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Very cute and sweet Really liked it Epilogue for Play With Me is up here [Free E-pub] ⚇ Play With Me ♾ This Is A Short, Sweet NovellaRyan Hunter S Parties Are Legend And Tonight She S Going To Be ThereLiza Matthews Anticipates The Return Of Her Best Friend And Only Love Since Kindergarten From Soccer Camp But When Tony Finally Shows Up, His Mind Is Focused On Another Girl And Worse, She S A Soccer Player Fighting For The Attention Liza Craves, She S Just A Hairbreadth Away From Making A Very Stupid Decision But When Extraordinary Times Call For Extraordinary Measures, She S Prepared To Play Ball To Get Her ManThe Tryouts Are Hell, The First Match Ends Bloody, And The Morning After The Selection Party She Wakes Up In The Worst Place Possible In The Arms Of The Captain Of The Soccer Team The Hottest Guy In School Ryan Hunter If it was Piper Shelly s intent to showcase the shallow nature of teenagers, she s succeeded spectacularly with this book and its sequel I can t quite figure out how to describe Shelly s writing I think she has potential She knows how to pace, at least, and her plots could make for some compelling reads, but her characters and the attention she pays to detail are abysmal The reader isn t led into the story and shown around so much as thrust into the middle of an OC style melodrama And don t read this hoping for any kind of emotional depth because there isn t any Probably a read teenagers would love since there s a lot of angst and kissing and whatnot, but the emotional connection that most seasoned readers require is glaringly absent. Scarily enough, I LOVED this story. 0o Lke I REALLY LOVED IT Coming from ME, that says a lot, considering this is YA This islike three and a half stars.I feel like this should have been book two in this series and book two should have been book one I m really glad I accidentally read book two first I really enjoyed this story from Ryan s pov and the longer story This is an enjoyable ya romance though and I will continue this series.Lisa is in love with her childhood friend Tony They do everything together but she s almost seventeen and they have never even kissed She s surprised when he comes back from soccer camp and everything seems off Tony s friend Ryan, captain of the soccer team, pressures her to tryout for the new co ed team and she gives in When he offers to give her personal training she agrees too For some reason she can t say no to Ryan Hunter. Infradesarrollado Todo pasa demasiado r pido, no da tiempo de empatizar con los personajes en una p gina Liza dice estar enamorada de su mejor amigo del cual ya olvid el nombre desde hace 10 a os, giras la pagina y est suspirando por Ryan Hunter, giras la pagina y termin el libro. 4.5 Very cute, sigh , young love stars It s been quite a long time since I ve read a true blue YA book like this one I say, true blue because this book and others like it see Julie Prestsater s So I m a Double Threat as an example has a , shall I say, realistic portrayal of high school love and the drama that goes along with it And personally, I find these books endearing and it takes me back to, well, my own high school days Play With Me tells the story of Liza Matthews, a semi awkward high school student who s been in love with her best friend, Tony, since kindergarten Unfortunately for Liza, Tony returned from soccer camp in love, but gasp , not with her but with another girl In order to get close to Tony and steal his attention away from his new love interest, Liza joined the soccer team organized by the boy s soccer team Determined to fight for her man, Liza accepted Ryan Hunter s proposal to help her with her soccer skills Ryan Hunter, by the way, is the team captain Gorgeous, loaded and actually very sweet And he seems to enjoy Liza s company as much as she s enjoying his But of course, not everything is quite what it seemed and when secrets started coming out, Liza must choose between Tony and Ryan No worries though for all of you love triangle trope haters like me, this isn t a love triangle per se Just one heck of a confuse girl who needs a little push in the right direction Very entertaining, very sweet, very cute novella about the joys and pitfalls of young love I really enjoyed myself Ryan Hunter is a wonderful hero and Liza is adorable A great novella to read in between heavier themed books Definitely worth it 4.5 Sexy Soccer Player Stars Someone find me a time machine so I can climb in, go back to high school, and find me a Ryan Hunter Young love, it can be so cruel, but it can also be so good and incredibly sweet This was excellent The cover and the price were what caught my eye, then I read the sample, I immediately one clicked, because I was hooked This is an adorable, swoon worthy story with some really great characters It s amusing, fun and it doesn t wallow in angst, which made it that much better Liza s confused and hurt, but an unexpected boy comes into her life, makes her forget and she finds herself falling for himjust as I did Ryan Hunter where were you when I was back in high school You were there, you just didn t see me So, I lived my teenage fantasy through Liza Matthews, and for a while Ryan Hunter was mine too I love a good YA, was in the mood for one, and this was exactly what I was looking for This is a read that will appeal to all ages The writing is very good, the dialogue is witty and cuteand lots of itand the story is entertaining For a few hours it took this older reader back to her youth, and I had a blast Oh my, young love and your first kiss sigh I see there is a version of this story, Ryan Hunter, written from Ryan s point of view The author did a wonderful job portraying a teenage girl, now I m curious to see what she does with a boy s More time with Ryan Hunterwoohoo Guess what I ll be reading this afternoon 9 28 13Play With Me is only 0.99 for Kindle Worth every penny for this well done YA novella Wow I love this book Full review when I wake up later Morning came and I still love this novella I think this is the first book after months that really made me giddy because of the sweetness Ah I don t know what to phrase it in English but we do have this word in Tagalog called kilig kilig KEE lig To shiver When used in topics of love and romance, it means to shiver with delight when something romantic or cute That s what I freakin felt while reading this novella I m grinning from ear to ear Thank God it s night time when I read this , stupidly feeling happy and I ve been biting my lower lip while reading to stop myself from smiling BUT I JUST CAN T HELP IT A smirk played around one corner of his mouth I m afraid my time of numb indifference is over His thumb had started drawing small circles on my skin So, unless you re up for some trouble now, would you mind moving your leg I strongly suggest you don t do that During a game you will have to stop the ball But you re not allowed to use your hands So you use your body to block it Your shoulders, or head, but mostly your chest Aha There s only one problem with that I cupped my boobs with both hands I ve got these Struck silent, his gaze traveled from my eyes downward and didn t return The spark in his eyes almost scared me Like I was Snow White and he was the Hunter In fact, I didn t want to even imagine what thoughts crossed his mind right then I sapped my fingers between our faces Eyes up here He obeyed Reluctantly The sliver of an impish smile crept to his lips It s a light novella, a bit predictable, BUT I really love it cause it made me really really smile, an honest to goodness smile An innocent smile and laugh, not the smile because I know something would lead to something adult like LOL I ve been reading new adult books a lot now, so this is just a good change of pace.