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This is arguably THE definitive biography for Joseph Cornell, and since it s publication in 1997, the author has diligently continued to update, add new findings, cut outdated content, for the 2015 edition which I ve just completed Anyone interested in details of Cornell s life from the variety of box construction series, galleries and shows, and shifts within his work, to personal details, including the relationships with his mother and brother, Robert, women and those he admired from afar should read this book That being said, this is not a book to consume in a couple of sittings As with any biography full of dense details of a life, heavily researched with interviews with those who knew him, diary excerpts, archival materials consulted, the content takes time to digest With this time, layers of detail emerge Joseph Cornell is not only significant for the work he produced as a self taught artist from collage, to assemblage box constructions, to films , or as an artist who transcended art genres from Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art , but as a person who had an ENORMOUS amount of contacts across multiple creative spheres He consumed poetry, theater, ballet, classical music, literature, French culture, film, science, spirituality His thirst for knowledge seemed somehow limitless, and the contents of his home and workshop bear evidence of his extensive collecting of materials related to each of this areas He spoke often with Tennessee Williams while he delivered collages for the covers of Dance Index magazine in the 1940s they both loved birds, and had siblings with disabilities He exchanged letters with Tamara Toumanova prima ballerina and actress and Allegra Kent ballerina Marianne Moore Pulitzer Prize winning American poet , and Mina Loy artists Lee Bontecou, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Motherwell, Matta, Hans Namuth, Hans Richter, Mark Rothko, Dorothea Tanning, and countless others A recluse, he was not Odd I guess Complex More likely He seemed to have a desperation to capture the entirety of a moment the feelings, the angles of the light, the memories sparked by a moment, the connections made to other things within that moment He wrote his, often disjointed, diaries on everything, including napkins, envelopes, paper bags, record store bags, scraps of paper, newspaper clippings, and notebooks He traveled through time and space, throughout the world, without ever leaving the United States East Coast His reluctance to finish work by signing it, or selling or showing his work, shows that something wholly personal was an integral piece of everything he made A catalogue raisonne has never been published for Joseph Cornell but hopefully it will eventually The expansiveness of his work, the iterations of each series , the details of each of his hundreds of collages are somewhat unknown because of this missing piece The contents of his basement workshop and garage are currently housed at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, and everyone interested in Cornell should explore these materials This biography of Cornell was hard for me to get into, but once I did I found it thought provoking and very affecting, because Cornell s life was so very strange and his work so simple yet mysterious Deborah Solomon is a knowledgeable art critic and biographer, and she tells Cornell s story with great sympathy Warning, this book has very low resolution black and white images, and not very many After I finished this I read Charles Simic s Dime Store Alchemy, which is a lovely evocation of Cornell I have always been fascinated by Cornell s work, and I look forward to seeing it again with new eyes. [Download Ebook] ♀ Utopia Parkway: The Life And Work Of Joseph Cornell ♿ No Artist Ever Led A Stranger Life Than Joseph Cornell, The Self Taught American Genius Prized For His Disquieting Shadow Boxes, Who Stands At The Intersection Of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism And Pop Art Legends About Cornell Abound As The Shy Hermit, The Devoted Family Caretaker, The Artistic Innocent But Never Before Utopia Parkway Has He Been Presented For What He Was A Brilliant, Relentlessly Serious Artist Whose Stature Has Now Reached Monumental Proportions Cornell Was Haunted By Dreams And Visions, Yet The Site Of His Imaginings Couldn T Have Been Ordinary A Small House He Shared With His Mother And Invalid Brother In Queens, New York In Its Cluttered Basement, He Spent His Nights Arranging Photographs, Cut Outs And Other Humble Disjecta Into Some Of The Most Romantic Works To Exist In Three Dimensions Cornell Was No Recluse, However Admired By Successive Generations Of Vanguard Artists, He Formed Friendships With Figures As Diverse As Duchamp, De Kooning, And Warhol And Had Romantically Charged Encounters With Susan Sontag And Yoko Ono Not To Mention Unrequited Crushes On Countless Shop Girls And Waitresses All This He Recorded Compulsively In A Diary That, Along With His Shadow Boxes, Forms One Of The Oddest And Most Affecting Records Ever Made Of A Life It Is From Such Documents, And From A Decade Of Sustained Attention To Cornell, That Deborah Solomon Has Fashioned The Definitive Biography Of One Of America S Most Powerful And Unusual Modern Artists