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One of the downfalls of reading books in the same genre for a little over twenty years, is the repetitive feel they sometimes get This wasn t bad but it definitely had a been there done that feel to it it had faint echoes of a Scottish Garwood Along with the nothing new feeling I had, the insta lust and the immature heroine had me skimming some pages The story arcs of the villain feeling wronged and Page s father not wanting her were ok along with the developing romance between Iain and Page but again, not particularly original There was never an anticipation or feeling of fun to their journey This was a kindle freebie for me and because the writing and grammar was good, I d say if you re not an old hat to romances, this is definitely worth the free download. [[ Free ]] ☂ The MacKinnon's Bride (The Highland Brides, # 1) ⇻ An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereDescended Of The Legendary Sons Of MacAlpin, Iain MacKinnon Refuses To Bow To The English When His Young Son Is Captured By A Minion Of The English King, The Fierce Scottish Chieftain Vows To Stop At Nothing To Secure The Lad S Return Retaliating In Kind, He Captures The Daughter Of His Enemy, Planning To Bargain With The DevilFitzSimon S Daughter Has Lived Her Entire Life In The Shadow Of The Man She Called Father Yet Never Would She Have Imagined He Would Forsake His Only Daughter Even As Page Blames Her Captor For Welching On A Contract With Her Father, She Suspects The Truth But The Shadows Hold Secrets Now Only The Love Of Her Reluctant Champion Can Save The MacKinnon S Bride This book is a novella length story stretched out into novel length by a lot of silly stuff and redundant inner monologues I personally cannot enjoy fiction that contains characters who do dumb stuff that makes no sense while the author goes on and on with a lot of neurotic internal monologue in an attempt to justify the stupidity of what the character says and does In this case she was very unsuccessful since a lot of the dumb stuff e.g the idiotic singing just gag the shrew and get your sleep already was just too dumb to be justifiable Really, if the characters are genuine and the story authentic, the lengthy detours through the rumination swamp are unnecessary in this case the author could probably cut away 3 4 of this nonsense and save the reader the trouble of having to skim through so much wasted redundant verbiage I also cannot enjoy books with stupid or obnoxious heroines, and this bimbo was both I cannot enjoy a book when I find myself hoping against hope that the characters will grow a brain, develop basic adult communication skills, and act vaguely like human beings No luck here What can I say about the hero Only that he had really bad taste in wives At first I thought the father, FitzSimon, was a really vile villain, but it didn t take long before I could totally sympathize with his desperation to dump the scrunt anyway he could Now I can be happy because this boring nonsense is finished, erased from my Kindle, and I can move onto a better book. Kindle Freebie The MacKinnon s Bride The Highland Brides Book 1 by Tanya Anne Crosby Thanks for the heads up, Samantha Bestselling Historical Fiction 1 Bestselling Historical RomanceDescription Scotland 1118Descended of the sons of MacAlpin, Iain MacKinnon refuses to bow to the English When his young son is captured by a minion of the English king, the fierce Scottish chieftain vows to stop at nothing to secure the lad s return Retaliating in kind, he captures the daughter of his enemy, planning to bargain with the devil FitzSimon s daughter has lived her entire life in the shadow of the man she called father yet never would she have imagined he would forsake his only daughter Even as Page blames her captor for welching on a contract with her father, she suspects the truth But the shadows hold secrets now only the love of her reluctant champion can save the MacKinnon s Bride.This book begins The Highland Brides series.Other books in this series Lyon s GiftOn Bended KneeLion HeartHighland Song I bought this because had it for 0.99 and you could get the accompanying audio for a very cheap price if you bought the Kindle version I m glad I did, because I really enjoyed it, although I did have to read than listen due to the narrator I think he did an excellent job overall, but I can t abide listening to a male narrator voicing the heroine It s always a silly falsetto and I can t help viewing the heroine as a big dude in drag and then I giggle during the love scenes yes, I m secretly a 12 year old boy It may just be me, because this narration was rated highly by others He did do a great job with the H and all the other parts which happened to be 99% male This is the 3rd Tanya Anne Crosby novel I ve read also read Kissed Viking s Prize I enjoyed this one the most out of the three Odd thing is, it was very sweet and the H h relationship was not twisted or messed up at all even though she was a captive In another author s hands this could have easily become a too fluffy DNF for me, but Crosby managed to pull it off and add the right amount of angst and a suitably villainous villain The book was truly humorous I loved the MacKinnon clan and all their bickering and lack of pretension The big guy who had fleas and talked constantly about his ingenious dog, Mary