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We begin this review with the consideration of why Brendan Wenzel s illustrations are so damn cute Cuteness researcher really an ethologist Konrad Lorenz identified a set of traits that cause human beings to think something is cute We re apparently hardwired for it Large head, large eyes, rounded shape all contribute to the cuteness factor, and Brendan Wenzel s animals have it in spades I m not just talking about the bugs in this book, either Wenzel has done illustrations of bazillions of animals for conservation organizations and companies promoting the welfare of animals Every library serving children of any age needs this book. Added Fabulous book trailer DiTerlizzi does a wonderful author talk Perfect for kids in Kindergarten and 1st grade If she s in your area, it s well worth it to hear her talk about her writing A beautifully done rhyming book about bugs While details are added to the bugs to make them cute, the general shape and structures are accurate The last two pages include all of the bugs from the story along with their common names Recommended for preschool through kindergarten, this is a fun, rhyming text perfect for a read aloud. #DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚥ Some Bugs ⚟ Get The Buzz On Bugs In This Picture Book From Angela DiTerlizzi Grab Your Magnifying Glass Find Your Field Guide And Come Hop, Hide, Swim, And Glidethrough This Buggy Backyard World Featuring Insects Including Butterflies And Moths, Crickets And Cicadas, Bumblebees And Beetles, This Zippy Rhyming Exploration Of Backyard Bug Behavior Is Sure To Have Insect Enthusiasts Of All Ages Bugging Out With Excitement Some bugs sting Some bugs bite Some bugs stink And some bugs fightAnd so begins the sing song narrative of Some Bugs, a lovely picture book exploration of the insect life to be found in a child s backyard A brief text nothan a sentence per page is paired here with vividly colorful illustrations depicting various bugs The book concludes with a girl and her cat, who have been the ones examining all the insects under discussion, and a final page in which each one is identified.Recommended by no less a picture book luminary than Eric Carle, whose words of praisea delightful combination of pictures and words that will captivate readersdovetails with my own view on the matter, Some Bugs is the kind of natural history for younger children that I like to see Beautiful illustrations paired with an engaging but simple text, withinformation in the form of the page identifying the various insects at the rear I was reminded of Diana Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long s series of natural history picture books, from An Egg Is Quiet to A Butterfly Is Patient , and that is high praise indeed Recommended to anyone looking for picture books celebrating nature, and all the little creatures to be found therein Im Garten gibt es viel Leben, nur bei manchem muss man etwas genauer hinsehen, um es entdecken zu k nnen Kleinere Kinder sind da noch n her dran und schauen auch etwas genauer hin Dieses Buch unterst tzt die Kinder bei ihrem Entdeckerdrang, fordert sie auf, regt sie an und erkl rt auf spielerische Weise Meine kleine Tochter 3 war gleich begeistert von dem Buch Die Illustrationen sind sehr ansprechend Zeigen die Insekten, verniedlichen diese aber etwas und bilden sie kindgerecht ab Ein Bild beinhaltet viele Details, die man gemeinsam mit dem Kind entdecken kann Ein kleiner Spruch wei t auf die Besonderheiten hin So geht es im Reim von einem zum n chsten Insekt weiter, immer quer durch den Garten Die Farben sind kr ftig, das Buch ist kunterbunt, ohne berladen zu sein Eine Tochter konnte es gut erfassen und hat sich auch schon einige Male alleine mit dem Buch besch ftigt Auf der letzten Doppelseite sieht man im berblick alle im Buch vorkommenden Insekten Dies dient zwar vorrangig der Information, da man auch nachlesen kann, um welches Insekt es sich handelt, wir haben aber ein kleines Spiel daraus gemacht Wo findet sich ein bestimmtes Insekt im Buch Fazit Ein tolles Buch f r kleine und gro e Entdecker, wundervoll gestaltet und mit einfachen, kindgerechten Reimen versehen, zum selbstentdecken oder gemeinsamen ansehen. Absolutely adorable bug illustrations You ll have fun naming all the little critters. Kid loves it We use every action sting, bite, hop, swim etc on his body and he laughs and tries to imitate me He looks for the ladybug on every page and he liked to find the frogs and when he sees the cat he meows I think the illustrations are fantastic and the tiny, sturdy format works great for a one year old. Some bugs is a short book with simple rhyming about bugs and the noises they make It can be related to everyday experiences in Understanding the World through exploring their local environment The pictures are inviting and interesting with lots of opportunity to link to Physical development with acting out different insect movement, music for different insect noises and artistic creations A whole themed week on insects and small creatures in the garden could be created from this book in the EYFS using the book to support activities in all of the 7 development areas There is a lovely picture page at the back using the names of all the mini beasts that children can then use to go on a mini beasts hunt in their own environment. Great introduction to bugs even if they are not your favourite Check outPicture book reviews Perspective of a WriterA field guide to what some bugs do With a page naming all the bugs that were part of the drawings.The illustrations are so beautiful for this book they could seriously be posters for a kid s room The illustrations totally make the book what it is I loved the larger animals included in the spreads to show scale as well as the different sized bugs from the tiny flies to the big beetles.My nephew enjoyed this book and we talked about what was happening in many of the spreads like the ant hill and we talked about the verbs used to describe what the bugs do.So cute, I would run out and buy this for any child who is curious about bugs We actually read this digitally and there was a read along function for it too My nephew benefits from repetition so it was great to listen then read it together The narration was very good and super fun This is not a message book but is the stimulate creativity and a love for the outdoors.BOTTOM LINE So much bug fun You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery