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DNF %bilmemka Peaches was a pretty good book but it was full of cliches It s about three girls who would never be friends in real life but certain situations happen and they end up bringing them together All three girls end up working at the same peach farm for the summer, which sounds interesting because I know zero people who have worked on a farm.Now these girls were okay characters that I either liked or didn t like Pretty simple for pretty simple girls Murphy thinks she is all that and a cherry on top Apparently everyone guys wants to be with her and she s tired of them all Sounds high unrealistic but whatever helps her sleep at night.Then there s Leeda, who is super skinny, pretty, popular, and is basically dating the hottest guy ever Rex Basically everyone loves her well, not her mom but who needs her love anyways She has the people of this town falling in love with her Birdie, the last of the three, is the chubby one She s also shy, awkward, and a total virgin No sex or kisses have come her way which apparently is frowned upon She has her insecurities about where and who she is in the beginning like most girls However, at the end she is no longer her chubby old self and has a boyfriend or a friend with benefits I don t really remember what he was Just know she has kissed a boy people Now the girls were very cliche and annoying at times However, I did end up enjoying the book probably because of wine but I don t want to point fingers at this point I probably would ve liked this book if it wasn t filled with cliche moments or people It wasn t a terrible book but I also didn t have a favorite character either Each girl goes through their own journey to find who they really are but did I like any of them after the book Nope. 3.5Edit Kitab okumam n zerinden yakla k bir hafta ge ti ve biraz nce kitab tam kitapl ma kald r cakken kokusu bana resmen flashback ya at p kitapta olan birka sahneyi akl mda canland rd Kokuyla birlikte okudu um i in t m olaylar onunla zde le mi resmen 3http flawlessight.blogspot.com.tr 2 Peaches is a wonderful break from the catty, evil girl books that so often show up in the young adult genre None of the girls starring in this book is perfect, but their flaws make them believable and likeable Their distinctly different personalities make the conflicts in Peaches interesting the issue becomes not just solving the problem on the surface, but finding a solution that all of the girls can agree upon. I m a little sad I didn t like it as much as I thought I would, because this was one of those childhood favourites I reread over and over again The biggest shock was how much I disliked Leeda s character this time around I started out sympathetic toward her and believe me, I get the occasional sibling rivalry, but after a while it just became constantly feeling sorry for herself and this whole the whole world is out to get me attitude and I couldn t deal I guess it s an issue with self confidence, and again, I get that, but the way of dealing with that is not by slut shaming your friend and her mother and then freezing her out of your life because you re too proud to apologise And she can go choke on that fauxpology she eventually came up with I also didn t remember Murphy being as fabulous as she is, but she s a goddess Birdie and Murphy is where it s at and it s also so obvious how much solid their friendship is They care for each other and know each other, and are just amazing together I think they bring out the best in each other and they might not always agree, but at least they remember to be decent human beings, even when they re in a fight The story is a bit slow and there s not a lot that actually happens, but Jodi Lynn Anderson is fantastic at character development That s another thing Leeda and Murphy both start out as occasional brats, but where Murphy grows, I feel like Leeda deteriorates. AWESOME MAZINGNESS BIRDIE LEEDA MURPHY AW YEAH You shouldn t be reading this review to find out what the book s about, you should GO READ IT But generally, this wonderful novel by Jodi Lynn Anderson is about Birdie, the cute, sweet farm girl Leeda, the almost perfect but unhappy daughter in a wealthy, hotel chain owning family and Murphy, the troublemaker who just happens to be amazingly smart Fate has brought these girls together for a summer at the Darlington peach orchard Birdie Darlington lives there with her dad her parents are divorced , Leeda Cawley Smith is visiting her cousin Birdie, and Murphy McGowen is working there as punishment for getting caught trespassing on Darlington property and stealing some creme de menthe At first, the girls stay away from each other, but they slowly learn to put aside their preconceived notions of each other and have fun together If you read this series and loved it, join my group, Peaches lovers Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToo.comBirdie, Leeda, and Murphy are three girls that you need to get to know Now Murphy is the troublemaker, Birdie is the shy girl whose dad owns the peach farm all the girls work at, and Leeda can seem like the snobby girl, but deep down is very sweet These three girls, who don t know each other at all when they first come to work, soon become best friends They have their boyfriend problems, petty fights, and family problems that they help each other overcome, and that s what pulls them together This book is definitely for THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS fans All three of the girls are good and bad in their own ways and are loyal to each other But not so much that it gets boring Even though it was a little difficult to get into, I ended up loving PEACHES by the time I was done A great girly girl book, or even for anyone interested in how friendships form, and how peach picking can impact a friendship. Kurgusu, yazar n dili, konusu Kitab her eyiyle ok sevdim Yazar n bu kadar a r bir konuyu b yle kolay ve s cak bir ekilde anlatmas beni b y ledi Sonu biraz yetersizdi benim i in ama g zel insan n birbirlerini kabulleni ve sevgiyi bulma hikayesi beni yle b y ledi ki sonuna pek tak lmad m D nerek okundu unda, hayatla ilgili b y k bir hazine bar nd ran k k bir kitap Bu kitap Murphy, Birdie ve Leeda n n kitab Ailelerinden ve evrelerinden sevgi g rmemi , kendi g venli alanlar na ekilmi ve bu alandan hep beraber km g zel insan n kitab This book was ok It didn t find it captivating It s a book about friendships, with a little romance I do like how each of the three girls, Murphy, Leeda and Birdie are so different in personality and financial status yet they became best friends These girls bonded as they spent time in birdie s orchard farm picking peaches Girls may be able to relate to Murphy who is smart, sarcastic, and badass, Leeda who is gorgeous, popular and rich, and Birdie who is homeschooled,shy and innocent However, i think what made me not enjoy this book that much was because these characters weren t really complex or three dimensional There were some parts that were not really believable They were so worried about the frost and storm coming however when it did hit, they found that the whole orchard farm was saved Occasionally I may believe in miracles but I like reading books that are realistic. `Download Book ↙ Peaches ⇫ In A Ya Ya Sisterhood For Teens, Peaches Combines Three Unforgettable Heroines Who Have Nothing In Common But The Troubles That Have Gotten Them Sentenced To A Summer Of Peach Picking At A Georgia OrchardLeeda Is A Debutante Dating Wrong Side Of The Tracks RexMurphy, The Wildest Girl In Bridgewater, Likes Whichever Side Rex Is OnBirdie Is A Dreamer Whose Passion For Girl Scout Cookies Is Matched Only By Her Love For A Boy Named EnricoWhen Their Worlds Collide, The Breakfast Club Meets The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants In An Entirely Original And Provocative Story With A Lush, Captivating Setting