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. [[ Free Epub ]] ⇰ தேசாந்திரி[Desanthiri] ⇯ , ,. Best to know about many places in India we can get knowledge of history, culture about many places around us. Unlike other travel books, S Ramakrishnan has looked in to the subtle nuances of the life during the various travels that he made Normally people think of a travel book as something that is prepared, very luxurious sort of a thing, flight travel, serene beauty, positive outlook of the places etc But this brings out the things that most people would not even care to look at but of utmost value to a culture, civilization etc Especially the articles about the Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library, The Mathematical Genius Ramanujam s house that is still maintained in the same condition as it was in his times, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Nalanda University, The desert and much Very good read indeed . Want to know India Read it , 1 2. Good one from a great S.Ramakrishnan Teaches the importance of travel..After reading this book, I became curious to visit all the places that author has visited.