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Man oh man looks can be deceiving I have never or will never read a blurb that will teach me This book was AMAZING I typically will never read any book in the sci fi or fantasy genre but that s not what this is I feel it is dystopian with my fav thrown in ZOMBIES yes you heard me right the dead walk the ship I highly recommend this book if you like that concept alone or if you love dystopian genre Airicka did a fabulous job keeping me engaged and unable to put down The only downside I think it needed to be about 900 pages so I could devourI certainly can t wait for book 2 and let me tell you things are not always how they seem twists and turns sneak up on you I received a advanced copy in exchange for a honest and unbiased review This is a must have on your TBR. i still love you Airicka, but seriously SERIOUSLY How can one person be so cruel Why do you like to torture us Airicka grumbles fine lets get on with the review Song Choice Guilty Kisses by Ilya yeah only one sorry but its an eight minute song First thoughts Holy fudgers, ugh THIS wasjust THIS Amazing doesn t seem to cover it I normally eat up Airicka s books, I devoured this Heart racing, hands sweating, sitting on the edge of my seat, fighting sleep, that is what this book was Prepare yourselves.I dare might even saythis might be my favorite Airicka book Touching Eternity and When Night Falls are tied And if you know me, I would have a baby with Touching Eternity I loved it so much This was explosive So amazing Thoughts on Plot Now it was never confirmed that is what they were, but when something wants flesh for nom noms, I usually go with Zombies IN SPACE Sounds almost corny doesn t it It isn t i promise This was spectular Though i was very curious about the world that was left behind originally, and they couldn t return to for reasons i am not trying to be purposefully vague but I don t even think I read the blurb to this, I just dove in I highly recommend that too So back to the world that was left behind, I was curious about it, because we are obviously in the future, but idk I was a little I guess feeling left behind Like i was missing a pieces of the puzzle for awhile, but they did start revealingstuff as the plot went on But this is what I can say, this was an adventure, terrifying, fun, and oh so sexy I mean, Airicka always has a man for us I got that, I don t feel right about this feeling a lot Good thing too, trust your instincts my friends So I didn t know when starting this it was going to be a series should I have been surprised Nope Not at all Airicka s ideas a HUGE, and when I say huge, I mean massively huge, and can only be expressed in a series I am not complaining AT ALL Anyways moving on, so I guess this book could be broken up almost in three pieces The beginning, all is good, we learn a littleabout life before not a whole lot because we are learning about life for them now, then the middle ish when things start getting WAY INTENSE, and problems are happening, then the end where we start to get some resultsor do we Idk you will have to find out Seriously though, God i can t get over how much i loved this i HIGHLY recommend it, even if you aren t a huge sci fi fan i think you will enjoy this my face after finishing this This too XD SO.DAMN.AMAZING.Thoughts on Characters Scarlett I really, really liked her She was different from most of Airicka s MC s while I enjoy the other ladies and I do, she wasn t as abrasive in my opinion, she felt softer, a bit quieter and there is nothing wrong with that i think she is smarter than she thinks, and I think she is one of those quiet observers that things started to click for her without her even realizing it I think she has the capacity to figure everything out in time I really enjoyed though that while she was afraid, she was willing to fight and survive Rolf mmeeeoooow I don t know what it is, but maybe Canada is just full of these super smexy men that Airicka and a few other Canadian authors I know are hoardering all for themselves Orrrr Airicka s husbands like ridiculously swoon worthywell this just got awkward.moving on Rolf was in my opinion a character that needed some growing up to do, and he did, thank goodness I mean he was silent and sexy but he had a few a lot of skeletons in the closet and he took forever to come clean and become his own man, but when he did, boy did he.kinda wish this was a Morgana book, I d love to see what he was.okay i am getting awkward again im going to stop Hunter I think I got it now I think i got it I do Anyways good best friend, good supporting ness The ending Alright forBecca ness check me out here @Download õ When Night Falls ⚷ Earth As We Know It No Longer Exists Humanity Has Destroyed Itself And With It Any Chance We May Have Had Of Returning What Had Started As A Six Month Voyage Through The Stars Becomes A Nightmare When The Passengers Are Stranded In Space Without Hope With Earth Gone, The Crew And Passengers Of The Dawn Light Are Left Wandering The Galaxy In Search Of A New Planet After Years Of Searching, One Is Found, But No One Is Prepared For The Terror That Takes Claim Of The Galaxy Cruiser When One By One The People Begin To Turn, Mutating Into Flesh Eating MonstersFor Scarlett, Hunter And Rolf, This Means Being Trapped In A Sardine Can Full Of Piranhas Their Only Hope To Get The Hell Out Before They Re Next, But Someone On The Ship Wants To Be The Only Survivor To Reach The New