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This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.Once Upon a Curse, edited by Anna Kashina, is a collection of short stories and novellas by Cindy Lynn Speer 3 stories , Peter S Beagle, Nancy Kress 2 stories , Patricia C Wrede, Siobhan Carroll, Imogen Howson, Lucy A Snyder and Anna Kashina, all of them previously published and all purportedly twists on fairy tales like Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin However, also included is a completely unrelated vampire story Remains, by Siobhan Carroll and a long novella, Frayed Tapestry by Imogen Howson, that is actually a retelling of the Persephone myth Although I liked some of the stories, I was not happy that they were all reprints rather than original to the anthology, and I found the conflation of myth, legend and fairy tale to be, well, kind of insulting as the three forms have very different meanings and purposes Overall, a disappointment the reader interested in retellings of fairy tales would be much better off with any of the numerous anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling Snow White, Blood Red, for example. This was a mixed bag of re worked Fairy tales Some were excellent, I particularly loved the modern version of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella An excellent way for adults to retain their love of Fairy Tales. #Free E-pub ⚡ Once Upon a Curse Õ Fair Maidens, Handsome Princes, Witches, And Fairy Godmothers All Show Their Dark And Dangerous Side In This Anthology Inspired By Myths And Fairy Tales, Retold By Some Of The Best Authors In This Generation And By Some Upcoming New Talents Each Beautifully Crafted Story Brings An Unusual Twist To The Traditional Tale, From Cinderella S Story Told From The Not So Kind Fairy Godmother S Point Of View, To The Bluebeard Tale Showing The Lure Of This Dark And Dangerous Man That Drives Young Girls To Rush Willingly To Their FateForeword By Anna Kashina A Necklace Of Rubies By Cindy Lynn Speer Come Lady Death By Peter S Beagle Summer Wind By Nancy Kress Stronger Than Time By Patricia C Wrede Words Like Pale Stones By Nancy Kress Every Word I Speak By Cindy Lynn Speer Remains By Siobhan Carroll Frayed Tapestry By Imogen Howson The Cold Blackness Between By Lucy A Snyder Solstice Maiden Copyright By Anna Kashina But Can You Let Him Go By Cindy Lynn Speer Short story collections, especially those by many authors, tend to be a very mixed bag of the good, the bad and the meh Once Upon a Curse a collection of reworked folk fairy tales linked by the notion of a curse has all three, but why talk about the bad and the meh I d rather focus on some of the standout tales.I requested this ARC because I knew it contained a Peter Beagle story,and I was not disappointed by his contribution Titled Come Lady Death, it has that quality that many Peter Beagle pieces have, a sort of bright and vivid, sharp edged, pictorial quality, rather like viewing a tapesty that tells a story The characters are somewhat two dimensional because it is not a character story it s a concept story of a jaded elderly woman who decides to make her next party a real showstopper by inviting Death to be a guest It s got a lovely ending.A new writer to me was Cindy Lynn Speer, who contributed several tales to the collection by far the strongest was the final story, But Can You Let Him Go Speer combines Cinderella stories from many cultures to form her own version, narrated by the fairy godmother, herself under a curse until she can repair a fatal error committed in her youth As rich as cheesecake.Anna Kashina s story, Mistress of the Solstice, is I assume a retelling of a Russian folk tale, and it is delightful because it is both novel and strangely familiar a bit like meeting a distant relative and hearing a family phrase on her lips I understand that she is bringing out a novel, also called Mistress of the Solstice, and I am assuming that the novel fleshes out this story in which case, I will certainly be buying it.And finally, I have to mention a story I did not like but which I think has some powerful potential Frayed Tapestry by Imogen Howson is a retelling of the Persephone myth, and it has some delicious ideas Persephone remembers herself when she tastes her own blood, the only fluid untainted by Lethe , but it comes apart rather tragically at the end I really, really want Howson to try again with Persephone perhaps turn this story into a novel and spend some time fleshing out her characters and the false world they live in I have faith in you, Imogen Howson Thanks to the LibraryThing Early Reader Program for my ARC of this book. To be fair to other anthologies, all of the stories in this book have been published elsewhere So the editor was able to cherry pick the very best instead of asking people they like to participate and hope they were spot on this time A Necklace of Rubies by Cindy Lynn Speer An excellent version of Bluebeard with some new elements thrown in that made it interesting Come Lady Death by Peter S Beagle Not sure what this was based on It was good, but Beagle has never quite had my favorite voice Summer Wind by Nancy Kress A version of Sleeping Beauty with a interesting ending for Aurora I liked it It reminded me of Sheri Tepper s Beauty Stronger Than Time by Patricia C Wrede I have read this version of Sleeping Beauty before and it has lasted the test of time Still excellent Words Like Pale Stones by Nancy Kress A sad version of