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Soul crushing We in the West know nothing about degradation The strife and misery of this narrative And yet the writing is captivating, the modulation of emotion through action and image masterful A novel of people whose very essence, they ve been told for thousands of years, is defilement I must readon caste and how it came to be It s incomprehensible to the Western mind Bakha, a strong young man, a sweeper of latrines, has spent time at the British barracks, where he was treated as if he possessed no taint This has broadened his thinking, shown him the imbecility of the millennia old system he lived under, and made him feel things could be different than they are Bakha and his kind are, among other indecencies, deprived of education, fed like swine, denied participation in community, and consigned to wretched quarters As the story progresses, and Bakha is assailed from all quarters with declarations of pollution, pollution That this handsome and industrious young man should on this day, perhaps for the first time, truly feel the proportions of the terrible trap that is his life, makes for a terrible moment.He was part of a consciousness which he could share and yet not understand He had been lifted from the gutter, through the barriers of space, to partake of life which was his, and yet not his He was in the midst of a humanity which included him in its folds and yet debarred him from entering into a sentient, living, quivering contact with it p 137 The Mahatma shows up with a message tailor made for Bakha It s a subtle bit of didacticism in which one is reminded of certain harangues of Dostoyevsky Fortunately it s brief Untouchability was prohibited by law some 65 years ago But it is said that Indian elections still reflect a caste consciousness How could they not, after millennia under such a system The book, scatological in the extreme, is deeply moving, mainly due to the rage it evokes in the reader It is also utterly without parallel in my reading experience That is, I ve never read anything else that even touches on the subject in the headlong manner this does.PS Guess who helped Anand with his novel His initials are M.G.PPS If you re going to read this you must also read B.R Ambedkar s Annihilation of Caste, fascinating. A single event in the life of an untouchable toilet cleaner, pressed into child labour due to illness in the family It is stretched into a book, with every detail etched out Why is it so poignant Because we know, without it being explicitly told to us, that this is it, this is his life it is going to be a life of repetitions, of insults piled on insults, of gradual deadening of the senses, of childhood worn away into an early old age, of bitterness and submission, of daily degradation Until nothing remains other than another faceless untouchable, to be ignored and despised Bakha tries hard to rise above his social standing, Mulk Raj Anand exhibiting his trademark humanism, by showcasing the essential dignity of even such a depraved condition How By showing us the mind the human mind in almost any depravity retains its nobility, but only to an extent, it is perhaps hinted In naive child like enthusiasm, Bakha dares to dream, but we see how he is going to be worn down every day We experience a very small bit of his life, and even though he doesn t know it, we can see that the many indignities and outrages he suffer are things he will soon grow immune to and learn to take as his lot We know that is the problem.The ironical highpoint of the book is when Mahatma comes to Bakha s village Mahatma comes to inspire, to uplift Bakha was even able to catch a glimpse and hear his words But nothing happens because of this climactic moment Life continues, and this has been the case despite much upliftment, the lot of the lower caste has not seen much change over the centuries They still struggle on, noble in mind or not.This is a novella with the punch of a compact short story It hits hard without even taking a swing.A note on the translation When oye, saale is translated as oye, brother in law no sane Indian reader can avoid a barf It grows very tiring to keep hearing everyone addressed as brother in law every few lines I hope a new edition of the book will just substitute this jarring usage with saala and maybe add a footnote to explain the meaning and significance of the word. He sniffed at the clean, fresh air around the flat stretch of land and vaguely sensed a difference between the odorous, smoky world of refuse, and the open, radiant world of sun He wanted to warm his flesh he wanted the warmth to get behind the scales of the dry, powdery surface that had formed on his fingers he wanted the blood in the blue veins that stood out on the back of his hand to meltYou know, in a memoir of his first story Lost child , Mulkraj Anand mentioned that he dared to show his story to Virginia Woolf She asked him to read it out in her next home party Desmond Macarthy, Victoria Sackill West, Edward Garnet, clapped after he read his story During that time, in one of her pamphlets, Virginia Woolf attacked many novelists like Arnold Bennet, H G Wells, John Galsworthy, for writing about the characters of sub world This shocked Mulkraj because he was planning to write this novel about the untouchable people He was further demotivated when one of the young poets, after knowing that Mulkraj was going to write about his growing up years among tough boys, sons of bandsmen, washer men and sweepers, said, leave your Cockneys in their sordid world.As we ignore the Russian writer Gorky s Lower depths write like Laurence Hope about flowers in garden Shalimar Then coming back to India, Mulkraj wrote this novel under the guidance of Gandhi Gandhi advised him not to use big english words and to use the local language This is story of a sweeper named Bakha, a young and intelligent character Through the ordeals and activities of life of Bakha, his family, his friends and other characters writer has given a wonderful but tyrannical imagery of those days when the untouchability was a great challenge in Indian society He has depicted very