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The final instalment but first in the chronological sequence of Mosley s Catastrophe Practice series is also the 89 year old Baron and Baronet s masterwork Chris has written one of those perfect reviews where no need be said about the book, suffice to say I found Mosley s stylistic tics often repetitive and his structuring not 100% lucid, hence the withering four stars On the whole, I agree with Chris s summary and regret that my take on this sweeping panorama of early 20thC thought is only one paltry paragraph A splendiferous intellectual triumph and a tender hearted romance epic for adults The perfect literary end to 2012. Novel of ideas, patterns and levels Though the plot itself is engaging, the big skill on display is his making complex ideas clear The coincidences would sink the book if the characters themselves were not aware of the coincidences, to the point, yes, of making coincidence and pattern a topic of study The repetition of certain prose mannerisms would sink the book being that 2 3 narrators share the same verbal tics if there weren t different levels of interpretation operating This is a book of lacunae and the off stage It may not be for everyone, but I quite liked it I have a feeling that to fully appreciate this I would have to read the other 4 related novels Then perhaps I would be stunned at the magnitude of what Mosley has created For now, I ll just imagine it as negative space RIP Nick Alas, we barely knew ye. Idea novels or conceptual novels are seldom literary gems That is certainly the case with this book Mosley has been smart enough to process a nice love story in his book, and to evoke very dramatic historic periods of the 20th Century especially the rise of Nazism and the Second World War The passages that revolve around these themes are the easiest to read But Mosley has given priority to the ideas and concepts, not to the story Sometimes this is to be taken literally the book contains numerous discussions on the major 20th Century developments in physics relativity theory, quantum theory, Heisenberg s uncertainty principle, etc , biology Darwinists versus Lamarckians and the genetic debate , psychology the wars between different psychoanalysis schools , philosophy Heidegger, Wittgenstein , ideology of course especially fascism and communism , etc Ingenious and erudite, that is the least you can say.But the uniqueness of this book is that Mosley illustrates all these perspectives by means of his concrete characters and what they experience or do amidst dramatic historic events they constantly function in one of the above mentioned scientific debates for example, as particles that attract or repel each other, or that function as matter or wave according to the observer s point of view and he constantly lets those characters, while they say or do certain things at the same time think of the underlying scientific philosophical issues in themselves resulting in an annoying repetition of I said and I thought and on top of that, Mosley again and again underlines the ethical implications of these ideas and actions That gives a certain artificial character to these dramatis personae they literally seem to be actors who create their role and also undergo him at the same time It takes quite some patience and attention to follow all this, and it makes the reading of this book utterly intriguing and difficult at the same time Hence the very different reviews by the readers of this book, from wildly enthusiastic to absolutely horrified, and hardly anything in between In the unlikely hope of being original, I opt for the ambiguous middle opinion this book is an incredible achievement of Mosley, but it is not a successful piece of fiction. The music had made my mind go blank I had thought If I were a snake, yes, I would be being drawn up out of a basket Hopeful Monsters is a book of ideas some ideas complement each other and some ideas collide Nothing is that which makes possible the revelation of what is At first there is a war of ideas, then there is a war of ideologies and then there is a total war You can run towards love and perhaps bump into it and you can watch it running away but when it is there it is like two people coming face to face on a tightrope they have to keep moving or they will fall they would like to pass into, through, one another at moments this is possible And among ideas there is an idea of love love comes and goes and it interacts with the other ideas That which experiments is in a sense the same as that which is experimented on but to understand understanding would there not have to be developed some further level of mind When we observe an object we see in it mostly what we