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~DOWNLOAD ♕ Acceptance ♽ True Contentment And Happiness Come In Accepting The People And Events Around Us And Learning To Flourish In Our Place On This Spinning Planet Turn To This Little Book Whenever Acceptance Seems Out Of Reach In Walking, Just Walk In Sitting, Just Sit Above All, Don T Wobble Yun Men I generally don t read books that offer the sirloin cuts of philosophies up front without any of the fat, and so I was pretty skeptical about this book After all, its subtitle makes it explicit that it s about Wisdom from Around the World while also being about 127 pages Nonetheless, I received this book as a graduation gift and so I figured that someone in my life considered it a book I d enjoy So I finally sat down and read it And I quite liked it Stokes divides the book into three parts Acceptance in religious traditions from around the world, acceptance as a spiritual practice, and how to integrate acceptance into your daily life At first, I thought that this organization would lead to a book full of religious platitudes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quotes she peppers throughout the book are intelligently paired with various relatively famous paintings Also, by looking at acceptance in world religions first, Stokes equips the reader up to seriously consider her subject matter without any religious trappings in section two, and to be completely on board with pondering what sort of presence acceptance has in their own lives come section three I also appreciated how Stokes doesn t try to pass off acceptance as some sort of spiritual cure all In the book s last two sections, she doesn t shy away from noting that acceptance is not passivity and that things that come when a person isopen to acceptance like beingin touch with your intuition are not always going to yield a positive result That said, Stokes spends so much of the book praising acceptance that these warnings and caveats aren t given enough coverage Since this book is just 127 pages, it also comes as no surprise that you won t find a particularly deep look at acceptance here However, as a survey of acceptance and just what it means in religious, spiritual, and practical contexts, Stokes book is a great resource.