Rumpelstiltskin that touches on a mother s love for her child I liked it for its originality, but didn t like it for the ending Every Word I Speak by Cindy Lynn Speer A version of Toads and Diamonds Again, the theme is sad The stories in this book seem to take away all power from women save their right to choose who their demise benefits Remains by Siobhan Carroll I think this was supposed to be some sort of version of Dracula , but it was too short and imprecise for me to tell Frayed Tapestry by Imogen Howson Beautiful retelling of Persephone s story Loved it so much than the entire series I ve just read based on it.The Cold Blackness Between by Lucy A Snyder Solstice Maiden by Anna Kashina Again, not sure if this was based on another story It was good and I would have read if there had been But Can You Let Him Go by Cindy Lynn Speer This was a version of Cinderella I d say this was my favorite story in the book Loved the fairy godmother. This anthology mostly missed the swings in quality and content that so many anthologies suffer There was no story where I wondered how did this get included, who picked this There was, however, an overall higher than I expected number of typos and errors Guess I shouldn t have been surprised at the internal typos, since there s even one on the back cover description A Necklace of Rubies by Cindy Lynn Speer Well done creepy, with a perfect twistiness Come Lady Death by Peter S Beagle Deliciously written, I am a huge fan of Beagle s style of descriptive prose No real plot twists or surprises, but enjoyable to read Summer Wind by Nancy Kress What if Sleeping Beauty was the only one who didn t fall asleep, and is instead alone, trapped in a castle full of people frozen in time Stronger than Time by Patricia C Wrede Another Sleeping Beauty, but this time it went wrong for the prince How do you fix it when the right prince can t make it Nope, not like that it s even better Words Like Pale Stones by Nancy Kress Rumplestiltskin is not a kind story on the best of tellings, but Kress is out to destroy your heart with this one Every Word I Speak by Cindy Lynn Speer Pretty straight forward retelling of Diamonds and Toads, from the point of view of the diamond girl Well written and interesting to read, with a fairy tale appropriate ambiguous ending Remains by Siobhan Carroll Very short story about the effects on the community of a vampire infestation Frayed Tapestry by Imogen Howson A beautiful trip through a twisted world of lies, and the need to escape from a relationship that s a pretty trap The Cold Blackness Between by Lucy A Snyder Not sure what fairy tale this was spun from, but ultimately it didn t matter it was a fun read and you should read it Solstice Maiden copyright by Anna Kashina I am not even sure how to describe this one It had the same sort of desperate feel that a good Baba Yaga story has, of basically good people made to do horrible things, and at least one detail directly from a Baba story the needle There s lies and loyalty, and a little help from the Immortals Also, this may be the only time I ve seen the word florescence used correctly But Can You Let Him Go by Cindy Lynn Speer I really enjoyed this trail of Cinderellas through different cultures frankly, I think the French version we all know from Disney is maybe the least interesting iteration so it was nice to see it in direct contrast to the older tellings Wrapping them around a fairy godmother who s trapped by her own past was a wonderful touch. It s rare for me to wholeheartedly recommend an anthology, but I am recommending this one Once Upon a Curse is a collection of amazing fairy tale interpretations from some pretty fantastic authors With short story collections, I usually only like a couple and am neutral about the rest, but for this one there isn t one story that I didn t like Most of them, I loved.There are some things keeping me from giving this book a perfect rating The last story definitely could have been cut by at least ten pages While it was interesting to read about all the different cultural retellings of Cinderella, I don t think it was necessary to the main plot and all the stories within the story made it drag There were also a couple of others where the endings fell a bit flat, but not enough to make me dislike them outright.There are two Sleeping Beauty stories in here both excellent , along with Bluebeard, Cinderella, Diamonds and Toads, among others Anna Kashina has become my new favorite fantasy author with her story Solstice Maiden, and I most definitely plan to check out her other works If you re at all a fan of fantasy, you will find at least one story in this book to love although, I m betting that you ll find These stories are all entertaining, full of twists, and have interesting characters I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through LibraryThing s Early Reviewers program. I requested this short story collection because Peter S Beagle was featured I still haven t read any of his novels, which I really need to remedy But I was pleased with the other stories here, not just his, which makes me happy I did get the feeling that I should recognize the myths some of these stories are based on, but I suppose my mythology is lacking Many of the stories tasted familiar, as if I had read something like it before, but I couldn t pin it down For all that, this collection had me reading fast, because the stories are well written Beagle s story is about the personification of Death seems like I ve seen