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I have so many feelings about this right now. Right in front of you is a mouth watering pudding which whispers promises of a guaranteed time in heaven with each bite but just as you ve your first bite, you realize something is missing You re sure tour taste buds made a mistake because looks can t be that deceiving, right So you take another bite This time toy realize something is definitely missing, maybe low sugar content But you still eat because the same chef just yesterday made the best chocolate pie in the world and it s pudding after all, isn t it The Runaway King was exactly this for me a pudding without the right measurement of sugar or to be precise, a book without enough adrenaline And I read this just for my love for Sage just as I d eat the pudding just for the sake of my love for desserts So what happensThe pirates wanted my life, Vargan wanted my country, and my reagents wanted to paint rainbows over reality and claim all was well.Bitter with the burden of a kingdom on his shoulders, the free spirited boy king Jaron finds himself in a tangled mess with lack of internal support, external threats and an unfavorable public pinion In order to save the kingdom, Jaron decides to go from reckless to responsible by going to the lair of devils and in the least, reduce the threat of war from one side the Pirates So what went wrongFor one thing, when I heard of the pirates I went bananas with excitement I knew some real awesome ness was coming my way and given Sage s personality, it would be awesomeness with a layer of marvelous toppings.But like they say Never built castles in the air Why, I hear you sayBecause the pirates weren t as barbaric or dangerous or bonkers as you d expect Rather they were an organized lot with a code of conduct and laws governing their world And the pirate king was the most tolerant, patient and inexperienced villain I ve ever met Initially there was an expression of Nobody comes back from the pirates Now as a well read reader, you know by experience that Jaron will come back but you d expect it with the aid of a cunning as a fox mind and the tricks of a devil.Rather everything happened with a stroke of luck, a bunch of coincidences and teddy bear opponents And frankly, a bit of nonsense view spoiler such as Imogen having easily penetrated the God damn dangerously awful pirates even before Jaron and tricking the sea monsters by knives all with zilch suspicious hide spoiler Just Imogen and JaronWhy this star crossed lovers situation Why Jennifer Nielsen As if I haven t suffered enough from Percy and Annabeth at the end of The Mark of Athena Sheesh Princess Amarinda is a nice young lady and all, I mean we simply cannot hate her But come on we all know Jaron and Imogen are MEANT to be together.They are the couple right next to Percy and Annabeth That s right, PERCABETH Now, I think Jennifer Nielsen did a wonderful job at recapturing Jaron s stubborn ignorance and short tempered annoyance, yet his sensitive side and good heart holds true The jokes are brilliant as usual from Jaron, it never fails to make me crack a smile And Roden yes, we all agree that he was quite the annoying character, always in denial about the identity of Sage and Jaron But as the story progresses, he will turn into a character presumed as a bad ass in my dictionary.I also adore Fink In the beginning, you will immediately think this kid as the most annoying face of the planet But he grows to be a boy that helps enlightens the dark and difficult times in Jaron s adventure with the pirates.But I must say the tension was a lot alive in The False Prince The twist and turns were a lot predictable in The Runaway King, but it is definitely a fun read This is the series I m following while I wait in agonizing pain for my Heroes of Olympus to release every October of the year But now Imogen and Jaron have the cliche we can t be together because our worlds are different issue, I m even depressed Final book of The Ascendance Trilogy, I await you Yesterday at the baseball game I was looking for a young friend, but her mom told me that she was in the car, reading When she joined us, I asked what she was reading and her little face lit up when she said The Runaway King Then she told me she already couldn t wait for the final book in this series Since it so happens that I absolutely adore this trilogy, I sent it to her this morning Along with one other treasure by Ms Nielsen And I am at least as excited as she will be Before the ink was dry on my glowing review of The False Prince, the first in the Ascendance Trilogy , I was deep into The Runaway King This is the second book in the Ascendance Trilogy and it is absolutely everything that I hope for in a continuation.We met King Jaron earlier, when he was Sage aka Prince Jaron hiding away in an orphanage He was stubborn, argumentative.a total wise guy, but he had a pure heart Now, his identity established, Jaron will rule Carthya He only needs to survive the attempts on his life and thwart the pirate invasion to do so.On the eve of his family s funeral, Jaron learns that he has 10 days before the Avenian pirates, supported by King Vargan, wage war on Carthya His army simply cannot prepare to defend his country in such a short time His only choice is to stop the invasion Thus begins a suspenseful adventure, packed with action and intrigue.While The Runaway King features thrilling sword fights, death defying escape attempts and fool hardy challenges, it also demonstrates strong will, resolve and determination All along his journey, Jaron is forced to evaluate the few people close to him There are false loyalties, and they must be weeded out Friendship needs to be re established with Roden, the ferocious, vendetta seeking enemy consumed by his desire to destroy Jaron Above all, Jaron must protect those that have supported and assisted him along the way.To me, Jaron is the ultimate character