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Like the first book I read by this author, I thought I wouldn t like it once it took its first turn, but again the author sucked me in. Bill of Human Wrongs is a fast paced political thriller that will rivet you to your chair until you are finished The author has come up with a very interesting concept for the book and you, the reader, are drawn into a web of deceit and greed so great that some things may change forever.The characters, Claire Winslow, Rachel Ross and Eve Hart are on a collision course Claire, a popular senator from Washington is the swing vote on a new bill coming up in the Senate, SB 1257 If passed, the bill could do irreparable damage to women and minorities.Four male senators stand behind the creation of the bill and will stop at nothing to get it passed Claire may be in danger if she doesn t heed their warnings Rachel, a newscaster, will not back down and runs her daily television spot her way Eve acts like she s in another world and she has problems of her own The three women meet in a very unusual coffee shop and find themselves on parallel courses as they fight for what s right.What if you could see into the future Would it change the decisions you make in life Could one vote actually change the world Read this captivating book to find out the answer Ms Michaels is one of my new favorite authors I think you ll agree Read Pdf ☢ Bill of Human Wrongs ♲ Claire Winslow Has Nightmares Nearly Every Night, Reliving The Event When Her Sister Killed A Man, And Then Shot Herself The Man Had Been A Prominent CEO Of An Electronics Company, A Powerhouse Citizen In Their Small Town, Her Sister S Rapist Twenty Years Later, Claire Winslow, Now A US Republican Senator From The State Of Washington Is An Advocate For Women S Rights Her National Platform Gives Her The Power To Be Heard And Make A Difference In Protecting Women Against Unfair PracticesClaire Is About To Be TestedSenate Bill Is Set To Be Released With Only A Week To Read Before The Vote This Bill Attempts To Modify The Constitution In A Way That Could Change The Future Lives Of Not Only Women, But All Non White Citizens In The Country The Senate Is Dominated By The Republican Party The Authors Of The Bill Have Every Republican On Board To Sign The Bill Except For Claire WinslowAnd They Need Her VoteThis Thriller Leads Us Through The Life Of Claire Winslow During A Time When The People Around Her Will Stop At Nothing To Win Her Vote The Bill Is Full Of Changes That Claire Cannot Vote For But Her Re Election Is Coming Up Is She Help To Women As A Senator Does She Keep Her Position By Voting For This Horrendous Bill Then Claire Meets Eve HartEve Lives In A Different World From Claire S, A Place That Might Be The Creation Of SB Eve Could Be A Product, A Futuristic Outcome From This SB Claire Is Having Her Nocturnal Nightmares Depicting The Last Moments Of Her Sister S Life, Her Party S Pressures Nasty Tricks Are Taking A Toll On Her There Are Only A Few Days Left Before The Vote, When Claire Learns Something So Dreadful, So Unthinkable What Will Claire Do With This Knowledge The Bill of Human Wrongs is an exciting look at how political decisions today can effect life in the future Interweaving the present with the future, this book looks at current issues and the struggle of a Senator as she decides on how to vote on life changing bills Only in this surreal setting does one get to see the impact of their decision years into the future.This quick and fun read sends a message without being preachy C Michaels does a great job of developing characters and sprinkles in a dose of current day personalities that I m sure you ll recognize While the election is just around the corner, this book should be a must read in every election cycle. This book is one of the most creative stories I have ever read Within the first two chapters, or I guess 2 3rds of a chapter every chapter has a few stories , every pre conceived notion I had for the book was shattered, only to be shattered again later on The book has a great mix of characters and their lives as well as lots of storyline There is most certainly a science fiction element to the book, but it isn t so strong that the characters lose their humanity and they become unreachable It isn t like any book I have ever read, or like anything I usually read, but I really enjoyed it and will definitely look for books from this author. The Bill of Human Wrongs by C Michaels is an exhilarating narrative that raises important questions around our political system It expands on a shocking future if the implementation of a harmful bill is left in the wrong hands.It s storyline makes use of a unique range of characters who need to make extremely difficult choices in order to influence the outcome of the future events inside their society, politics and religion.Michaels puts forth a horrifying futuristic scenario by demonstrating how the truth about right and wrong can be distorted and influenced by the leaders in politics.This book will sparkle the reader s imagination in every way It invites us to re think about what we want for our society and how our decisions shape the outcome of our future I highly recommend reading it while having a cup of coffee and a scone Not what I was expecting. Interesting and scary to see how fear can make the world go so wrong IMAGINE A POLITICAL THRILLER WRITTEN BY ROD SERLING United States Senator Claire Winslow is a character we could use of in real life She s a politician with morals, backbone, and strong sense of justice She s plagued by her sister s murder suicide Her sibling, unable to get justice, kills her rapist, a powerful industrialist, and turns the gun on herself This changes the course of Claire s life, taking her into politics, an arena where she hopes she can aid other women.Book is set in a crucial time in America s history The Senate is set to take up a proposed constitutional amendment that will rewrite all of our fundamental guarantees Religion, rather than law, will be supreme Equal rights will be a thing of the past Vigilante justice will be allowed to replace the rule of law Claire struggles with the dilemma of siding with her party and voting for the measure or opposing it and risking her political future and the unspoken promises made to her sister.The book interweaves the story of Eve, a wealthy housewife who is witness to a vigilant murder in her neighborhood Eventually, the stories of Claire and Eve combine in a way that was unforseen It left this reader smiling in amazement.C Michaels has a crisp writing style well suited to a political thriller genre The pacing is effortless and the story unfolds masterfully.I finished it in a single sitting I could not put it down and neither will you. Gripping and Satisfying A blockbuster.From the first couple of pages, of Bill of Human Wrongs I knew I would enjoy C Michaels story.The book delivers the tale of two women, who fight to save their country Eve Hart, front runner in courage and honesty, and Claire Winslow, the senator from Washington DC., who toils with the responsibility of continuing her fight for women s rights, or be thrown out of the game of politics if she doesn t play by the good old boys rules These good old boys, a fearless foursome, stop at nothing to intimidate her They even go so far as to threaten her career, her reputation, and make a last ditch effort to buy her vote by threatening the lives of her loved ones What happens to Eve Hart is another story that you will have to read to fully understand the scope Of C Michaels storytelling talent.Michaels own game is fast, unrelenting in its purpose to deliver a powerful message as she has us turning the pages while holding our breath at times fearing what might come next, yet unable to look away The mark of an excellent writer to keep its readers enthralled and hoping for Michaels delivers and does not disappoint While running through the pages, I remembered the feeling I had when speeding through the Celestine Prophecy C Michaels is also the author of Cross Roads and No Fear, all of which can be found