want to see so any observed object is a kind of a distorting mirror of our own mind. Good Heavens, so how about a book that relates a German Jew girl, an English boy, atomic bombs, Einstein, Wittgenstein, Franco, Hitler, homosexuality, Communism, Fascism, Schr dingers Cat, fission, pilgrimage, prostitution, war crimes, diamond trade, Hitler, Stalin, Kammerer, genetics, lizzards, Oedipal conflicts, triangular love relations and weird sexual fetishism And even Welcome to Hopeful Monsters Welcome to one hell of a ride.I can hear protest coming my way by now But Science is so boring I want to explore the world and live and love and be part of history Why not both Mosley effortlessly combines science and fiction in this magnificent novel about the Jewish Eleanor Anders and the British Max Ackerman It s roughly an epistolary novel, but if you were expecting just another love story, well, think again.Who cares about some guy named Max any way Or some chick called Eleanor This book is about humanity and humankind as a whole Central to the book are the prevalent ideas on evolution of Charles Darwin to evolve, there must be certain creatures that differ from their counterparts in a way which allows them to have a certain advantage over them Think of it as one giraffe having a slightly longer neck than the others, permitting it to eat leaves and thus survive easily These creatures are the hopeful monsters , emissaries of change and eventually improvement of existing species Story wise this means that Max and Eleanor will identify with these hopeful monsters.The context is the main reason for this concordance I mean, pre World War II Europe was a pretty mad place Fascist tried to kill Communists who tried to kill Trotskyists who tried to kill Stalinists who tried to kill Fascists again I suppose who tried to kill Jews who didn t really try to kill any body except anarchists I guess because everyone seems to want to kill anarchists in this book There s a whole lot of destruction going on, ultimately Great attention is given to the image of the Bomb , the ultimate weapon of destruction which should stop the war dead in its tracks Operation Manhattan, primarily out of fear that the Nazi s should develop a similar weapon before the Allied troops THERE IS SO MUCH SCIENCE IN THIS BOOK Mosley is incredibly intelligent, as he manages to interweave complex philosophy and physics with personality traits of Max, Eleanor and the other characters, culminating in some sort of brilliant spaghetti bolognaise of erudite writing BUT IT S ALSO A LOVE STORY Max and Eleanor seem to be two gravitational poles attracting and repelling each other throughout the book, meeting at random moments in each other s lives Their conversations seem almost surreal, any given character in this book is way too incredible and strong to actually exist, but isn t that just what we love in a good book The capacity to transcend ourselves and our own boring perception of events Hopeful Monsters does all this, and it does so quite brilliantly I ve been complaining about the lack of ambition in contemporary fiction well, in Belgium any way and this book proves that it can still be done It s a huge feat by MC Mosley, a slam dunk, a modern White Album by the Beatles, hell, it beats Big Brother Seriously though, you should read this novel philosophic treaty scientific introduction to everything I feel enlightened up to the point that there will never be any darkness in the universe Ever.PS For a in depth and serious review, I recommend Chris s review which is very thorough and than worth reading More than this bravo review any way.PPS I had typed another serious review of this but I pushed the wrong button and it all disappeared alas I spent ten consecutive hours crying, cursing the Prophet, throwing egg shells at Justin Bieber s house and eating Ben Jerry s but now I m feeling better Thanks. This is one of a handful of books that will accompany me to the end of my days I ve read it three times and will continue to read it It encapsulates a lot of what I hold dear and believe in A few days ago I was rumagging a box with old correspondence and in one of the letters this quote turned up I feel it s a luminous synthesis of what this whole story and indeed what life is aboutDuring the years that followed, Eleanor and Max were sometimes together, sometimes apart but always, they said, they felt themselves together as partners, that is, in the working out of some design, under the guidance of what turned up They evolved an ironic style of talking about their love and their marriage sometimes they made jokes sometimes they talked with great seriousness usually they left spaces through which a listener or observer had to make his or her