artfully the conflicts between the high caste and lower caste people in the society and has finally reached to the argument that the untouchability was inhumane.Bakha is a representative of down trodden in the pre independent era of India He suffers because of his caste and all the lower castes people are suffering because they are by birth outcaste Writer has depicted the hypocrisy of the upper caste people that men like Pt Kali Nath enjoy the touch of the lower caste girls, but do not treat lower caste people equally in other matters He has exposed all this hypocrisy and double standards Bakha has been portrayed as a universal figure to show the oppression, injustice, humiliation to the whole community of the outcastes in India in this book.An attractively written story by Anand, proving a fact that social exclusion and exploitation of the subaltern is well rooted in the caste system of India An outcast was not allowed to enter into the house of higher caste, even when food was required in utmost urgencyFor being an outcaste he could not insult the sanctity of the house by climbing on the house on the top floors where the kitchens were, but had to shout and announce his arrival from below Bread for the sweeper mother bread for the sweeper, He called standing in the door of the first house His voice died down to the echo of thak, thak, thak , which stole into the alley The sweeper has come for the bread, mother he shouted a little louder.But it was of no avail.He penetrated further into the alley and standing near a point where the doors of four houses were near each other, He shouted his call Bread for the sweeper, mother bread for the sweeper Yet no one seemed to hear him on the tops of the house This is only a short book and the first two thirds are quite interesting a day in the life of a downtrodden Untouchable latrine cleaner and his rat eating family The preaching of the last third rather spoiled it though It is true that flush lavatories would solve the problem for the toilet cleaning caste, but it is hardly a solution for the Untouchables, no matter what name Gandhi gave them.Part of the problem of the Untouchable caste is that it isn t actually a problem at all for anyone who isn t Untouchable, in fact it s desirable to have them Since they, the pariahs of society, do all the work that no one else wants to do, and at minimum wage, and all this exploitation can be justified as being in the name of religion, in the name of not interfering with the Infinite plan there is no impetus from society to improve these people s lives It s not so far from the way the US treats illegal Mexican immigrants It allows them to stay to do the work that no one else wants to do for those wages in those conditions They live in fear of everything and everyone If they are beaten, robbed or raped they have no redress They daren t complain So just as with the Untouchables not being a problem if you aren t one, neither are the illegal immigrants view spoiler In the UK, it is different An illegal immigrant can either disappear as in the US or claim asylum and is immediately housed and given an allowance for years while his case is considered If he loses but by then has a child here or would face discrimination in his own country, he can claim that deportation would breach his human rights The gvt will then pay for a lawyer to fight for him If he wins, he can then bring in his family hide spoiler ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ☪ Untouchable ⚔ Bakha Is A Young Man, Proud And Even Attractive, Yet None The Less He Is An Outcast In India S Caste System An Untouchable This Novel Describes A Day In The Life Of Bakha, Sweeper And Toilet Cleaner, As He Searches For A Meaning To The Tragic Existence He Has Been Born Into And Comes To An Unexpected Conclusion Forget about Batman, Superman or the Hulk They are all just comic book super heroes This is the real deal Enlarge the picture in the book s cover so you can get a good look at him, the photo courtesy of the India Office Library and Records A flesh and blood Untouchable with god given superhuman powers Here are some amazing things he is capable of 1 He can part a throng of people with just the words Posh, posh, sweeper coming as he comes carrying his broom cf Moses with his stick, parting the Red Sea 2 Just by his touch, whether done intentionally or accidentally, another person would become very angry and will call him a dog, a swine, a cock eyed son of a bow legged scorpion, an offspring of a pig, and so on 3 With the same touch, even with his smallest finger, he can defile another person so that even if the latter is on his way to an important appointment and is running late, for example, he ll have to go back home to wash and purify himself 4 His powers are carried over also by the inanimate objects he touches If he s buying something from a store, for example, the vendor will first ask him to put his money on a bowl, which shall then be purified by washing it with water, before the vendor shall handle it 5 He passes on his magical powers to his children and 6 He can live without hope, be dead inside yet do his predestined chores Look at him his bare feet, his shapeless pants, the rags he wears, his cheap turban, his basket where he puts in the dung and dirt he sweeps from the street and collects from latrines He is not bad looking, physically, with his athletic built, his height, his finely shaped nose, full lips but look at his eyes A lifeless pair, turned into stone by the misery of his fate He is the lowest of the low caste Untouchables of India street sweeper, latrine cleaner, collector of human and animal waste.This is a novel about this superhero named Bakha quite appropriate Baka in Tagalog is cow, and cows are the holiest of animals in India But this isthan just a story of a day in his life This is a novel about a superhero written by another superhero , Mulk Raj Anand he who has this other super power called Compassion He could not have seen Bakha for what he really was, and write about him with controlled fury, if he did not have this divine gift.The most extraordinary feats in human history are achieved not by the