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MarkedI really loved this I couldn t put it down Very interesting story with all the twists it deserves Going to delve into the next one.BetrayedReally good I just couldn t put it down until the best friend part Had to give myself some grieving time. I really got pulled right into this book from page one It s witch vampire wiccan goddess creepy undead, a bit of everything It also has that teenager rescued from a bad family situation to head to magic school like the Harry Potter storyline without making it feel like a copycat book Loved that this was a special book housing both books one and two and found two other series that start with 2 books in one I will definitely follow this series thru @READ KINDLE æ The Beginning (House of Night, #1-2) ë When Sixteen Year Old Zoey Redbird Is Marked By A Vampyre Tracker And Begins To Undergo The Change Into An Actual Vampyre, She Has To Leave Her Family And Move Into The House Of Night, A Boarding School In Tulsa, Oklahoma, For Other Fledgling Vampyres Like Her It S Tough To Begin A New Life Away From Her Parents And Friends, And On Top Of That, Zoey Finds She Is No Average Fledgling She Has Been Singled Out By The Vampyre Goddess, Nyx Although Zoey Has Awesome New Powers, It S Hard To Fit In When Everyone Knows She S Special As She Tries To Make New Friends And Maybe Find A Hot Boyfriend Or Two , She Comes Up Against All Kinds Of Evil, From The Perfect Looking, Super Popular Girl With Not So Faultless Plans, To The Mysterious Deaths Happening At The House Of Night And All Over Tulsa Things At The House Of Night Are Not Always What They Seem Can Zoey Find The Courage Deep Within Herself To Discover The Truth And Embrace Her Destiny This series really is an awesome series BRAVO to mother and daughter who are the authors you both have talent and both together have FANTASTIC writing abilities Its a refreshing vampire story, it has good people, bad people, bad turns to good and vice versa It is a thrilling fast paced read It grips you from page one and doesn t let go not even when you go all the way to book 5, its an addiction of good reading You will fall in love with the characters, tears will be shed, you will be rooting for some of the characters and booing for others I am telling you this series is a heck of a fun, addicting roller coaster ride of suspense, romance, vampires and so much LOVED IT and I am always on the lookout for books by these authors So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy you will not regret it Marked 3 starsI think if I had read this a couple years back I would had enjoy this.Betrayed DNFI made it to chapter 6, I could not do. The bind up of books 1, Marked, and 2, Betrayed I loved both of these books and can t wait to continue the series Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in urban fantasy and kickass and sassy vampyres that s how they spell it in the book I stopped reading this book after I read Marked simply because I didn t have time to finish it. Okay so since this is a 2 in 1 book i have a lot of things to say about it So the first book was completely awesome Zoey was totally relatable, a normal kid just trying to survive an emotionally abusive home, gets marked by the Goddess, Nyx The goddess even blesses her, saying she is destined for great things basically She is then brought to the House of Night There she meets the High Priestess Neferet Neferet is everything Zoey wishes her mom was, and even immediately adopts the nickname Zoey s grandmother has given her Almost instantly after meeting the Perfect mentor, Zoey meets her perfect nemesis, Aphrodite Aphrodite is the stereotypical mean girl head cheerleader P.C And Kristin Cast do a wonderful job at making me hate Aphrodite As the book continues, Zoey learns of her powers and makes four best friends Stevie Rae, Damien, Erin, and Shaunee And they, along with Aphrodite s hunky ex Superman looking boyfriend, teach Zoey about the world of Vampyres The book ends with Aphrodite showing her ineptitude at magic and leading when she does a summoning ritual on Halloween that goes horribly wrong and Zoey and her newfound friends save the day Neferet appears and punishes Aphrodite and rewards Zoey The Book had me invested from start to finish and things played out as one would expect to a satisfactory conclusion However it is book two that I start having problems Things are flipped on their head rather hickory and for seemingly odd reasons Without any sort of transition, Neferet s personality switches from caring mother mentor to sneaky manipulative snake She acts out this change in obvious way and yet only Zoey and Aphrodite are able to see it Aphrodite is no longer a mean girl, but instead we are expected to feel sorry for her because we get to see that her parents are rich jerks, and then excuse her behavior in Book 1 Zoey s four best friends almost constantly antagonize Aphrodite calling her a hag and a ho and yet we learn in book 2 that Erin and Shaunee are also sexually active like Aphrodite and yet they aren shamed for it Then the worst part of it all is that all four of Zoey s friends are gifted with elemental power and then not two hours later Steve Rae DIES By the end of the book we learn that Neferet is killing fledglings for some unknown reason and then resurrecting them Neferet even threatens Zoey at the end of the book with Zoey replying back in a I m not scared of you kinda way All in all I am still going to read this series because there are too many question I have but I m liking Zoey less and less and I hope that there are no abrupt changes in personalities. I have never disliked a protagonist so much It was almost painful to read from her pov Between the slut shaming and I m not like other girls BS There was just nothing redeemable about her or her character The one boy that isn t throwing himself at her feet fits every teenage boy gay stereotype there could possibly be It s almost as if the authors had never actually met a person that wasn t heterosexual in their lives, and just drew inspiration from every stereotype they saw on sex and the city It was just so bad This was an interesting idea, just not executed well. overall pretty boring series zoey s moral dilemmas never seem to end and she has hots for every guy possible teacher, actor,warrior or normal dumb guy cultural references are good I thinksomehow I find the whole future resting on one persons actions thing too far stretched.high school scenario is shown too I know I sound like I am cribbing but zoey is boring period.