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Not bad for a single volume manga It s not super great or anything, but it has a decent plot, some character growth, and some nice artwork I think it tries to do a bit too much though, as some parts just felt a little info dumpy If this was a bit longer, I think it could have been a lot better. ,, ,, . Very little explanation on anything Very quick, little, if any, depth. I m somewhat ambivalent about this one The story isn t very original, but the way the old plot ideas come together is a bit original The angels are not quite aliens, but they are definitely some kind of cyborg Parents might object to the kiss between two of the girls, but so far I don t think there will be lesbian romance invlolved in the plot There is no objectionable language and what violence there is is extremely tame. Strange and confusing, Angel Dust isn t exactly what it seems to be The story is difficult to follow and the plot line is severely lacking There is little character development and even less reason to continue reading. En espa ol.La idea de se tu mismo es buena, para que negarlo, pero la historia en si, no es muy entretenida, y los personajes son algo planos, ademas de que el mundo en si del que viene la extraterrestre se detalla muy poco.al fin y al cabo, no es una mala historia, simplemente que podria haber sido mas detallada. .Read Ebook ♨ エンジェル/ダスト ⚖ A Mysterious Creature Has Fallen From The Sky And Landed Right At Young Yuina S Feet Branded As The Master Of This New Angelic Being, Yuina Is Forced Into An Otherworldly Pact, One That Will Take Her Beyond The Clouds And Into Battle Against A New And Yet Hauntingly Familiar Evil, One That Patiently Waits In The Shadows A story about a young girl going through a difficult time in her life, who meets a being from another time that helps her move on with her life An interesting story written in the classic manga style, which is always fun to read. Mi piaciuto, ma forse troppo breve per quello che vuole dire.Succede tutto talmente in fretta che a fatica si capisce quel che accade.La crescita di Yuina andava approfondita Una ragazza terribilmente insicura all improvviso si ritrova sicurissima di s Forse serviva pi evoluzione.