Ruth, if you re interested in plates, this is not the book which doesn t mean the text isn t good, I haven t read it A captivating book with superb plates is this 9, 2011 Utopia Parkway is a deeply moving book that took Deborah Solomon seven years to write and I must say I could have gone on reading it forever I was apprehensive because of rumors about her writing style being sensationalist and she recently lost her job at the NYTimes after some criticism from Ira Glass I read about the situation, and, much as I like Ira Glass, think he had a vested interest in the topic because he has been hired by Showtime and the way Solomon wrote his interview made it seem Glass was critical of the network when he was not.I was introduced to Cornell s work by a friend with whom I worked at the art department at NBC, though I d probably seen some of his experimental films in high school I had two excellent art teachers who taught us a lot, unfortunately not about Cornell One year I participated in an program at the Met where we met different famous artists each Saturday morning for a couple months Unfortunately Cornell was not one of them However he did love students and probably would have participated had he been asked and well enough to do so He was still alive though not in the best health.Peter Guralnick quotes British historian Richard Holmes description of the biographer as a sort of tramp permanently knocking at the kitchen window and secretly hoping he might be invited in for supper Solomon s portrait is loving, but, at times, too personal Who is Solomon to judge someone else s sexuality But she did I prefer not to dwell on the sadness and loneliness of Cornell s life but the wonderful legacy he left He was kind to the blind and handicapped and I think had interesting friends, a lust for knowledge, sense of humor and one of the keenest artistic visions of the 20th century He was not the recluse people made him out to be He came to his own defense when deKooning criticized him He d visited him dozens of times where dK had not reciprocated once. Joseph Cornell is insane which is why I wanted to read his biography This biography reads like a story, relying on narrative and description than facts like dates and so forth I m not big on biographies, but this was really easy to enjoy and gave a lot of information about where his art originated. Fascinating book about Joseph Cornell Interesting insight into the New York art world of the fifties and sixties It is hard to believe that Joseph Cornell received recognition within the art community in his lifetime Without self promotion, I doubt that that would happen now Since I find obsessive personalities interesting, I found this book hard to put down. I enjoyed this bio very much I ve had the opportunity to see much of Cornell s work in various museum shows, and so I was happy to discover the back story of this artist and his somewhat insular world of Utopia Parkway. I saw this in the bookstore at the Orange Co Museum of Art today Definitely something I want, as soon as I gear up to the 65 price tag. I gave it four stars because I learned a lot and it was pleasant to read basically, cornell was a weirdo who was extremely constricted by guilt and fear and I feel like if he had lived in iowa, we wouldn t have even heard of him because he was near new york at the time when he was, he had an entrance into the art world I guess I had a very different idea of what his boxes were I thought of them as sort of memory box assemblages I mean, I didn t think about them much I don t know that I ve ever seen one in person and apparently that s the only way to properly appreciate them because they don t reproduce well in photographs and you miss things like the inset mirrors a lot of them were a lot spare than I imagined them but good for cornell, ol kind of creepy impotent ballet fixated christian scientist mama s boy social misfit cornell, he never learned to draw but he became an influential and important artist it was definitely worth reading to get that little piece of art history. I ve always loved Cornell s work I knew that he never moved away from home and was very reclusive, but Solomon really put him through the psychological wringer Her insights seem very probable and the resulting book gave me a clear picture of his intentions and process At some points I felt like I was standing right next to him in his basement or kitchen table as he chose and prepared the items for his boxes.I felt deeply sorry for Cornell because his social awkwardness prevented him from having a richer exterior life He hated to part with his works and tried to avoid being an object of interest, although he counted many famous people as admirers I was sorry he was so in thrall to his mother And, while he dearly loved his brother, Robert, it was impossible for him to feel he could leave the two of them alone Consequently, Cornell s life was one of dreams and longing Perhaps his art couldn t have been as compelling if his life had been any different.I can t imagine reading a thorough biography about an artist s life and work It actually made me appreciate Cornell s work This book would be best read along with Joseph Cornell, Master of Dreams by Diane Waldman or Joseph Cornell edited by Kynaston McShine for their excellent reproductions of his work.