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105p Trying to bring back the morals of yesterday, Jason Winters is determined to build a new society Everything is going as planned until he meets the fiery, Taylor McKnight Now, he questions if he is trying to build happinesswhen what he really needs to do, is find happiness.Taylor McKnight s entire life is about to change with one single proposition She is willing to take on the adventure, but is she willing to take on the man The bigger question could she fall in love with a man, while bent over his knee Warning This Domestic Discipline novel contains scenes with spanking and graphic sex. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by Witty Kitty4 out of 5 LicksThe first thing that drew to this book was the interesting concept A modern day man wants to take his sister along with a small group of others to create a utopia that lives by the rules and standards of the 1800 s Jason Winter s and his sister Mandy have faced tragedy in the past, with the loss of their parents Mandy has been emotionally damaged by the tragic loss and lives in her own happy world Mandy befriends Taylor McKnight, who is rud to be a witch and sells herbs and other health cures to her sick and desperate customers Jason, worried his sister is being taken advantage of confronts Taylor, at first sight the attraction heats up Jason, deciding Taylor really does care for his sister invites her to join them on their utopian adventure, however, Taylor must follow Jason s rules or there will be consequences.This erotic romance that includes domestic discipline spankings and a few other surprises is a hot and sexy read with a creative concept that keeps you interested thorough out If you love to read about hot spankings and a woman with a temper that likes a little discipline from a sexy cowboy and learning about love along the way, pick this one up. @Download Book ⚸ Of Yesterday ⛏ Best EPub, Of Yesterday Author Alta Hensley This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Of Yesterday , Essay By Alta Hensley Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I ve been a fan of Alta Hensley ever since I read her first book, Traditional Love, so I was delighted when Of Yesterday was released What a wonderful book Of Yesterday was page turning read with great characters, steamy sex, an intriguing plot, and last but certainly not least spankings While the book takes place in modern times, most of the story is set in a 1800s era society that the hero has designed I enjoyed this premise as well as the details the author uses to paint the picture of an authentic pioneer town Reading Of Yesterday was truly like stepping back in time Although I thought the premise was interesting, the characters made the story really come alive and kept me flipping the pages.Tensions are high between Jason and Taylor when they first meet Both view the other one as a threat and their budding relationship is initially rocky I thought Jason was a swoon worthy hero strong, intelligent, hardworking, and protective of those he cares about Taylor was his perfect match feisty, brave, and compassionate At first she s shocked that Jason would dare spank her when she doesn t follow his rules, but she can t deny the jolt of arousal that goes through her whenever she thinks about his punishments I loved the journey of self discovery both characters go through as they began a D s romance Readers who enjoy well written erotic romance with spanking and D s themes don t want to miss this one From the beginning I loved and connected to Taylor, a single woman trying to make her way in the world the best way he could But the cowboy Jason s arrival in her new age shop was a obvious complication Everything about Jason was pure man, pure sex I cried out in joy when she agreed to move into the ranch in the planned community, ostensibly to run Jason s home and help with his sister Mandy Through fits of spankings, sex, and arguments, it was beautiful to watch Taylor and Jason fall in love A truly beautiful happily ever after. This was a fun, lighthearted fantasy, which, for the most part, I enjoyed as long as I was able to keep my rational mind from engaging The characters all grew and developed throughout the story, making the ending one I could get behind I do wish there had been a bit about the community in general.I suppose my only real objection was the, for lack of a better word, sappiness level It is interesting that I can read hot and heavy erotic content without batting an eye but, when the loving couple started billing and cooing at each other, I started eye rolling, and I m pretty sure I got a cavity from the excessive sweetness Yes, like a kid in elementary school, I find all that kissy kissy stuff rather revolting when it is overdone and IMO it was overdone in this story Other than that, it was a good story and a solid 3 stars, because I liked it. Alta Hensley did a phenomenal job designing a book that gives a new twist to the tried and true historical spanking book with Of Yesterday Instead of placing her characters in the past, she brought the past to her modern characters I most certainly enjoyed Alta Hensley s Of Yesterday and whole heartedly recommend it to any other spanking fiction enthusiast. Alta Hensley returns to her world of domestic discipline with Of Yesterday which is set in todays world but in a commune like setting where the people live without modern conveniences.Taylor has been living her life the best way she knows how, by selling herbs and potions under the guise that she is a witch When she is confronted by a clients angry older brother she is taken aback by his vehemence that she is robbing people and praying on their innocence With her fiery temper she bursts into his house when he sets out to sue her and take away the only livelihood she has She s shocked and slightly outraged when he suggests moving in with him as his sisters keeper at his new commune where they will live like the late 1800 s.Jason and Taylor together left me feeling conflicted In Hensley s past domestic discipline books I found myself intrigued by the world in which these characters live In Of Yesterday I found myself constantly annoyed by Jason and his high handed behavior to the point where I wanted to close the book and walk away The man was the most hard headed man I ve read in a LONG time His rigidness was outright ridiculous at time When a barn fire threatens their livestock, Taylor