quite a few of those lately but it s a good twist on the theme And there is always a price for talking with the one who will take you out of the worldSome of the fairy tales are repeated in different authors stories, but each one is told in a unique way Some were creepy, yet romantic, and others just made me squirm These are not fairy tales you would tell your young children, but YA lovers would be comfortable Overall a good, if dark, collection and a good introduction to the various authors.Received as a digital ARC via LibraryThing s Early Reviewer program. Fairy Tales and it s subsequent retelling s are a genre, that despite my advanced age continue to fascinate meMaybe because in the end, good always triumph normally and maybe because when I should have read them , I didn t So..apparently I still feel thisneedto devour them.everytime I see a shiny cover with some promising stories inside Basically my inner six year old self is still the boss of mebut do not be fooled, this is not a kid s fairy tales.This anthology, well it seemed so intriguing that I was sure I was going to love it As you can see, it didn t quite happened I admit however, that at the moment, I am having one too many Mr Darcy not interesting enough to tempt me moments when reading books o.OThis one, well it suffers from the basic anthology issues It has some interesting stories, others that are okay, and others that are just plainly bad This three star rating signifies an okay being one star bad, two mediocre reading Two would be accurate, but there s a couple of stories in this that don t deserve so lower rating.A Necklace of rubies by Cindy Lynn Speer, 2 Stars A Bluebeard re tale.The writing was okay, but the characters were just too much one dimensional and stupid to live ,to make me appreciate the tale It doesn t much matter, you see It s what I was saying about the hunting cats He may be a murderer, and I may be the next victim But when he scolds me gently for sleeping on the sofa It s freezing in this room You ll be sick and when he picks me up and carries me upstairs promising a present for me he s so soft and so loving, I cannot feature it.He s often a cold, hard man, but he softens for me He cherishes me It makes me feel special, as if I ve done something no other woman could.Come Lady Death by Peter S Beagle 3.5 starsThis was the name that made me notice this anthology in the first place And in thuth, I can t say that it disappointed me Unfortunately this whimsical tale of a bored Lady who decides to invite Death itself for her grand party, was just too short The characters are mostly irrelevant Here the only thing it matters is the quality of the writing, and the tale itselfBe sure, said Death Be sure of what you want, be very sure Do all of you want me to stay For if oneof you says to me, no, go away, then I must leave at once and never return Be sure Do you all want me And everyone there cried with one voice, Yes Yes, you must stay with us You are so beautiful that we cannot let you go Summer Wind by Nancy Kress 4 starsA Briar Rose re telling, this turned out to be one of my favorites in this anthology It gives us the full extension of a curse during the girl s lifetime And I am afraid, no happy ever after for her The first old woman repeated sharply, It is no little thing you have gained, sister Rose said, I would rather have had my lost life Stronger Than Time by Patricia C Wrede 3.5 starsAnother Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty re taleAnother good story, that I think would have benefited immensely if it had been longer It s another sad story Yes, all of them arebut some I just couldn t care less about failure, doing the right thingand of ghosts Words Like Pale Stones by Nancy Kress 2 starsA little too much of a mess I just couldn t connect with the story or characters The pale fire moved up from the ground and onto my fingers, charring them to stumps A vision burned in my head I screamed, but only from pain Dirk was saved, and I didn t care that I would never spin again, nor that every gold thread in the kingdom had suddenly become stone, pale, and smooth and ordinary as a true word.Every Word I Speak by Cindy Lynn Speer 3.5 StarsOkayyyyy..so when I first read this, I honestly didn t like it all that much, but now after having re read it in another anthology, I found myself liking it Soclearly my opinion is really realiable OO.It is the story of how a blessing can turn into a curse My husband is gone I can be silent today, tomorrow, and until his return There s freedom in that, knowing that I can go and sew by the lake, perhaps, or take meals in my room by myself.Remains by Siohban Carrol 1 StarI have no idea what this few pages were fora draft, maybe We hear on the radio that a body has been found Some of the unliving rise, put on thick woolen gloves, get ready for the drive In other, farther places, we lie hoping for an ending that never comes.Frayed Tapestry by Imogen Howson 2 StarsAn apparently contemporary setting you ll understand this if you read it for a Persephone and Hades story.imaginative yes, butin the end i don t see myself re reading this And i can t help wondering what will happen in Winter.or, is Spring going to be eternal Bottom line I like re tellings, but there are some things that shouldn t be alteredAnd Candy Really Wasn t there another name less.sugared and appropriate With every step the earth welcomed her The grass softened under her feet, grew lush with spring growth The wind lost its cold