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First of all, I do not agree that this is the beginners book The very first thing that you MUST read, if you want to learn and use Vaadin, is Book of Vaadin After you have finished reading the book than, and only then, you SHOULD continue with this book, the Vaadin 7 Cookbook.With that out of the way I can tell you that the Vaadin 7 Cookbook is a real gem In one sentence, the authors tell you that The Vaadin 7 Cookbook contains many practical recipes that we have gathered during thedevelopment of Vaadin applications And let me tell you they gathered a huge number of them In fact, it seems to me that the authors really tried their best to pick every particular problem that I found on Vaadin forums, Stack Overflow or Google It is really nice to see that they are actually listening to the Vaadin community.Like I said, the book contains recipes Each recipe has a concise and easy to follow structure Recipe has its introduction or the description of the problem which needs to be solved What I really liked is that every introduction has, besides description, a screenshot Screenshot shows you what will it look like when you implement the recipe.There is a Getting ready sub chapter which notes you about prerequisites that you need to fulfill before you actually start to implement this recipe For example, sometimes you need to have a third party plugin But no worries, every step of plugin installation is covered.Than there is a How to do it sub chapter for each recipe which describes you the sheer implementation of a recipe Do not worry, each significant line of code is described properly But, the authors of this book are relying on a fact that you must have a knowledge of Java programming language and the knowledge of Vaadin itself And this is totally understandable And this is the reason that I wrote in the begging of the review that this is not a beginners book.Then there is a How it works which tells you the high level description of the implementation It even tells you some tips and tricks or typical use case of usage of some class which you used in implementation of the recipe.The There s notes you about the additional things that you can do regarding the recipe or maybe even another approach of solving the problem See also points you elsewhere to read about the the API or to the another recipe which is similar to this one or uses some Vaadin class in another way.The recipes are organized in chapters Each chapter has a nice high level description of typical use case workflow or arhitecture Sometimes it describes you some design patterns which Vaadin uses in its core.What I particularly liked is that the book also covers the testing process of Vaadin application But I think that this chapter needs details about the testing process itself For example, there is a sub chapter about the TestBench tool which is used to test UI of Vaadin application I am aware that the TestBench is THE tool to test the UI but, frankly, it is too expensive for my taste And yes, I am aware that Vaadin core developers need to be paid, but I would really like that the authors of this book wrote additional sub chapter about Selenium or some other test tool also So, chapter about the TestBench alternative, how to install it, how to configure and how to use the alternative to test the Vaadin applications.In conclusion, the Vaadin 7 Cookbook is a very high quality book which needs to be read by every Vaadin application developer Period The only reason why I didn t gave the book the five stars is regarding testing chapter I am really grateful to authors Thank you for this fabulous book. As a Java J2EE developer for many years, I came across with Vaadin in 2009 and tried all the versions from 5, 6 to now 7 and like this product Vaadin is a great Framework and most important thing is the learning curve is pretty friendly to new users especially those Swing developers since the Vaadin s website always have a comprehensive and updated Vaadin Book to explain almost everything to developers But it is not easy to make a complicated application since the book itself didn t explain how to use the framework and add ons in bigger projects If developers like me want to dig deep into how to use this framework properly in a short time, he has to spend a lot time to research, to follow all the posts in the forum or subscribe all related news about Vaadin.This book easily solved these problems It breaks down the body of these knowledge into these small pieces, and each pieces are organized in several uniform sessions, like Getting Ready , How to Do it , How it works , There is and See Also , which explained the questions of What , Where , When and How etc questions to each question All these well organized structure and practical recipes can tell developers new to Vaadin where to go for each single question Thus, it would save a lot if you really want to learn how to build applications with Vaadin Framework in a very short time.Highly recommended I am a programmer in a small company which needs fast and effective solutions for rapid application development That is why our decision was made a year ago to use this great Vaadin framework as a main frontend platform There is also very strong community working and supporting Vaadin project many plugins satysfying almost every need we have, clear java and so on That is why Vaadin is the clear choice.There is another great book Lerning Vaadin from Nicolas Frankel covering Vaadin 6 published by Packt publishing Since then Vaadin evolved significantly to version 7 There is great reference manual covering a lot of from Vaadin 7 on the official web page Anyway I have to say that there was stil something missing Something what shows you what is Vaadin 7 capable of That is exactly the place where the book Vaadin 7 Cookbook from Jaroslav Holan and Ond ej Kvasnovsk fits The book was published by Packt publishing in April 2013 There is whole range of examples from simply Hello World example to complex charts and addon usage examples.A year ago I stood in front of difficult task How to convince my team to use Vaadin Framework I have to admit that if I had had this book in my hands it would had been much easier This book would convince everybody who do not trust that the web application written in Vaadin can overtake capabilities of classic desktop application From examples used in Vaadin 7 Cookbook it is simply