Planet And Will Do Anything To Stop Them But Just How Far Are They Willing To Go Death No Longer Has A Limit Fast Paced, Action Packed, Heart Pounding, Page Turning Read I Loved It Well what can I say about this hot release by Ms Phoenix OhmywowNow it s no secret that I m a HUGE Airicka fan, and I do have to say, in all honesty.this book is one of my favorites by her I m a sucker for anything that s highlighting struggles and circumstances when the world is either close to the end, potentially at the end or at the endso When Night Falls is right up my alley When Night Falls is the story of Scarlett Sent on a trip on the ship The Dawn Light only to find it her permanent home as the Earth is literally destroyed leaving her with only her Grandmother and her best friend, Hunter to be with Life on The Dawn Light is extremely controlled and supplies are running short The push to find a new planet to inhabit is on When one is spotted and things seem like they re going to move forward something crazy happens Some of the inhabitants of The Dawn Light turn into crazy undead zombies Yeah I know right What follows is a series of events that will literally leave you on the edge of your seat wondering if Scarlett and her crew are going to make it on alive.Now I did mention that this is an Airicka book, right So, of course, I have to mention the OH SO FREAKIN TASTY DELICIOUS SEXY AS HELL Airicka book boy.Rolf SWOON.Oh my my my this boy gives all of Airicka s book boys a run for their money Desirable, sexy, sweet, with a hint of mysteriousness yeah, I was hooked from minute one Airicka outdoes herself with the supporting cast of this story Hunter man, oh man, I love Hunter He is that guy that any girl would want as a best friend Always looking out for Red trust me, you ll see what I mean And of course there s THAT girl.the one that we all love to hate Kiera In all of her I m so much better than you and you re not deserving enough to be in my presence glory.there honestly really wasn t a moment that I felt sorry for Miss Princess A great balance of character, story, and that feeling of WOW this really COULD happen Five amazing stars two thumbs up the works Ms Phoenix has done it again This book was out of this world pun intended P and I could not get enough of it A spectacular adventure that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.When Night Falls follows Scarlett and her friends They are among a few thousand that are the only survivors after Earth was destroyed Floating through space, they hope to one day find another planet to call home I loved the array of characters in this book Scarlett is different to Airicka s other heroins She isquite, not as snarky But I still really liked her She is a great fighter and has a good head on her Her friend Hunter I adored He is like the ultimate best friend The relationship between these two is something to envy Rolf, the love interest, holy wow As you all know, Airicka creates some droll worthy leading men and Rolf was no exception He was just yum I loved watching the relationship between him and Scarlett grow Another character that I grew a soft spot for was Mac He was such a sweetie One character I had no love for was Kiera I really did not like that girl but goddamn Airicka for making me feel sorry for her when we got a bit of her back story near the end of the book I was all happy to hate her I still don t like her but now I feel sorry for her.The story itself was very fast paced Jam packed with action, I wasn t bored for even a second A word of warning This book is not for the faint hearted Gory doesn t even begin to cover it I was kept up at night not just because I was hooked but because this book was gonna give me nightmares Like seriously, Airicka does not sugar coat the blood and violence So you ve been warned You might want to read this book with all the lights on This book also really got to me in the sense that I felt so claustrophobic while reading it These people are in space They had no where to hide and I was freaking out over this So overall this book was just all kinds of awesome The 100 meets The Walking Dead, When Night Falls is a heart pounding thrill ride that will stay with you long after you have turned the last page I cannot wait for book 2I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Airicka had two men vying for my affection in this book Hunter who was just a little flirt, yes, sir Hunter broke communication turned to Scarlett He grinned Looks like I have the rest of the day off You know what that means Then there was Rolf and once I met Rolf Hunter was just out of the picture Rolf I loved him, will you meet me tonight His face hovered inches from hers She should say no She should tell him to go back to his girlfriend, but again she couldn t She needed him as much as he needed her I know what you re thinking Rolf is another a that cheats on his girlfriend and there s going to be a big ole love triangle but honestly there wasn t so those of you who dislike those two factors in a book can rest assured I loved how tender he was when he was with Scarlett though, tender hands rested on her hips She was drawn back into a broad chest It s all clear, he murmured into the back of her head It s just us here She leaned into him and was rewarded with a light kiss to the side of her head He lowered his head and his face nestled the curve of her neck A lot of people know I focus on the romance of books but with this one Airicka made it so I focused