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the way Lisa Jackson tells story of three main characters in this novel is quite entertaining it s like we re taken to travel to three places where each of it containing one woman who have suffered from horrible high school moment unfortunately, i couldn t find this book thrilling the story about each main character s romance life is taking this novel way too far out of the theme predictability in this novel is caused by the usual the most unlikely murderer is the murderer type Lisa Jackson feeds too little information for the readers to logically guess the murderer Instead of making the novel interesting, this cliche makes me disappointed i read barely half the novel, guessed the murderer, see the last pages and found that i was right i hardly read the third part of the story and never picked up the novel again since then. Plot was given away about 1 2 way through the book with little surprises left once you figure out who is wrecking the havoc on the high school classmates Too many predictable reunions Only redeeming entertainment value was that book was written in 3 sections by 3 different authors, so there s some fun to be had in trying to find inconsistencies and differences in style throughout. [Download Epub] ☥ Most Likely to Die ⚆ New York Times Bestselling Authors Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, And Wendy Corsi Staub Join Forces To Create A Thrilling Novel About Love, Revenge, And The Dark Secrets Three Women Hold To A Terrifying MurderA Killer Who Gets Away With Murder OnceIt S Been Twenty Years Since The Night Jake Marcott Was Brutally Murdered At St Elizabeth High School It S A Night That Shattered The Lives Of Lindsay Farrell, Kirsten Daniels, And Rachel Alsace It S A Night They Ll Never Forget A Killer Will Make Sure Of That Finds It Easier To Kill Again A Year Reunion Has Been Scheduled For St Elizabeth S For Some Alumni, Very Special Invitations Have Been Sent Their Smiling Senior Pictures Slashed By An Angry Red Line And AgainAnd Again Most Likely To Die contains three connected stories by three different authors Part One Kristen, by Lisa Jackson, was my least favorite of the three, and I would only rate it three stars To be fair, it may have been my least favorite because of the way it had use so much space to introduce most of the characters and set up the story I did find Kristen and Ross Delmonico, the main characters in this part of the story, to be likeable, but I felt that their story together wasn t given enough depth Part Two Lindsay, by Wendy Corsi Staub was enjoyable for me I enjoyed the intereaction between the main characters, Lindsay Farrell and Wyatt Goddard, and I would give it four stars Beverly Barton s contribution, Part Three Rachel, was my favorite part of the book, and I would give it 4.5 stars I enjoyed the story of Rachel Alsace and Dean McMichaels, but what I liked best was the closure that Barton gave to the previous stories, as well as her own A dance at St Elizabeth s Catholic School in Portland turns into a nightmare for a group of girls as a boy, Jake Marcott, that they all love and admire is murdered The killer is not identified, and the tight friendship between three of the girls is tested by the murder When their tragic senior year of high school ends, the three all but lose touch Twenty years later, St Elizabeth s is closing, and this group of former students who have never had a reuinion due to the tragedy decides to finally get together As a committee begins to meet to plan the reunion, some of the members begin to receive disturbing messages Committee members begin dying as Jake s killer seeks vengeance on the group of women who were in Jake s circle as girls Kristen, Lindsay, and Rachel are all targeted by Jake s killer As they come to terms with the past, they each find love.The way that all of the novellas in this book were connected was interesting I enjoyed having the same characters appear in each of the stories I liked the book as a whole, but some parts were better than others Barton s part of the book was my favorite because of the resolutions offered to all of the stories, but the couple I enjoyed reading about most was from Staub s novella Lindsay and Wyatt The storyline that was woven through all of the novellas was interesting, and I enjoyed reading about the romances of the three friends. This was never on any of my I want to read list In fact, I stumbled over it at our local library s annual fall book sale The first thing I noticed was that the book was 10 years old, but as I read the cover, I decided I did want to read the book Always remember, just because a book may be older, does not mean that it isn t a good book The first thing I need to point out about this book is that there are three different authors Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, and Wendy Corsi Staub While each of these women have similar writing techniques, their styles are not identical The novel is one story, each of the women wrote one part of the book Now with the styles being slightly different, it took a chapter or two for the book to seem to run smoothly after the change of each author.The novel Twenty years ago, at the St Elizabeth School s Valentine Day dance, Jake Marcott, a sexy teenager who always had one of the elite from St Elizabeth s on his arm, was found dead, an arrow shot into his heart, pinning him to an old Oak tree which stood in the middle of a hedge maze on the school property The class of 1986 learned to move forward, with the exception of a few girls, all in Jake s exclusive little circle his death had held each of them back in one way or another The girls each took