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I v been honoured to be able to help Alexandra with her work Even if this story was a former FF, the work put into the editing process makes this story a complete improvement There have been some great changes regarding the flow of the plotline as well as some others that makes the triology something else I have already pre read all of the books so I can say that the complete triology is worth reading If you read the former FF, you should give it a go too The history research of 1950 s Hollywood has been nothing but thorough I m sure you will all enjoy it as much as I have Leave out any former FF prejudice you might have and give this story a chance, you will not regret it. I was also privileged to read an ARC of this book and I have to say this was a book that will stay with me forever It s beautiful, romantic, passionate and so much I m very excited to read the continuation of Beth and Aidan s story You can really appreciate their love bc you witness the falling in love part the courting and not just the lust The fact that it takes place during one of my favorite eras is a BIG PLUS Love the Hollywood and film backdrop Entirely original and captivating An irresistible story of forbidden romance, rebellion, angst and reluctant stardom and all against the fascinating backdrop of the Golden Age of Hollywood You won t read another book like this one 4.5 stars In life, he felt as if he stood at a precipice It s 1952 Los Angeles, California We meet Aidan Evans, a rebellious, non conformist Method actor from New York who is getting ready to film his first motion picture at Starlight Studios While he considered himself an actor, his was not a shallow existence pursued by vanity and greed He chased art and solitude, an outlet for his pain and guilt, and though highly unattainable for someone like him, redemption Immediately we start to see his personality take shape He s troubled and carries some kind of pain that haunts him and challenges his self worth.In the meanwhile, we meet Marie Bates A 18 year old girl from Oregon who moved to LA with dreams of being a teacher With no interest in the Hollywood fascination that surrounds her, she s seems quiet, authentic and optimistic Soon, however, she s discovered at her workplace, Schwab s Pharmacy, and reluctantly agrees to a screen test at Starlight Despite her hesitation, the camera loves her and she soon signs a contract with the famous studio It s there where Marie, who is renamed Elizabeth Sutton, meets Aidan Suddenly his eyes met hers An unreadable emotion crossed his face, breaking through his stoicism It lasted only briefly, but long enough to make her heart beat at a fevered pace Beth panicked and tried to avert her gaze, but was unsuccessful He had pulled her too deep under his spell She was wondering if he felt the same delightful electricity surging between them as she did when his eyebrows furrowed and he abruptly looked away There s some kind of immediate gravitation towards each other, but despite Elizabeth s tries to get to know him, she is baffled by his vacillating and capricious attitude at times he seems to be warm towards her and other times he is terse and scornful You approach me whenever it s convenient for you, never asking me if it s all right You hide in the shadows, watching me during rehearsal and learning goodness knows what about me, but when I want to find out anything about you, you run away I m no good, trust me Their popularity also continues to rise with Elizabeth behaving like the perfect studio actress while Aiden entrenches his bad reputation with his foul attitude and disrespectfulness towards others and the studio Elizabeth knows Aidan hides deep pain and he feels at ease with her despite his belief that he is not good enough for her She s too good, too supportive of him, too understanding when she shouldn t be.But their romance finally blossoms, despite their differences and challenges and it was exciting to finally see them come together and allow themselves to be with each other As a couple, she an Aiden seemed like a contradiction, but she had never felt so right about anything in her entire life She believed they made sense together, than apart There are times where I was so angry and frustrated with Aidan I found myself nervous at different points in the book, hoping he wouldn t do or say the wrong thing a sign that I was truly hooked by the story I just wanted them to be together and have him finally shed his layers of defensiveness and pain The story does end on a happy note, but leaves you wanting.Ultimately, this story is about finding love and being brave enough to accept it despite insecurities and past tragedies The pace of the book is in line with the times, so there s no jumping in to anything it s a gradual inching together of two unlikely people who are learning to love for the first time For reviews, visit Vilma s Book Blog and connect with me on Facebook too I have had the lovely opportunity to read the whole Starlight series and I must say that Alexandra Richland is an extraordinary author and world builder I actually felt like I was born in the wrong decade after reading these books That is how much Richland draws you into the old Hollywood days and with her characters You can tell that Richland has done extensive research for her book and it shows from how she describes the clothes to the setting and even the words spoken by her characters It s truly a pleasure to read a book that is so well written and structured that pulls you through the whole series You must read all of