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I liked Unlocked by Kevin Missal The characters were very realistic The plot was interesting and keeps you reading just to find out what is going to happen next I would recommend this book for people who want a good paranormal read. I was given for honest review I must say I was very surprised Not what I expect and is a awesome read Keep them coming I really enjoyed this authors work Hooked me from beginning all the way to the end kudos It s an okayish story with a very similar plot as to what weh ave been going through for a very long time now An evil has risen from the dead and a commoner is about to become his nemesis The story will unfold with demons, apocalypse, nephilims and angels participating in this good versus bad war It was a very sub standard plot nothing new or fresh in it to cheer about Events unfolded in a haste and apart from few surprises towards the end the whole plot has a very common feel to it Not satisfied at all as a reader. `DOWNLOAD EBOOK ↺ Unlocked ↽ In The Midst Of Chaos And Order, Stands The Long Drawn War Between Angels And Demons An Unknown Tyrant, Manfred Croft, Walks The Very Earth To Bring The World To An End A Hero, Caspar Socrates With A Bleak Past Is The Planet S Last Hope He Is A Hunter, A Watchful Guardian He Understands Evil Because Will He Ever Be Able To Unlock Himself Will He Be Able To Prevent The Rise Of The Morningstar