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Review for Vol 1 4 This was a great read, the suspense was good and I liked the main characters I spent the whole time trying to figure who was the threat and it took right to the very end before I figured it out I liked that it wasn t obvious I have to say, my favorite character was Ms Blackwell She almost stole the show from Alex and Jennifer There was also enough about Lisa and Tank that has me wanting to dive right into their story Great writing @Free Pdf â Annihilate Me: Vol. 1 (The Annihilate Me Series) ⛓ Annihilate Me, Volume The Business Of Love Is DangerousFor Jennifer Kent, A Recent MBA Graduate Who Has Been Searching For Work In Manhattan For Four Long Months, Time And Money Are Running Out If She Doesn T Find Work Soon, She Ll Need To Return To Her Native Maine, Where The Job Situation Is Even Bleak And Where Her Abusive Parents Lie In WaitBut When An Unorthodox Arrangement Is Proposed, Jennifer Decides To Take It She Agrees To Be The Girlfriend Of Alexander Wenn, The Reluctant, Billionaire CEO Of Wenn Enterprises, Who Is So Devastatingly Good Looking, He Needs A Beautiful Woman Like Jennifer On His Arm To Keep The Wolves At Bay In This Case, The Wolves Are Other Women, All Of Whom Vie For His Attention So Aggressively, They Keep Him From Focusing On Business At The Exclusive Events He Must Attend It S There That Deals Are Cut What They Want Is His Money And His Power Damaged By A Past Event, The Only Thing Alex Wants To Do Is Focus On Work And To Forget The PastBut Can Jennifer Deny Their White Hot Chemistry As She S Swept Into This Glittering Otherworld Of Society And Big Business, She Finds Herself Struggling To Keep From Falling For Alex, An Almost Impossible Feat She Nevertheless Must MeetArmed With Her MBA, Jennifer Kent Knows About Business But What She Doesn T Know Is What Could Destroy Her The Business Of Protecting Her Own Heart And Maybe Her Own LifeThis Story Unfolds Over Multiple Volumes Approximately , Words Each This short book tells the story of an out of work, down on her luck, MBA graduate, Jennifer, that is hired to be arm candy for a hot billionaire, Alex, so that he can focus on business at special events Alex gets jealous at event 1 and Jennifer quits, despite the ridiculously large salary she s being paid to attend parties, because his behavior offends her Alex feels like an ass, pursues Jennifer and after playing hard to get, she concedes I m sure you get the drift.The storyline, thus far, is not an original one and was highly predictable every step of the way So, if you re looking for something new or different, this won t be the one for you That aside, I did enjoy this book, despite the predictability Let s face it, some story lines get repeated because they work Who doesn t want a modern spin off of Cinderella While both Alex and Jennifer had many of the cliche characteristics we ve all come to expect in this familiar storyline history of abuse, tragic loss of loved one, jealousy issues, unwillingness to acknowledge feelings, etc , they were not too extreme or overdone and were both very likable characters Alex did not come off as an overbearing, aggressive jackass, like many of the alpha males in this genre do Similarly, Jennifer was not the weak minded pushover that is so typical of the heroines in this genre Instead, she was smart, witty and unwilling to take ANY crap from Alex In fact, I had to re read the section where she walked out on him and quit because I couldn t figure exactly what she had gotten upset about It is very short and does feel like the story is just getting started when it ends, versus feeling like a complete novel However, it was an easy and enjoyable read that kept me entertained I will be reading the next volume. What the hell did I just read I seriously don t understand how this book could get so many positive reviews, it s worse than a dime novel And why oh why do I keep reading free books I ve been so disappointed by those stories already and this one sadly wasn t the famous exception.SpoilersThe story revolves around Jennifer, a 25 year old woman with abusive clich 1 parents from Maine She is so soooo beautiful and intelligent that basically everyone is intimidated and or envious of her clich 2 , which is why she apparently wasn t able to find a job in NYC even though she s been living there for four whole months already Poor girl So Jennifer meets Alex Wenn, a beautiful and swoonworthy billionaire with issues and a past clich 3 10 , who is so taken by her that he offers her a job as his pretend girlfriend he s such a catch, he can t even attend galas and other events for business because women keep falling at his feet and bugging him clich 11 We re told that she is sooo broke, yet immediately after the call from Wenn Enterprises and after she s told she ll get paid 250K per year oh puhleeease she went shopping and bought a Prada suit and new killer heels even though she didn t even had the job yet WHO in their right mind would do such a thing And all the shopping scenes throughout the book oh my gosh are you serious There were dress shoes jewelry descriptions and talk about how perfect and hot and beautiful and smart Jennifer is than actual dialogue between the characters If you can describe their talks as such, that is At one point I was actually tempted to throw my kindle across the room and bang my head against the wall at their meaningful not , smart not and ingenious guess what not dialogue, I just couldn t take any shallowness Oh and yeah our 25yo heroine is, of course, a virgin clich Idontevenknowany and the book ends right before they re about to have sex because the author wants us to pay for another books in the series Actually, apparently it s not a series because it s Vol 1 That clarification makes us all feel so much better, thank you.Also if I EVER read the word divoon again, I ll jump from a bridge and yell freedom.Reading this was such a waste of time, I can t seriously even begin to describe how fucking angry this book made me. Problematic characterization Mary Sue protagonist who protests consistently throughout the story every time someone compliments her beauty, intelligence, and splendid backside She also suffers from horrible judgement