so editing What could you really want in an action packed romp through the universe It s OK, very predictable and lacks depth with an overly quick resolution and a plot that hinges too much on a series of lucky breaks.That said, it s an enjoyable distraction if you like the sound of the A Team in space just don t expect a lot of original ideas.