a different path after graduation, never looking back, never keeping in touch with the girls who had been family throughout their school years They also never held a class reunion, but now, twenty years later, with St Elizabeth s about to be closed and meet her match with a wrecking ball, a reunion is finally planned, and the horror that the girls thought they left behind is about to reclaim them, up close and personal This is a thriller that lacks just a little, I would still highly recommend it Maybe another reader can make it than half way through before they decipher who the killer was is This book did not keep my interest, i dont know if it was the combined writing styles or maybe I was not in the mood for a murder mistery , I will probally try reading this again. I ve never read a Lisa Jackson story before this one, and can say, other than always seeing her books prominently displayed at my local Wal Mart and Zehrs a grocery store chain for those not in my neck of the woods , I had no idea what kind of genre she worked in So with that mind, picture me sauntering over the book rack my grocery basket full of Monster energy drinks and Pizza Pops and randomly grabbing the first book with an intriguing cover I see Yep, you guessed it, it was Most Likely to Die Reading the back cover, I was struck by the similarities in story concept to the many 80 s slasher movies I ve seen It sounded good, so I tossed it in to the basket.It wasn t until I got home and cracked the book that I saw a list of Lisa Jackson s novels, and to my complete horror realized she is considered a romantic suspense writer I m not going to lie, if I had known this before, I would have put my hard earned money towards some H agen Dazs ice cream instead and read one of the few hundreds books waiting to be read at home But since I haven t quite figured out the finer points of time travel, I was in for some romantic suspense Like I said, this book follows the slasher mold pretty closely in terms of set up Twenty years ago at a Valentine s Day dance, super hunk Jake Marcott was murdered The cops never figured out who did it Flash forward to now as a 20 year reunion in the works And wouldn t you know it, suddenly the killer is back and picking off all the girls who were connected to Jake all those years ago.One thing to point out, the book is actually written by three people Besides Lisa Jackson, there is also Wendy Corsi Staub and Beverly Barton They each write a third of the book focusing on a different character but you wouldn t know this from the cover Jackson s name is easily eight times larger than the other two, and in gold theirs is plain Jane white I guess Corsi Staub and Barton have not enjoyed the success Jackson has since this book was first released in 2007.As for the story, I m not going to spoil anything Although, I did find the killer reveal to be anti climactic, as you can see it coming from pretty early on This was mostly because the writers choose not to have any red herrings whatsoever if you don t know what a red herring in a story is, google it What I will talk about is the so called romantic stuff.I will admit, I am a novice when it comes to reading books of a romantic slant, but boy, was this sloppy and, honestly speaking, borderline offensive.You see, the novel focuses on three main characters, Kristen, Lindsey and Rachel These three 38 year olds, are all introduced as independent, successful women until the super hot, buff man hits the scene and then these strong women are reduced to quivering, giggling school girls To say that the romance sub plots in Most Likely to Die are ham fisted and completely uninteresting is an understatement It s funny, you d think a novel written by three women would have slightly empowered female leads But nope Be warned feminists, you re not gonna like this one If you cut down, or at the very least heavily trimmed the clumsy romance, the book would be a half decent thriller, as is however, it s kind of a mess. I have to compliment the 3 authors for writing a nearly seamless tale Each author took a character and told her story Lisa Jackson went first with the story of Kristen Kristen is separated from her husband Ross and irked about being forced to head up the committee for her High School Reunion from St Elizabeth s She is still haunted by the murder of her date Jake at the Valentine s Day Dance When Kristen is stalked Ross s protective instincts kick in and he insist on protecting her which leads to them eventually reuniting.The death of Jake, Lindsay s long time High School boyfriend complicated her life Giving up the baby she was pregnant with in High School leaves a hole in her heart, so she is thrilled when her son contacts her Too bad the mysterious person who emailed Leo her son with the way to contact his birth mother plans to kill her Will her new found love Wyatt be able to save her Rachel s father was unable to find Jake s killer Will his daughter and her partner Dean have better luck in finding the killer before Kristen, Lindsay and Rachel are killed. I enjoyed this book, but the thing that kept me from a 5 star review was the style of writing The book is told through a number of POVs, including the killer s While the three main POV s were easily distinguished as they each had their own section of the book, the killer s POV was integrated into each chapter, and it would change POV s in the middle of a page, with no warning It was often confusing and I d have to re read sentences to remember who was speaking, so that got frustrating sometimes I worked out the killer really early on, but I really liked the way everything came together in the end Overall, this was an enjoyable thriller. 4,5