obvious.If you are looking for practical solution concerning Vaadin 7 development this is the right book for you Author has apparently big experience in Vaadin development judging by elegance and practical approach to solutions Every example has also described background of the solution with reference to the official Vaadin 7 javadoc.Today if we need implement a practical solution we simply use one from this book Briefly layouts using split panels, CSS layouts, from desktop drag and drop support, Flot chart, Highcharts, events, lazy loading table, columns reordering, custom context menu, field validation, Spring framework integration, Spring framework database accessing, Spring framework internalization, test driven development and many topics. I would like to start my review for Vaadin 7 Cookbook book by telling that it is organized in a good way the reader can simply find and understand any info he is looking for it introduces Vaadin via numerous and varied examples This code heavy book is roughly similar to a recipes with individual item covered featuring subsections on the problem to be solved, the solution s to that problem, and how those solutions work Like the best recipes oriented or cookbook oriented software development booksAlthough this book doesn t go through an exhaustive study of all of Vaadin capabilities The reader will find common use cases that can help him build richer applications.Vaadin is new for me technology and when I went through a few chapters I understood that it is very easy to learn it and build smart and productive WEB based application.I am a Java developer and I always looking for a nice solutions for WEB After reading this book I discovered how easy it is to implement some useful features drag and drop, modal windows and dialogs, custom style and theme, dynamic calls with Ajax, on WEB with Vaadin It is very positive for a developer to spent not so large amount of time to create something useful Vaadin gives such benefit for a developer.During implementation of my Vaadin WEB based application I faced with some problems 1 Form validation problemWhen I created a form and applied a validator for a fields I discovered a validation problem for the first time when page with form was loaded in the browser In other words validator was applied immediately after a page was loaded but not after I submitted a form It was a little strange for me.2 There are no a good solution how to organize a view for a multipage WEB application by using header , navigation , footer , body blocks as it is in Spring MVC tiles.3 I also discovered some difficulties with Spring integration especially bean wiring and Spring s REST WEB service usage.4 Another my concern is that my final WAR was larger in 3 times than similar application written by using Spring MVC Also I was unable to redeploy my WAR by using mvn tomcat redeploy command. ( Free Ebook ) ☪ Vaadin 7 Cookbook ♷ Best Book, Vaadin 7 Cookbook By Jaroslav Holan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Vaadin 7 Cookbook , Essay By Jaroslav Holan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Usually I don t like the Receipes books as usually they are only an aggregate of unrelated pieces of codes, but at this time I had the opportunity to have a copy that great book and I was impressed by it It starts quite from the beginning and it drives you until the advanced topics on vaadin The book is really well written and organized and the most important thing is that the receipts are really clear and easy to undestand, ready to be kept in production code The 2 authors really knows the platform as they had claryfied very well even the technical points in the code Vaadin is a great framework, rich of documentation and real world examples take a look on their git hub , but if you can t attend to a vaadin training, grab this book, you will find it really usefull as the book covers quite everything but the extensions of the components that is,anyway, a quite advanced topic Thanks guys for that great book. Firstly, this book is very helpful for understanding vaadin 7 by many useful samples Right reading way should combines code samples with content of this book My feeling is that if I only see book of vaadin 7 from official site, maybe this is not well enough for me to master the development of vaadin 7 Secondly, this book s real value is that it introduces vaadin 7 from some real world s scenes However, it shields complex business logic for us, instead, it abstracts some important things while using vaadin, eg Layout design in complex application Finally, I have a litter suggestion that if authors can add contents related to theme s design eg for me , I likes vaadin 7 s quick dashboard demo s theme very much, however, the demo s theme s design is a litter complex, so, if telling us how to design a complex theme rightly, that will be excellet Thanks having such a book and author s excellent effort Tang This is an excellent book for both beginners and experienced Vaadin users The book covers wide variety of topics from basics to advanced topics The book would be very useful for beginners as it starts with Vaadin basics and the complexity of the topics is increasing with every chapter There are plenty of examples which are easy to follow The book would be also handy for developers switching from Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7 Even experienced Vaadin developers will find new and interesting stuff So this is a must have for any Vaadin 7 developer. I ve written a larger review here though, copied from the above Overall, this is a great book of examples that cover a lot of common and not so common tasks in writing a Vaadin application For the Vaadin newcomer, this book illustrates the power of the Vaadin framework very quickly Reading it reminded me of how I felt when I first learned about Vaadin a thousand years ago For the veteran developer, there will be things you haven t tried yet, especially if you re making the switch now from version 6 to 7. It s really a great book for who wants start to understand something about vaadin but for the expert too You can read step by step how create a custom componet, how connect a Vaadin UI with spring, how create rpc call and soo also.In this year i ve done the vaadin advanced cource, with the team of vaadin, and the most part of the course is inside the book.So, for every people who want know Vaadin, this is the right choice.