own way What they seemed to be saying about marriage was that if there was disjunction there was no liveliness and if there was fusion there was no liveliness liveliness depended on openness on an energy going between When Eleanor came back from West Africa she spent some time writing a long essay on marriage In literature, she suggested, marriage was seen first as an end to be aimed at but then as something boring and even deathly when achieved what seemed to be almost impossible to write about and indeed to experience was marriage as a successfully going concern Of course, Eleanorargued, humans do get taken over by an exciting drving for surety and when this is achieved it is apt to seem second rate but what might happen if people just recognised this Could there not be a going concern on some quite different level one from which it could be seen that a drive for security, when achieved, might then have to be turned to a drive for freedom, for the sake of liveliness to be maintained and vice versa and so on this level being to do with a recognition of pattern It is a contrasting to and fro, like that of a heart beat, that is life giving one strand on its own, pursued to an end, of course is deathly As a postscript to his papers on cybernetics Max published an article in a small religious magazine Eleanor joked with him you and I are religious not because anyone would recognise us as religious, but because we have recognised all recognitions are of a code There were obvious parallels, Max argued, between the idea of cybernetic levels and the efforts that christians had made trying to establish their doctrine of the Trinity At the level of God the Father there was a simple cause and effect view of the world God made his covenants with humans, which was a way of describing something like the mechanical functioning of a thermostat if humans got too far above themselves then disasters knocked them down if they got too far below themselves they they were ready to be boosted by the inspiration of a prophet on this level humans did not much have much to say in the style of the to and fro At the level of God the Son humans were given information about how to handle such a mechanism life was indeed a matter of paradoxes by dying you lived fulfilment was achieved by sacrifice you were to love your neighbour as yourself and so on but still, in this style humans seemed to experience a somewhat helpless oscillation between ecstasy and despair But then there was, so it was said at least, the domain of the Holy Spirit, in which humans could be led into responsibility for themselves This was not so much a level as an ability to move between levels, to see a pattern by means of an inbuilt knowledge of truth such means, if observed and honoured, allowing ends to look after themselves But about this style, this spirit, the so called guide into truth , not much was ever said And of course this was perhaps necessary, because the point of this activity, this understanding, was that individuals, now being somewhat godlike, might find their own way But with this spirit humans could keep an eye on take a walk away from every know and then the mechanisms that to some extent necessarily ran themselves on the other levels the nature of the world seeming to be such that this watchfulness, alertness, gave a sense of the miracle of control An eloquent and complex novel of ideas I remember finding this stimulating and enjoyable but would need to read it again to review it properly. Something about this book validates at the same time the savant like intuitive wander and the time clock slog to some version of omniscience To say it s a dark Forest Gump narrative is to give it the highest compliment Who didn t wish that Gump went darker We are in the bedroom when Rosa Luxemburg visits, at the Hotel Adlon as the Reichstag burns, in the Russian countryside as the peasants starve, in North Africa when the officers revolt to begin the Spanish Civil War But it s all lived in a hallucinogenic state so far from the History channel event check of the newsreel collage, a state brought about by alternately love and, above all, endless, swirling self observation and examination done all in questions or really statements with question marks at the end of them that end up being so permissive that they give license back to the reader to do the same I journalized for the first time in half a decade Like the journal entry the novel fades strange, changes tone at the end, exhausts its insight or at least comes down from the oxygen highs of where it began and sets us down dizzy. {Download} ¹ Hopeful Monsters ⚩ A Sweeping, Comprehensive Epic, Hopeful Monsters Tells The Story Of The Love Affair Between Max, An English