these books and fall in love with Elizabeth and Aiden s story Especially Aiden, Lordy, he s swoony This book was a very nostalgic read for me I felt like I was transported back in time I absolutely adored this book When I was younger I was a big fan of old black and white television shows and movies So this really brought me back to why I enjoyed those shows and movies so much Even the writing felt like it was written in the fifties I found this story unique in it s very own way My favorite parts of this book was meeting old celebrities Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Erol Flynn, and even a performance by Dezi And Lucy.This story is about Marie Bates who surprisingly to her has been offered a movie contract She has to change her name to Beth Sutton though to make it work Aidan is a method actor with a mysterious past They both meet and are instantly drawn to one another They both are up and coming actors and have the stress of wanting to get to know each other along with career demands Both are very talented actors trying to make something of themselves It is truly a sweet courtship between them It includes many missed opportunities to say the least.Both Aidan and Beth have a heart of gold They could truly be America s sweethearts I would love to watch a old movie starring them Also Beth seemed to be a good strong match for Aidan I could see her love growing for him through the entire story, as well as Aidan s I could see Aidan going to the ends of the earth to protect Beth There also is so much potential for this series and its characters Looks to me that Alexandra is writing one epic love story for Beth and Aidan Color me intrigued I look forward to the next chapter in the Starlight series This is a must read I enjoyed this story very much It definitely will take you back to the golden age Almost felt like I was right there with Beth and Aidan during their journey. This review is based off actually reading the book not bias or prejudice Starlight was an enjoyable read I ve always felt that I was born in the wrong time I would have enjoyed being around in an era where the stars we unattainable and gave us respite from our troubled world by entertaining us I love the fashion as well including the bras that made boobs look like torpedoes That relief is what I got when I read Starlight I was transported back to that time where televisions weren t the norm and men wore hats and were chauvinists Richland showed us the joy and sacrifice it took to be an actor during that time It was all about image An actor was always acting whether on screen or around town As a contract actress, Marie is forced to change her name to Elizabeth Beth Sutton and is given a list of things she can and cannot do One of the things she cannot do is tarnish her good girl image in any way She cannot drink to excess in public, must be at home by a certain time, and must date whoever the studio thinks was acceptable This list wouldn t have been a problem at all if it weren t for her being bewitched by bad boy actor, Aidan Evans He s a bad boy to the bone on the outside, but after reading about him, we learn that there s so much to him other than ticking off the studio and his fellow actors Richland does an excellent job of mixing in bits of history with the story to build the world for the reader This is important because the characters conduct themselves differently than they would during our time It makes you understand their actions and motives Imagine having to have a chaperone to go out Not just because you don t know where you re going, but also because you re a woman.Let me be clear Starlight is a love story It s not erotica It s not a one handed read where you ll invite BOB over for a fireside read as well Starlight is a character driven romance It is so nice to be able to learn about the characters alone and together Beth isn t a helpless woman who needs to be saved She isn t compelled to be with Aidan because of sex, wealth, or power Marie wants to be with him because she feels that even being in the same room and hardly speaking with Aidan is a better conversation than being in a room filled with chatty friends Aidan feels the same way about Beth too.Because of the attraction between Beth and Aidan, the rules of conduct for the era, and the knowledge that their relationship could ruin their chances of furthering their career, the moments of intimacy are heart racing, blush inducing, and girly squealing moments.In my opinion, the end is the best part of the book Things really come together and it only made me want to be able to get Starbright, the second book in the series.Note I was given and Advanced Reader Copy ARC of Starlight in exchange for an honest review. First and foremost i want to say i was so privileged to be asked to participate in this release This book is so off the beaten path of romances nowadays that it just blew me away Alexandra s characters are fresh faced and enlivening to read about They embody everything you can look in the mirror and see for yourself as well as what you saw as a child growing up The golden age of Hollywood is such a cherished memory and one so very hard to capture, that as a film junkie I was so excited by the way all the stars were written The Hondo scene toward the beginning was spot on Marie was such a sweet, wonderful lovely character Olivia I wanted to put in my pocket to keep my company on my bad days and Aidan.Can we say swoon I may or may not be a little Rebel Without a Cause fangirl, but he was just yummy Such a wonderful book, and one that I will definitely curl up with again Can