bite, threading gentle fingers through her hair Sweet night time scents rose around her Candy He was following her She didn t look back at him That s not my name She heard him swallow Persephone Please understand I love you The Cold Blackness Between by Lucy Ann Snyder 0 Stars..Reading this is like having a WTH moment Why, was this included in this anthology This is paranormal romance Mary trudged up to her bedroom on the third floor to change She wondered how she was ever going to break the news of her affair to William He was still her employer than her husband She d started as his personal nurse, but when sex became a part of their relationship, he decided they should be married She was fond of him but he was not a passionate man and never had been And he had grown increasingly cold over the past year he hardly spent time with her any.Solstice Maiden by Anna Kashina 3.5 Stars The writing is above average, but the characters were just too stereotypical Or maybe i m just too jadedand the insta attraction moment I know it s a short, but even so didn t convince me.Even though is worth reading for the quality of the writing alone It is a tale, old as time, true as life Every Solstice, a maiden must die to appease the god of the crops, to keep hunger out of our simple kingdom And I, the Mistress of the Solstice, must be the one to sacrifice her On that night, every one of our subjects gathers around a bonfire, consumed by the power of love Of lust, really, for no love could possibly bloom for one night and fade into nothingness, But Can you Let Him go by Cindy Lynn Speer 4.5 Stars my favourite I know I ll probably sound contrary, because in some of the previous tales I ve mentioned that their short length ruined the tale for me, but this one, who was longer than the other ones, I reached a point in which Okay, okay, i get it It s always the same thing This is Cinderella and her prince curse, told by Cinderella s Fairy Godmother And it is pretty good.despite the events repetitionsThis is me The caution in your tale, the one with the thousand guises Right now my disguise is nothingness, As I tell her the tale, I long to I sink myself into that tree, allow myself to move into it, my body becoming wood grain, my blood becoming sap It is a dangerous tree, because it is so very deep that you could get lost in it The further you go in, the isolated from the world you become Like i said Some interesting tales, but most of them are not that great Once Upon A Curse is a collection of stories and fairy tales by a handful of authors Some new, some well known, all very capable Like many fairy tales, these stories are not for children Some travel familiar paths and some re invent myth All feel fresh and original.The first story, A Necklace Of Rubies by Cindy Lynn Speer, retells the tale of Bluebeard I have read the story before in another similarly themed anthology and enjoyed discovering it all over again A young woman is wooed by a mysterious man already sounds like a fairy tale, doesn t it and after they wed, she discovers not all is as it seems The writing is spellbinding and the pace perfect The repetition of several motifs, the foxes, the jewels and the motto Be Bold , lures the reader into the story and keeps them there I am not familiar with the original tale, but this interpretation inspires me to read it I can only hope I enjoy it as much Come Lady Death by Peter S Beagle is next on the list Bored with the usual parties and the usual guests, Lady Neville invites Death to her next ball The invitation is accepted and Death arrives, dramatically, after the last stroke of midnight, in the guise of a lovely young woman Throughout the course of the evening, she charms many, though few actually lose their fear of her When she tries to leave, however, the party goers beg her to stay She does, but there is a price Come Lady Death is a strange, fascinating and compelling story.There are two versions of Sleeping Beauty , Summer Wind by Nancy Kress and Stronger Than Time by Patricia C Wrede Both are interesting interpretations, but Stronger Than Time was a truly moving tale When an impetuous prince fails to rescue the princess after one hundred years, he must find another way to break the curse I loved this version of the story the ending was quite simply beautiful.Among the other stories, the tales of Rumpelstiltskin and Persephone are both retold with a twist There are also a couple of stories I had not read before, in any guise The stand out for me, however, is the last entry, also by Cindy Lynn Speer But Can You Let Him Go re interprets the story of Cinderella The origin of the tale is slowly revealed from the perspective of the fairy godmother There are hints early on, but as the story dips and weaves, interleaving related tales from other cultures, the reader is left wondering if this time the conclusion will be different It is and it isn t telling you would ruin the surprise and the utter sweetness of the conclusion But Can You Let Him Go is a wonderful, wonderful story.All in all, this is a great collection I would have liked to have seen variety in authorship, but the stories are varied and all worthy of the reader s attention and the anthology does a nice job of showcasing the talent of some lesser known authors In addition, the size of the volume, a slim 250 pages, inspires the reader to start at the beginning and finish at the end rather than pick and choose a few stories somewhere in between.Written for and originally published at SFCrowsnest.