she buys a 3,000 suit for her job interview when she s broke as a joke, takes a job as a view spoiler paid escort and thinks it won t be a disaster, then when it turns into a disaster on the very first night SURPRISE she eventually forgives him and asks him to take her virginity hide spoiler First off, I will say, a huge pet peeve of mine is when books are broken up into volumes To me, it s just a way to make money This book was super short and I m glad I grabbed it up for free While I m interested in where the story goes, I do not want to pay 2.99 for two volumes when the book could be a full length novel or broken up into 2 full length novels.Anyhoo, rant over about that Now about the actual story I had high hopes for this free book after reading the reviews but honestly I don t see what got people so excited I feel like barely anything happened in the first book Alex and Jennifer went out to a couple of events but spent most of the volume not even talking to each other Then fight over, Jennifer is suddenly his girlfriend I will say there is zero hanky panky in this just a couple of kisses and really even those fell flat I didn t get a lot of chemistry from these two.Blackwell drove me nuts Every sentence she would say God in lieu of punctuation and she has the type of personality that I hate that beautiful is thin and it isn t cool to eat I mean, really The dialogue between the characters seemed to be at rapid fire and yes, we get it, Jennifer is beautiful but doesn t realize it I don t need every single character telling me how gorgeous she is on every other page And while I can appreciate fashion, I hate it when the author is spouting off designer names in everything people wear While I can appreciate you wanting to look good for a job you think you might get, no one drops 3 grand on a Prada suit and designer shoes when they have no money and have common sense Which apparenly Jennifer does since it was drilled into me that she was smart And the amount of times I heard about how she s from Maine and that makes her somehow a better and interesting person was ridiculous Maybe I ll read the others if they go up for free too, but I definitely won t be paying 3 each. For a book that actually has no sex in it whatsoever this book oozes sexuality, tension, nutty characters, colourful characters, great dialogue and a hotting up romance.I m so glad I got this book, I was inhaled into the story at the get go and wow did those 300 pages fly by Some of the dialogue was a little back to front to me but that only happened sporadically, sometimes for instance the word was in my eyes, placed wrongly in a sentence I loved the chatty prose between Immaculata and Jennifer, god Jennifer had great comebacks with her Blackwell now there s a character and a half I got dizzy reading her dialogue sometimes but it worked on so many levels, her zest and impatience just dripped off the pages, she s one of those totally annoying and yet totally engaging characters, kinda loved her As for Jennifer, how could anyone not engage with her Her whole personality is flawless, she is neither weak nor meek but she isn t dominant or sassy either She has a vulnerability about her but her clever mind and her business sense sits perfectly with that vulnerable side She is probably one of the best heroines I ve read in a long time.Alex, oh boy, dear Alex He s mysterious, he s thoughtful, he s possessive and he s driven He also seems pretty ruthless What s there not to like Oh yeah, I don t know but I feel he has this element of danger about him and I can t wait to see what happens in book two after where this book was left, which way is his character going to develop, there is suspense and intrigue surrounding him, is he into darker things, or dominance, or none of it but has issues with other things Arghhhh the suspense is killing me I just hope vol 2 lives up to vol 1. FREE today on US 1 2 2015 BLURB The business of love is dangerous.For Jennifer Kent, a recent MBA graduate who has been searching for work in Manhattan for four long months, time and money are running out If she doesn t find work soon, she ll need to return to her native Maine, where the job situation is even bleak And where her abusive parents lie in wait.But when an unorthodox arrangement is proposed, Jennifer decides to take it She agrees to be the girlfriend of Alexander Wenn, the reluctant, billionaire CEO of Wenn Enterprises, who is so devastatingly good looking, he needs a beautiful woman like Jennifer on his arm to keep the wolves at bay In this case, the wolves are other women, all of whom vie for his attention so aggressively, they keep him from focusing on business at the exclusive events he must attend It s there that deals are cut What they want is his money and his power Damaged by a past event, the only thing Alex wants to do is focus on work And to forget the past.But can Jennifer deny their white hot chemistry As she s swept into this glittering otherworld of society and big business, she finds herself struggling to keep from falling for Alex, an almost impossible feat she nevertheless must meet.Armed with her MBA, Jennifer Kent knows about business But what she doesn t know is what could destroy her the business of protecting her own heart And maybe her own life.This story unfolds over multiple volumes approximately 50,000 words each.http www Annihilate Me V Not great The story had potential but it dragged on and on Got sick of reading how pretty, how hot and how beautiful Jennifer was and how she didnt know it or believe them Alex was a totally closed book and you litrally found out nothing of interest about him Then there was the best friend who was a self published writer..way to suck up to Ms Ross.got sick or seeing that her friend was going to publish on , she was in s top 100, are flipping great.yada yada yada.I hope you dont want to publish this book anywhere else other than as I dont think Nook will be too happy with all the arse kissingAnd then that brings me on to the dialogue It was so stiff, I actually didnt believe a single conversation that went on in this book This is not how people talk Especially to their friends it was so formal I know it was a freebie but I still feel let down by this book as I was so excited about it.