rushes in fearing for the animals and not knowing where Jason was at the time He punishes her afterward for endangering herself REALLY I understood his fear for her, but she only ran in to look for him and to save their horses, it seemed mean to punish her for it.Then there was the figging Don t know what that is It s a process that stems from horse owners in the Victorian era in which an owner of a horse that may not have been performing well has a ginger root shoved up their ass The root causes the horse discomfort in the form of a burning sensation The horse perks up long enough to be sold and then is no longer the problem of the owner It was outlawed Jason uses this process on Taylor as punishment which causes pain but eventually turns her on I was left feeling slightly squicked out I didn t find it hot at all, in fact it edged toward cruel for me.I enjoyed the simplicity of the life Jason was trying to build even if it completely felt like a religious commune you might see raided on the news Had I liked him I think I would have been on board with what he was trying to do but his obstinence and high handedness just took most of the enjoyment out of it for me Taylor was a strong heroine and I wanted her to be happy and at times I thought she degraded herself a bit just to make him happy I liked when she stood up for herself and finally told him to stop and to take a look around and see what was happening I m not sure if spanking her will ever stop her displays of temper though.I only had one other gripe Jason s sister, who is supposedly locked in a childs mind because the trauma of her parents death when she was 10 was just to much for her to handle She sees everything through a childs happy go lucky eyes and Jason takes his role as her protector extremely seriously Up until the last part of the book she is portrayed as being mentally handicapped in a way Unable to function as an adult and forever a child trapped in an adult body She meets a man and very quickly the tables are turned and she s re emerging as someone who has the capacity to become someones lover Um no You can t portray a character as being handicapped and then tell me it magically starts going away when she meets a man That just doesn t happen Either needed to be seen through her eyes to make the reader understand she wasn t as bad off as her brother thought or she needed to just be, no man.While I have enjoyed past books by Hensely, this one failed to pull me in and often left me wanting to smack the hero upside the head While the actual sex scenes, minus the figging, were hot and well wrote the connection between the characters was missing for me which made the book merely a surface read I loved Taylor and her outrageous personality and that alone kept me reading.I give Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley 3 stars Hippie pseudo Wiccan girl meets the Domestic Discipline Amish guy This story is above all, a romance fairy tale Taylor McKnight could be termed as an herbal entrepreneur if one were to be generous She s of a flighty con artist or a snake oil salesman is what they called it in the old days She runs a foul with Jason Winters Jason is protective of his childlike adult sister and feels Taylor is taking advantage of her With a lawsuit and hot headed accusations, somehow the two agree upon experimenting with domestic discipline and moving to an alternative community At this point, I m both skeptical and incredulous I have to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the interaction between Taylor and Jason plus the Domestic Discipline It s the fun spanking and anal which keeps this at a 3 star for me.Here are some things that bothered me, and it could just be me and my analytical mind This concept to have a place where it is using old fashion morale isn t exactly new There was a movie called The Village which follows along this philosophy The difference, the person who created the village in the movie was a multi billionaire I m confused in this story, how Jason found the funding to create this village Then I started worrying about sustaining it The land is still taxed How do they pay the real estate taxes How do they afford to keep the animals Where are all the building supplies coming from Do they have electricity It s almost like an Amish town, but not The Amish still have interaction with the rest of the world through selling handcrafted furniture to support their community needs Yes, these questions and kept distracting me while I was reading These holes in the plot for me were anxiety causing because I m the type who likes financial security Since this story is in a contemporary setting, I couldn t stop thinking how implausible this would be, even though I know it is fiction I recommend to ensure the world building is robust when the storyline is set in current times It will help keep the reader in the story and enjoying the plot rather than questioning how the F does this work Since it could just be a select few and myself who have issues with this, I didn t mark it against the rating As mentioned before, the 3 star is because I really enjoy domestic discipline themes This one was light and fun The punishments were funishments rather than truly a discipline Jason went easy on Taylor I found Taylor to be a bit emotional and a drama queen She wasn t a character I could relate to or liked Jason was a bit too idealist for me My favourite character was Jason s sister Mandy She was childlike at times, but wise in matters of love This book is recommended for readers looking for a light spanking theme. Taylor McKnight makes her living pretending to be a witch Jason Winters is not happy that his younger, traumatized sister has befriended the con woman and intends to stop Taylor from cheating people Except that he becomes quite taken by the sexy scam artist and instead wants her to come play house with him in his 1800s style utopia where men are men and the women know their place What s a pretend witch to do, but take him up on his offer This latest domestic discipline erotic romance novel by Alta Hensley is a sure fan pleaser, featuring a feisty heroine, a dominant but protective hero, erotic sex scenes and hot spankings and some other punishments too Although I did not agree with the reasons for some of the spankings and would have liked detail about Jason s 1800s ranch, I enjoyed the story and found it to be a fast paced, entertaining read DD fans should pick this one up.