for a Middle Grade book Outwardly, he appears flippant, arrogant and condescending He may truly possess and exhibit those characteristics, but they are not the ones that define the person he is Rather, the reader gets to know a determined young man that must pursue that which is right With a heart so pure and true, Jaron is driven to protect those he cares about and the country that he loves He is a fine example of a true hero The Runaway King was just released in March, so I have no idea how long I will need to wait for the conclusion but I am confident that, however, long it will be worth the wait UPDATE It WAS It totally was worth the wait The Shadow Throne could serve as a perfect example of what readers want, what we need from a conclusion Review is coming soon This review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore. Very entertaining and never boring, but I preferred the first one.RTC perhaps After the awesomeness that was book 1 read my review for book here, I held high expectation for book 2 Woah did I regret doing that Book 2 exercised my suspension of disbelief hard Immediately, there were signs portending disappointment Towards the ending, they bloomed like prickly weeds, and I was left with a rather bitter taste as if I literally ate a weed the protagonistJaron bugged me He was rude to the people who didn t deserve it No, I did not care it was intended to distance and shield them from the danger of being around him It was juvenile and short sighted The times when Jaron was kind, he was kind mostly to the people who didn t deserve it They should have been killed for the sake of his life and the relief of my great annoyance Goodness was I annoyed How many times does someone have to try to kill you before you accept the fact that they don t just like you Honestly.I stopped thinking Jaron was clever and started seeing him in full display as a Gary Stu The plot forced itself to portray him as clever when in reality nothing he did was actually clever but instead was reckless He succeeded only by an incredible amount of luck So much luck that I swear I could hear the story s internal logic cracking like an elephant on thin ice How Jaron overcame obstacle after obstacle, each seemingly insurmountable than the previous, was difficult to digest RodenFor 99% of the book, I could not understand for the life of me why Jaron insisted on obtaining Roden s loyalty when Roden did nothing to earn it Nothing at all Roden was homicidal towards Jaron and not to mention useless I was waiting for Roden to die like the expendable villain that he was What happened to Jaron and Roden towards the end left me flabbergasted and steamed When Jaron revealed his reasons for why he wanted Roden at the end, I immediately called bullshit Utter, utter bullshit I seriously questioned Jaron s competence to rule as king Hell, I questioned his intelligence I think all that fighting and blood loss Jaron went through obliterated some brain cells the piratesThe book spent an inordinate amount of the plot developing the bad dudes fearsome reputation When the reader, via Jaron, finally met them, they turned out to be less fearsome than the countryside robbers Jaron encountered in the middle of the book These pirates respected and protected their female servants They adhered to a pirate s code and kept their promises like honorable knights They weren t greedy as they were said to be, because if they were they would have tortured Jason until he confessed the location of the kingdom s treasury They were basically good guys in bad guys clothes who were no bloodthirsty than the average soldier The only actual bad guy in the bunch was the leader of the pirates, and how things ended with him, so ridiculously contrived, made me want to slap somebody It seriously discredited the leader as a swordmaster and cracked the plot s internal logic some the love triangleI didn t really believe there was a love triangle in book 1, but to my disgust book 2 proved me wrong Imogen and Jaron like each other but can t be together, because Jaron is a king and Amarinda is promised to be the king s wife The romance between Imogen and Jaron was about as convincing and real as a flying pig, and as terrible to read as if that flying pig shit on my head I felt I got shit on some when I read how the issue resolved itself Isn t this book supposed to be a Middle Grade I know I tagged it Young Adult, but the publisher list the book as Middle Grade Love triangle in a Middle Grade Has Young Adult been infested by a nearby genre with its laziness AmarindaI felt really bad for Amarinda No one wanted her Hell, it seemed like even the series doesn t want her She still played an important role in book 2, but barely As the story progressed, it was getting to look like the character was introduced in the series as an afterthought Book 2 never developed her beyond the tragic princess from some far away, forgettable kingdom book 1 established her to be For all the talks about how Jaron s kingdom was in danger and they have no allies, why did no one ever ask Amarinda s kingdom for help Why couldn t Amarinda or Jaron break off the engagement Because the story said so is not an answer, but that was what essentially was given Did anyone ever bother to tell Amarinda s kingdom that the dude she was supposed to marry, Jaron s big brother, is dead, and Jaron is now her new fiance If so, what did they think Where were the political ramifications Too many questions, and none of them answered Once I started examining Amarinda s backstory, I saw how poorly it was developed I saw the lack of a strong reason for her character I started cynically thinking the only reason she was in the series to make for a ridiculous, shitty love triangle In ConclusionI rate The Runaway King 3 stars for I liked it Surprised Me too In spite of all the issues, I managed to enjoy the storysomewhat The pacing was fast so I never had a long moment to dwell on the issues as they