strong but by those with Compassion. I almost feel guilty for not liking this book.It s about my country and one of the gravest problems it has faced and continues to , the atrocious caste system and from which arose the worst possible outcome untouchability I did feel pitiful and sympathetic towards the character but I did not like the book which is mostly because I didn t like the narration so much The writing, at best, is average and the story just tumbles down somewhere in the last 20 pages.This book does its job of rousing emotions and making the reader aware of the problems but that s about it The Indian setting and culture is described but not well enough If I weren t an Indian, I don t think I would ve understood them completely Also, the dialogues had a larger impact on me when I mentally translated them in Hindi, that is an area the writer cannot alter and I understand that.I was highly recommended this book and I m a little let down, this book I think has a such a huge influence because it was written at a controversial and important time Rather than concentrating on the aspects I didn t like I would instead like to give kudos to the author for raising an issue nobody was during that era. A day in the life of Bakha the Jemadar sweeper , and an untouchable The heart of the book is about the social stigma of untouchability affecting India during the 1930s the period when this book was written and also the time setting for the story as well I only remember hearing and reading about the phenomenon of untouchability in Hindu society, when growing up in India during the 70s and early 80s It still exists to a certain extent in parts of India, or at least spoken about, as I have heard mention of it conversation with others in my family Gandhiji is attributed to saying in this book the fault does not lie in the Hindu religion, but in those who profess it I couldn t agree any .A short story, and a brief glimpse in the life of an untouchable A difficult issue simply, sometimes touchingly, described in this story by Mulk Raj Anand, one of the first English writing Indian authors. It is comfortably easy to argue against the practice of untouchability when one isn t at the receiving end Mulk Raj Anand erases that gulf and puts the reader right into the uncomfortable and worn down ammunition shoes of Bakha, an eighteen year old manual scavenger The book is relatively short, accounting for only a day in Bakha s life And Anand ensures that a single day is enough.The arguments against the practice normally revolve around the socio economic and sometimes, political aspect of the oppression But Untouchable takes a step closer to the individual from the collective and highlights the psychological scars that are inherited by every new generation of the outcastes s community Bakha isn t your typical fierce, fearless and determined protagonist in spite of the fact that he has the potential to be one There are multiple instances where his instinctual repulsion to the social setup around him, that includes him in its fold only to trample upon him and others like him, becomes obvious and painfully thwarted by a faulty reasoning that convinces him of his destined place in the society With everyone around him refusing to let him have a shred of dignity and self respect except of course, his sister and friends , he has little to go on and till the point he hears Gandhi s words, he appears to be spiraling downwards from a high point of apathetic acceptance in the beginning to an anguished defeat at the hands of his fate of being a latrine cleaner all his life, surviving on food picked up from the streets and the sahibs leftovers, forcefully excluded from any chances to play hockey something he is exceptionally good at , to be educated at the hands of two little upper caste boys or any stray chance to raise his head high without an inexplicable shame and hesitation weighing him down.The misery of Bakha hits all thestrongly when the reader follows his thought process in which he constantly questions his so called fate and end up with unjustifiable yet, valid realizations of his social standing He is a perfect example of a wasted potential which never fails to mark its presence and yet, never evolves.I don t know if any other book reveals the hypocrisy of an orthodox Hindu society better than Anand s Untouchable but nonetheless, the book is a great read Anand s writing style is easy and poetic with beautiful vivid description of both pictures as well as emotions. My first book of 2K17 first from Mr Mulk Raj Anand.His Thoughts were far high and beyond than his time Realizing the truth about the Harijans in that era of British Raj seems to be as the worse among whole period The Brahmans were actually the root cause of such conditions in Indian Society Discrimination among the humans in regard of the castes started with them only No shudra can enter the temple, can t touch anybody From the perspective of Dalits at that time, it seems to be very irritating and frustrating These things were exist in some other cultures also, say, Burakumin in Japan but still the condition here in India was worst.And what Gandhi did Nothing just expandinggaps in between the existing castes In the name of Equality he did nothing but just igniting the fire between upper and lower castes, as defined in the Indian society Can t imagine the humility one can feel when he she get the leftover of some other person and how does it feel when someone give you any edible item by throwing it on the streets.Mr Anand had really done a great job with his pen Exposing the conditions of untouchables of that time was in itself a very brave and bold act He reminds me of Raja Ravi Varma , who had gifted with his art, to the people of lower caste, the way of worshiping the GOD idolaters.However the story drafted was an act of fiction but still its reflecting the realistic thoughts and realism in society at that time Very well written, this work of fiction gives immense peace while reading it, even when I myself comes under the Upper Gen catog caste in the present society which started with this discriminating system far back.For me its 4.5 5.0