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Good book, just wish they didn t all have the super stud ex military dude that leads the group But I guess normal folk like me would end up dead quickly in reality anyway Now I have to get book two in the series. Definitely a series that has potential An EMP event is a real scenario much like the Yellowstome super volcano or New York mega earthquake Basically meaning it is supported by real world science but most people either ignore it or dismiss the fact that it would ever happen.EMP events HAVE actually happened before both in America and South Africa as is mentioned at the back of the book Most of the characters in this book have little to no idea of what is going on and believe the power will be back on soon There is one character military man engineer who immediately takes action to help his friends prepare.Overall I think this was a fairly believable scenario and the author did a pretty good job However the drug use felt unnecessary and it was a bit difficult to keep up with who the characters were It would have been better if they were introduced a bit gradually instead of all at once.This is of a book designed to get you interested in the series rather then a standalone novel Still for a free Kindle download I d say it did pretty well.Recommended. Okay, so This is a very interesting book I think I like all the characters It s hard to tell.Kade is BADASS And he thought about tampons for the ladies, so he s sweet I guess it s safe to say this book was written by a man.Jeremy is a wimp They go through a bunch of trouble to get resources to survive First person who comes knocking on their door and gives stuff away Jeremy would not survive on his own at all There s being a good person , and then there s surviving under those circumstances.Matt is smart And dumb He can think well when it comes to survival And then he s stupid as hell when it comes to women especially his girlfriend.Then we have the ladies, who didn t do much.Sarah is the weird one, who can see colours on people and taste MMs colours too I believe there s a name for this condition, but all they mentioned was autism and Asperger s She s quite smart, though, and was the only one taking it all seriously before the ahem, crap hit the fan However, it s not like she made any important decisions Important decisions are only made by MEN.Karina Oh, boy She spent 90% of the book drunk and high She was the annoying one, just giggling and being as unhelpful as possible.Women can do much than be weird, annoying and unhelpful, you know Other than that, as I said, it was an interesting book It all happened so fast and it was fun to see them reacting It was a short book, though But it does have lots of potential.EDIT after having read the next three books, I m changing my rating from three to two stars DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE BOOKS. Wellthis was a cut above most of the other free kindle fiction I ve seen Like others, though, it ended abruptly The author clearly intended to entice the reader to purchase subsequent novels, rather than finding a way to make this one a stand alone book in a trilogy or series My preference is the lattercliffhangers don t work for me If I like the author s style and the story line, I will look for subsequent books If I don t, a cliffhanger ending is not going to change my mind It just annoys me Jeremy s Run begins L.A Dark, a series of apocalyptic fiction Five friends hanging out together in an apartment are thrown into survival mode when EMP bursts blacken the coast and perhaps the rest of the countryside Engaging, and I can see the potential for not just survivalist themes, but interpersonal conflict, economic issues, and other interesting sub topics showing up in future books I hope it doesn t devolve into a standard first person shooter type novelsome of that fits the story line, but there needs to be to keep my attention. Another book where the author has a significant amount of real world knowledge to share, but not a very good platform to share it with I really wish these guys would team up with a experienced author, the result would be so much fun to read While this book was a quick read, the characters are so one dimensional that they re interchangeable with one another.Worth a glance if you get it for free through the Kindle, otherwise I would take a pass. I loved this book I don t want to give too much away, but it is a realistic apocalypse novel The characters in it are great They re real enough that you believe them without going oh well that was fortunate for them that this guy just happened to be Rambo or whatever The author has done his research so that the details seem realistic and makes you believe that this story could have happened, or at least he fooled me I ve already gotten started on the sequel It ends in a very tense situation that if you enjoy the book makes it agonizing not to continue. .FREE PDF ☫ L.A. Dark (Jeremys Run, #1) ♵ Genre Fiction, Suspense, Apocalyptic ThrillerAt Pm On A Pleasant Sunday In The Middle Of May In The Not Too Distant Future, All Things Electronic Die And The Lights Wink Off Everything StopsJeremy Jamison, His Marina Del Rey Apartment Mates Matt And Kade, Along With Friends Sarah And Karina, Find Themselves In The Midst Of A Rapidly Deteriorating World In West LA Power May Not Be Restored For Months Or Years, And They Are Surrounded By A Mass Of Humanity That Will Soon Be Thirsty, Hungry, Desperate, And Dying Young, Fit, But Ill Prepared, Their Choice Is Stark Run Or Die LA Dark Is The First In A Series That Chronicles The Desperate Struggle Of Five Young People To Navigate The Sixty Mile, Post Apocalyptic Urban Jungle Of The LA Basin Followed By Over Three Hundred Miles Of Bleak And Searing Mojave Desert To Reach What Jeremy And Friends Hope Will Be The Safety Of Southern Utah This Story Is A Realistic Action Thriller Based On A Plausible Future Scenario In The Wake Of An Electromagnetic Pulse Or EMP Event Updating my reviews here You can find the dates I started and finished this book and the review for this book on my BookLikes.This book is honestly only worth half a star, but you can t do half stars here I would suggest that a reader avoid this book and this author, based on the poor quality of this story, and trying to fleece readers by not giving the reader a full story for their money. I was a little hesitant at first on choosing this series since it involves a group of five young people I was concerned that it would be young adult than survival action thriller Turns out the writing is quite good, the characters likable, and the story plausible I like Kade He is one cool dude Three.point.five Wow, great book Loved every minute of it I could visualize the apartment, the garage, the freeway, nearby stores, the people they encountered, the book was very descriptive, yet very fast moving It kept my attention therefore I almost finished the book the first day I started it Highly recommended I can t wait to read the next book I ve recommended it to my book club.