Bells, was great I also thought the unfortunate adventures of the body of poor Ranald was morbidly hilarious Poor smelly bastard The best thing was the hero He was awesome He s the kind of man you d actually want to be with Most of the alpha jerk heroes I enjoy reading about are men I could NOT deal with in real life Ian MacKinnon was an exception, even though he had all the potential to be a real dbag He had a tragic past that involved cruel rejection and abandonment at the hands of his wife, lack of a mother, and he never felt loved by his father Still, he was well balanced and incredibly endearing while still being the big, tough laird of the clan.I wasn t sure if I d like the h at first Page was kind of prickly But the you understood about her childhood and the she let down her guard, the I liked her She de flea d precious Merry Bells, so you gotta give her credit I think I may have to name my next dog Merry Bells.The villain was disgustingly villainous with no redeeming characteristics, yet he managed to not be cartoonish Sadly, he reminded me quite a bit of that whiny rich kid and his manifesto who just went on a killing spree out in California So, life s not fair and the hot blondes don t want to have sex with you Obviously, you re the most pitiful person on earth and everyone else deserves to die, even your own brother That ll show em who the real alpha male is That was pretty much the exact mindset of the villain in this book Made me sick shudders Overuse Use of the word mayhap should not be allowed Ever. I enjoyed this but it would have been better if the villain hadn t been such a large and obvious part of the story There s no mystery as to who it is, and every time I was forced to listen to his blah, blah blahhing about why he was evil, I wanted fast forward the audiobook To me, he came across as an ungrateful, self obsessed psychopath I didn t need to hear his thoughts as they were incredibly obvious and predictablePage is so unloved, that her father didn t name her Yet she s made the best of it and even after she s abducted by Iain to exchange for his young son that her father is holding, she shows no fear I liked how plucky she was, without being annoying Iain was a strong leader with compassion.Their romance would have been a sweet getting to know ride, but it became about the villain and when he would strike next But I loved how Iain and Page give each other confidence and support.safety is fine view spoiler Iain hasn t been with a woman since his wife died It wasn t a love match.Page is a virgin of course hide spoiler Two Wounded People Looking for LoveFirst in a Scottish historical series, this story is set in 1118 prologue and 1124, and tells the story of Iain, laird of the MacKinnons, and Page Fitzsimon, daughter of an English earl in Northumbria Iain lost his wife when she committed suicide following the birth of their son Now, six years later, his son Malcolm has been abducted and is being held in Fitzsimon s castle Iain kidnaps Page thinking to exchange her for the boy only to learn her father doesn t want her back Still, when the earl gives Iain back his son, Iain takes Page with him to Scotland.When Iain meets Page it is instant lust on both their parts, but Page is a snippy shrew and Iain is mostly amused so it takes them a while to get together The story is told largely though the characters introspection and there is much inner angst of the hero, heroine and villain Most of the story is occupied with the travel of Page and Iain from her father s castle in England to Iain s donjon in Scotland Both Iain and Page have experienced hurts and losses in their past which they must overcome to find love Then, too, Iain must learn who the traitor is who was involved in his son s abduction.There isn t much history in this one, and surprisingly none of the tension between the Highlander hero and the English heroine comes from their different nationalities Still, Crosby can write well and captures the feel of the period bringing to life some endearing characters, including Iain s son Malcolm The story is a bit light on action and description of scenery and locations but there is enough to have a sense for it, particularly the dreary weather they face on their way to Scotland. I don t know what was wrong with me the last time I read this book This is NOT 5 stars worthy.What s with all the in this book Are we 5 years old A heroine who wanted her father s approval but never got it A hero with his young son met heroine Abduction, rescue the young one, then abduction again then hero and heroine were attracted to each other but I couldn t figure out why I started re reading romance when I read this book over a year ago and can honestly say that I didn t know what a 5 star story was then This book isn t bad, it just has a very juvenile feeling to it Maybe it was a YA What can I say It s a bit of fluff It s true that the internal dialogues are redundant, but seriously, who would pick this up expecting to find the next Booker or Pulitzer within its pages And just because I found some of the other reviewers comments funny, I ll repeat their concern Warning there are a couple of mildly described SEX scenes in this book Likewise, I feel compelled to also warn you, there are ONLY a couple of sex scenes and they are MILDLY DESCRIBED It was a sweet story, the cover is pretty, and it s free on right now.