on the action and what was going on around these two characters, which is a good thing What wasn t a good thing was that damn cliffhanger she decided to spring on us although I m not really mad at that as long as my two characters were in a place that I wanted which they were. Ok so I didn t realize this was a bit of a scary book I m a bit of a chicken when it comes to scary but I stuck it out and braved my way through I am so glad I did This was an amazing book Seriously edge of my seat, wet my pants fan freaking tastic Yes, there were scary un dead things walking around trying to kill everyone but hey it can t all be roses and sunshine right This book was set way in the future Earth was destroyed and a ship of about 7 thousand people were the last survivors Forced to roam the universe in a ship meant to only be gone a few months, now going on years, they are forced to live with the barest of necessities Gone was the high society and middle class Everyone was now an equal and everyone was desperate to find a place to land and make a new home I fell in love with this story right away It was full of suspense, action, and so much loss It was heart breaking at times and other times just made me blush How these people found love in a horrible situation and other times it was just so hot fans herself..Ok, I love all things Airicka Phoenix and she amazed me evenwith this crazy world she built She created hope in her characters when there seemed to be none She made me want them all to find it too You will be thrown in to every page and swept away in each of their lives just like I was Wow Just Wow This was a tightly written, edge of your seat genre mash up that includes romance, sci fi, zombie, action suspense, post apocalyptic and dystopian elements The main characters are older teens, so it falls in the young adult category The beginning hooked me, with brave coming of age characters At times, Scarlett is a bit of a ninny, and Rolf is surprisingly stodgy for a 19 year old stud However, the civilization on the luxury space liner turned tin can of the remnants of humanity was engrossing Very quickly and suddenly the period of meeting and establishing the main characters turns to non stop zombie horror with a mix of intrigue This book was supremely entertaining, and I kept quickly turning pages, until bam , nostory A climactic event takes place at the end A new, adventurous chapter is about to start, there is no feeling of closure, and nostory Since I am reading this 21 months after the publication, I am not sure there is another book coming A quick survey of the author s website shows high activity on other books series, but I don t know if the continuation of this story is forthcoming or not That exact question on the goodreads author page has gone unanswered for a year If any goodreads friends know the answer to this, please give an update Thanks. First I d just like to say thank you to Mrs Phoenix for providing me with an ARC copy of When Night Falls in exchange for an honest review.I d also like to say this review does contain a few spoilers.When Night Falls is one of the best sci fy paranormal thrillers that I have read in a long time and one of my favorite reads this year so far.This book kept me on the edge of my seat from page one until the end Mrs Phoenix is one of my all time favorite authors I ve read everything she s ever put out and loved every word She s one of those authors that never stops surprising her readers with the stories she puts out I for one am amazed at the worlds she creates and the stories she weaves.When Night Falls is not your typical dystopian zombie apocalypse story The earth is gone 7,000 remain in space And now that there is hope of a new world within their grasp an infection hits With nowhere to run the only thing anyone can do is fight and survive The action in this book kept my heart pounding through the whole story But the best part of any story written by Mrs Phoenix is the swoon worthy love story that is woven throughout and above all of the chaos happening Scarlett and Rolf are so starcrossed abut perfect for each other I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold I loved Hunter he is the perfect best friend Kiera annoyed the hell out of me but she s one of those characters that I feel will evolve into a very likable girl in books to come and i m really hoping there arebooks to come This has been one of my books to read this year and in my opinion should be on everyones to be read list.Here are two of my favorite snipits of the book Scarlett to Kiera I lost my Family she snarled into the girl s stunned expression I lost my home and my friends I would give anything to have them back, even for a day But I ll be damned if I let some spoiled, two bit, little bitch disparage my momory of them The next time you open your mouth, you better think very carefully on what comes out, or i will cut out your tounge Scarlett and rolf Drawing back, she kissed him It was rash and impulsive and no doubt a very stupid mistake, but common sense no longer had control over her She couldn t think beyond the wild drumming of elation and relief coursing through her, fueling the desperate need to be as close as humanly possible to the man crushing her in his arms Ather back, his hands fisted in her top as he returned the frenzied and reckless kiss His hunger drove her to push harder forHer finger curled into his hair and held him to her as the world around them melted and vanished.