Student Of Physics And Biology, And Eleanor, A German Jewess And Political Radical Together And Apart, Max And Eleanor Participate In The Great Political And Intellectual Movements Which Shape The Twentieth Century, Taking Them From Cambridge And Berlin To The Spanish Civil War, Russia, The Sahara, And Finally To Los Alamos To Witness The First Nuclear Test Hopeful Monsters Received Britain S Prestigious Whitbread Award In Praising Mosley S Ability To Distill Complex Modes Of Thought, The New York Times Called Hopeful Monsters A Virtual Encyclopedia Of Twentieth Century Thought, In Fictional Form First US Edition By Dalkey Archive , Most Recent Paperback By Vintage Romanul Monstri plini de speranta scris de autorul englez Nicholas Mosley a ap rut prima dat n limba romana la editura Vellant in anul 2008 in traducerea lui Cornelia Bucur Prima aparitia a fost in anul 1990 cand s a bucurat de un deosebit succes primind premiul Whitebread chiar in acelasi an Cand am decis ca imi doresc acest roman in ciuda pretului nu tocmai atractiv, am facut o mai ales datorita numelui scriitorului Pentru cineva cat de cat familiarizat cu istoria interbelica numele lui Mosley este un nume care se tine bine minte Coperta interioara ne si lamureste cine este Nicholas Mosley, al treilea baron Ravensdale, al 7lea Baronet fiul lui Oswald Mosley cel de al 6lea baronet, cunoscut mai ales pentru faptul ca in 1932 a infiintat British Union of Fascistes, miscare fascista dupa cum bine se observa din denumire si al lui lady Cynthia Molsey, fiica bine cunoscutului lord Curzon of Kendleston, vicerege al Indiei Scriitorul s a nascut la 25 iunie 1923 la Londra si astazi are varsta de 93 de ani fiind inca foarte activ ca scriitor A publicat ultima carte in 2014 Mama scriitorului moare in 1933 si tatal se recasatoreste cu una din faimoasele surori Mitford, Diana Istoria familiei autorului este in sine un roman care se suprapune peste istoria Marii Britanii si a Europei De altfel Nicholas Mosley a si scris doua carti ddespre familia sa Romanul Monstri plini de speranta este al cincilea roman din seria Catastrophe Practice Series si are ca subiect o cat mai cuprinzatoare istorie a Europei occidentale in perioada de dupa 1918 si pana dupa cel de al doilea razboi mondial privita prin prisma iubirii dintre Max , un student englez care urmeaza cursuri de fizica si biologie si Eleanor, o studenta germana de origine evreiasca prin mama sa, ce urmeaza cursuri de antropologie si psihologie Romanul este scris mereu la persoana intai chiar daca cel care povesteste este mereu alt personaj prima care vorbeste este Eleanor, apoi va vorbi Max iar la final Jason si din povestile lor aflam nu numai ce se intampla cu cei doi din faza de copii si pana la cea de oameni in varsta ci si ce se intampla cu lumea in care cresc, se formeaza, iubesc, muncesc si cauta raspunsuri la intrebri teribil de dureroase Odata cu povestea lor cititorul face cunostinta cu tot ce a insemnat deosebit, maret sau ingrozitor in anii interbelici.Vom cunoaste astfel Republica de la Weimar, Germania nazista,Cambrige ul intelectual de varf, razboiul civil din Spania, URSS ul in timpul marilor epurari staliniste Avem de toate in roman incendierea Reichului, Einstein si teoria relativitatii, Lytton Strachery si Bloomsbury Tea, Franco si trupele sale, cursurile lui Heidegger si cele ale lui Vittgenstein, crearea bombei atomice si Robert Oppenheimer, psihanaliza si cercetarile antropologice din vestul Africii Vom cunoaste marile idei stiintifice si filozofice ale acelei perioade dar si ideologiile dominante.Asa ca autorul spune prin personajul sau la un moment dat Daca e sa supravietuim mediului pe care singuri ni l am creat, avem oare voie sa fim suficient de monstruosi ca sa ne ridicam la inaltimea nenorocirii p.7 Romanul lui Nicholas Mosley este un roman complex, dificil de citit pentru cineva nefamiliarizat cu istoria epocii in discutie si mai ales insuficient de familiarizat cu teoriile stiintifice si filozofice ale acelei perioade care in fond stau la baza a ceea ce s a construit si dupa 1945 Mie personal mi s a parut un roman total, cuceritor, plin de provocari si de intelesuri Mosley nu este singurul scriitor care a incercat sa faca o prezentare complexa a acelei perioade scurte in ani dar dense din toate punctele de vedere Pentru cine a citit cele doua volume deja traduse din trilogia lui Ken Follet, Caderea Uriasilor si Iarna lumii sau cele trei superbe volume ale lui Jean D Ormesson, Vent du soir, Tous les hommes en sont fous, Le bonheur a San Miniato sau lucrarea lui Kimberley Cornish, Evreul din Linz, Wittgenstein , Hitler si lupta lor pentru spirit, romanul de fata va fi mult mai usor de inteles Dar este sigur o carte care cere si o a doua lectura.