t wait to see what comes next 3 3 *Free E-pub ↝ Starlight (Starlight Trilogy, #1) ☞ October Finds Eighteen Year Old Marie Bates Relocating From Her Rainy Hometown In The Pacific Northwest To The Sun Soaked Streets Of Los Angeles, California Marie S Plans For A Teaching Career Take An Unexpected Turn When She S Asked To Film A Screen Test At A Major Motion Picture StudioRenamed Elizabeth Sutton By The Studio Heads, She Lands Her First Role As An Extra On Set, Elizabeth Spies Aidan Evans, A Rebellious, Twenty Three Year Old Method Actor From New York Aidan Is Branded As A Stuck Up Troublemaker By His Famous Hollywood Peers, But Elizabeth Suspects A Tragic Secret Lurks Behind His Steely Facade As Their Careers Hit The Fast Track And Friendship Evolves Into Romance, The Expectations Of Hollywood Stardom Threaten To Shine A Spotlight On Aidan S Dark Past Before He Can Make Peace With It Elizabeth Must Help Aidan Confront The Painful Event That Shattered His Life And Conquer A Terrifying Truth Before It Destroys Him And Their Future Together Starlight Is The First Book In The Starlight Trilogy, A Story Of Love And Redemption Set Against The Backdrop Of The Final Years Of Hollywood S Golden AgeFive Reasons To Read The Starlight Trilogy A Sweeping Technicolor Tale Of Forbidden Romance A Detailed Homage To The Golden Age Of Hollywood Cinema Cameos From Many Of Your Favorite Classic Film Stars Transformation Of A Small Town Girl To Silver Screen Starlet Through Hollywood S Unforgiving Lens Close Up Of A S Bad Boy Channeling A Tragic Past And The Stress Of Sudden Super Stardom Through The Art Of Method Acting TWO REVIEWS Laura s 5 reviewWOW What can I say I loved it, I loved it, I loved it Set in 1950 s Hollywood, Starlight introduces you to Maria Bates and sexy bad boy Aidan Evans Maria is a shy young women who is spotted by Starlight Studio s and offered a screen test After changing her name to Elizabeth Sutton or Beth for short she is offered her first part as an extra in a film and this is where she first sets eyes on the delightful Aidan Evans.Aiden is a rebellious troublemaker who has his own demons to fight and also has a habit of pushing everyone away from Everyone except Beth that is Beth and Aiden s friendship blossoms overtime and whilst their careers take off, their relationship hits new levels that could threaten both Beth Aidens future together forever.This is a beautifully written book and I love how Alexandra has captured the era of the 1950 s It didn t take me long to read as I couldn t put it down I was enthralled with the entire story and cannot wait for 2nd book Nicola s 5 reviewAbout time A love story which is actually about love In typical 1950 s style, where boy s ask to hold a girls hand or for a kiss on the cheek how it should be if you ask me unlike today s world where some people need to get a room The story begins with Marie Bates, working in a pharmacy to help pay for her schooling to become a Teacher She doesn t want or dream of being famous until she is offered the chance of a screen test with Starlight studios, with nothing to loose and everything to gain she agrees to it and is soon whisked to the bring lights of the silver screen.Marie now called Beth Sutton is filming her first scene when in walks Aidan Evens sigh the hot new method actor that everyone one loves to hate Aidan can t keep his eyes off Beth while filming but is nervous about talking to her god you have to love this guy But with it being the 50 s it s not right for the girl to make the first move so Beth has to waitWill Aidan pluck up the courage to talk to Beth Or will Beth throw caution to the wind and break the rules only one way to find out, BUY this book Alexandra, I love you for writing this book and when you find that time machine I m coming back to the 50 s with you I loved the whole book, from the setting to the way in which romances were in those days, it was all very romantic, Asking permission to hold her hand or even for a kiss on the cheek sigh I fell in love with Beth right from the beginning, her shy but determined character had me rooting for her As for Aidan you know I have that dream look on my face don t you what can I say, make him real so I can date him I can t wait for my next instalment of Beth Aidan, if book 2 3 are anything like this then Alexandra will have a romance trilogy of the year Beautifully written, this book is very captivating from the first page I love all the details about the film industry, which show Alexandra s extensive research and knowledge It was fascinating to be transported back to a time when certain subjects were taboo The action is set in Hollywood in the 50 s Marie is a small town girl with a dream to become a teacher She never thought she would become an actressbut one day, a man enters Schwab s Pharmacy and her life changes Aidan is a method actor I had no idea what that means before reading this book from New York, that came to LA to film a movie He s a very talented young man, but also haunted by ghosts in his past I love Aidan, the author has created one of the best structured male characters I have ever read He is tortured, haunted, dark, but there is a tiny spark of light from the beginning His path towards the light is sinuous and painful, I cried, smiled, had my stomach into a knot a few times for him I ll let you discover the rest This is a beautiful story about innocence, love, fame and redemption Having read Starbright the second book in Starlight trilogy , I can tell you it only gets better Thank you Alexandra for sharing your amazing talent with us Wishing you continued success