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Selvom det er en lille og, giver den et fint indblik i Irlands historie og nogle af n glepersonerne. This book was recommended to me by my tour guide in Ireland It is wonderfully succinct as it covers the hidStory of the island from the Stone Age to present day It gave me a much better appreciation for what the people have lived through and also a good understanding of the waves of emigration from Ireland I read it after my trip but it would have also been a good introduction for those planning a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♩ A Pocket History of Ireland ⚕ Encompassing Stories Of Some Of Ireland S Best Known Characters As Well As Key Moments In Ireland S Past, This Pocket History Recalls The Country S Struggles Through Dark Times, Its Successes, Its People And Places The Wealth Of Irish Culture And Tradition Is Described As Well As The Key Events And People That Have Shaped The Country Today An excellent little book. Perfectly summarized the main points in Irish History Best souvenir I bought in Ireland The was a great short recap of the entire Irish history It is no replacement for a true history book if a true and deep understanding of Ireland s traumatic and bloody past but, for someone with very limited knowledge on the subject and wants to know , this book is perfect Plus, for a book that is solely a history book, I found it very interesting and read the last 56% in one sitting. Excellent Tout savoir sur ce merveilleux pays Merci frangine Short notes very readible for somebody who knows nothing about the history of Ireland Begrippenlijst was wel prettig geweest Mistte een tijdlijn Pictures were pretty. By rights, a book this small shouldn t be a success in trying to tell the story of an entire nation And yet, it doesand with a terrific and astonishing amount of detail for such a compact work If you see this on the shelf and think of it as nothingthan a tourist souvenir book, you couldn t bemistaken This is the archetype for all works that claim to be concise, informative, and readable. A very interesting read especially having visited a lot of the places mentioned It really helped me understand the rich history, the fight for freedom and hardships It s also rather honest and describes the bloody and sometimes violent means the Irish also undertook showing us their humanity Even if you don t visit Ireland, it s still worth reading.