popped up There was a good twist, some wrapping up of loose ends, and great progress made in the series overall I didn t even mind the cliffhanger ending, though half of that was due to the lowering of expectation and subsequent loss of anticipation for the next book One thing was for sure, I wasn t bored at least.Fair warning That 3 stars is provisional I will downrate if book 3 sucks ass because how the series is overall affects my very subjective ratings Hell, even book 1 s 5 stars rating is provisional. I ve never been so happy after reading a second book in a trilogy This series changed everything I ve dreaded when reading a 2nd book because it is often times the downer,do you agree And now,I am telling you that this is the perfect sequel to the first book,that I found myself instantly drawn into the story as it picks up where the first one ended And again,I loved everything in this book as the story and the adventures of the MC resumed to amaze me If you loved SAGE in The False Prince,you ll surely love him even here because of his braveness,strength,talent,and his cunningness or his strategic mind.In here,new characters were introduced including the pirates and the thieves who contributed a lot in the excitement and supense of the plot.But then,the supporting characters were always the ones who bring so much in the story,particulary my favorites Mott,Imogen,Tobias,Amarinda,plus Fink and Harlowe.There were heart pounding moments in this book where you would feel the panic,worry and fear for the MC,as he struggle to save his friends,his people and his country There were times that I laughed out loud to some of Sage s amazing dialogues.And there were moments that I really cried because the author incredibly created a wonderful friendship in this sequel So yes Jennifer A Nielsen has done it again You got to start reading this series now To my friends who recommended this series to me,I ll be forever thankful to you PANG,MUSE IC,MASOOMA,and ALAFIYA.You may also check their awesome reviews &READ PDF ⇲ The Runaway King ✑ The Thrilling Sequel To Jennifer A Nielsen S Blockbuster NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller THE FALSE PRINCE Now In Paperback A Kingdom Teetering On The Brink Of Destruction A King Gone Missing Who Will Survive Just Weeks After Jaron Has Taken The Throne, An Assassination Attempt Forces Him Into A Deadly Situation Rumors Of A Coming War Are Winding Their Way Between The Castle Walls, And Jaron Feels The Pressure Quietly Mounting Within Carthya Soon, It Becomes Clear That Deserting The Kingdom May Be His Only Hope Of Saving It But The Further Jaron Is Forced To Run From His Identity, The He Wonders If It Is Possible To Go Too Far Will He Ever Be Able To Return Home Again Or Will He Have To Sacrifice His Own Life In Order To Save His Kingdom The Stunning Second Installment Of The Ascendance Trilogy Takes Readers On A Roller Coaster Ride Of Treason And Murder, Thrills And Peril, As They Journey With The Runaway King Oh look, im dnf ing this Curse you Jennifer A Nielsen Curse you for ripping out my heart and stepping on it and making me die a sad, bookless death Ugh Anyyyway, OH MY GOSH THIS BOOK WAS PERFECTION Like, seriously Okay, let s start with characters Roden actually showed dimension We didn t see much of Tobias, but I liked him when I read about him Let s just say this WHY DO ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS BECOME EVIL OR DIE Good thing my favorite character decided to be awesome in the end Now, in my review for The False Prince, I said I was nervous about the love triangle thing that would happen in this book I am so glad to say that I had nothing to worry about The romance was minimal Small spoiler, though it is sort of obvious spoilers removed Anyway, not much romance Mostly just action and awesome and sweet glory We don t see much of Amarinda, but I love reading it when she s in there The nice friendship between Jaron and Amarinda is amazing, especially since they are meant to be married to each other They both have small reasons to not love each other, but come to a mutual agreement, and I LOVE THEM But seriously, this book isn t about who should end up with who I actually liked this book than The False Prince, which is saying something Most of the time, second books aren t better than first In my opinion, this was Because there were spoilers removed.Okay, so, I probably shouldn t say this, but I feel like a love triangle will actually be prominent in the third book, just because the ending hints at it a lot I really like Amarinda and Imogen Two of the most amazing female characters ever Imogen does do what most typical YA female characters do which is do the opposite of what they re told to do , but she actually apologizes for her mistakes AND she actually had a reason to go against Jaron s orders Sigh Imogen and Amarinda are so perfect.Roden was awesome I was surprised at how much he changed from the first book Luckily common sense stole him Good, because he s awesome Jaron is amazing, as always I love LOVE his sarcastic tone He goes through a LOT in this book, but he always keeps that sarcasm He thinks things through, but doesn t hint at thinking them through, if that makes sense So yeah This book, The Runaway King, is amazing and flawless Not much trouble with pacing at all Seriously, this series stole my soul I have to wait over a year to get the third book and this book left off with such an awful cliffhanger I was scared to finish the book because I knew a cliffhanger would happen and it did.So curse you Jennifer A Nielsen Curse you for writing such an amazing book And curse you for making me wait to read the next installment Curse you for making me read this book instead of doing homework And lastly, curse you for making me fall in love with yet another fictional character Thanks for writing an awesome book Can t wait for the next one Now it s time to hibernate until the next book comes out.