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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♡ Safe Heart (Blood Dragon, #1) ♸ When Vampire Jaden Beayer Is Kidnapped And Tortured, Weredragon Enforcer Kiellen Henley Is Assigned To Find Her After Her Recovery, Kiellen Agrees To Help Jaden Track Down The Humans Responsible And Exact Revenge On Them The Problem Is, Jaden Feels Kiellen Is The Missing Ingredient For Her Complete Recovery Even If He Is A Weredragon, And Off Limits After All, Who Can Resist A Guy So Hot The Ground He Walks Upon SteamsKiellen Believes Jaden Has Mistaken Gratitude For Attraction, And Despite His Overpowering Need, He Rejects Her Attempts At Seduction As They Face Violence And Betrayal, And Jaden S Quest For Revenge Becomes One For Justice, Kiellen S Resistance Evolves Into Acceptance And Love But A Relationship Between Them Could Endanger The Fragile Truce Between Weredragons And Vampires, And Could Mean The Death Sentence For Them Both See my review here and Vampires have been enemies for centuries So after the weredragon and Enforcer Kiellen Henley had rescued the vampire being tortured it should be a job considered done right Not At All He is drawn to her and cannot comprehend why Jaden, trying her best to recover and seek revenge, for some reason only finds safety in the weredragon s arms A hot read that has plenty of action and a great story line as well Daniels will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens with the conflicted lovers. This story was just ok I found that everything that happened outside of the main character s bubble was nothingthan a vehicle for sex There really wasn t much of a story outside if that Stuff just kinda happened with no follow through The characters seemed to do littlethen screw like bunnies and flagellate themselves over their doomed relationship The why s weren t really answered I think maybe I ve been hanging around my 6 yr old too much I like to know why things are the way they are and don t like the author pulling a because I say so and not explaining anything All in all it was good, just not as fantastic as I was lead to believe. I was a little apprehensive when I first began this I m on a reading kick and just like when I get snack cravings, I m having trouble finding the one that will hit the right spot with my reading So, it took a little while for me to get into this one then it probably would have otherwise However, when I did, it did grab my attention and I really enjoyed the read A lot of theintimate parts seemed quite repetitive after a while, but it wasn t too much Still having that book craving that hasn t been touched, though, so now I m off for a different type maybe I ll go visit a the Scottish Highlands and see if some magic comes from it. ugh Didnt finish this one It was ridiculous She s a vampire, she can read minds and control people So why are they running around like idiots He s a bullet proof dragon, so why s he unconscious after a shot in the shoulder and what does he need to go around checking the windows to make sure a place hasnt been disturbed Safe Heart is absolutely a great book I loved the story line It isn t your typical love story Throughout the book there is humor that had me laughing I love how in one moment, I m smiling at the banter between the characters and then in the next moment, I m breathing slower while they are in the midst of a sexual encounter The characters are a well thought out group I like the interaction between them Well written Great plot A great add to your tbr list Definitely recommended. 3.5A vampire is taken, it s up to a weredragon to save her With an attraction that goes against everything they believe in, can they overcome the odds in order to get the justice they deserve The characters were very good, but the story line was predictable and it felt like it dragged on a bit in places. loved the storyline, a must read.romance, action, thriller Several times I was tempted to DNF this book, but I read faster and managed to finish it A book with weredragons and vampires that are prejudiced against each other, but work well in the Enforcers I liked the concept of weredragons, but found the lead vampire a bit tedious You would never know she was as old or as experienced as she was since she usually acted as though she were a young human woman All of her special abilities only come out at the most dire moments, for no particular reason I could tell She is unable to defend herself until things have gotten really bad, then she suddenly has skills The romance and its driven nature was also tedious to me It simply meant they had to stop and have sex a lot even though they were in danger and it could cause problems And the misunderstanding at the end that was not believable and turned our alpha hero into a soppy guy wasting away for love was annoying. Rate 4 1 2 stars