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This was great Sort of a Hellblazer meets BPRD The art is beautiful black and white, and reminded me of Duncan Fergredo The bits of the story are each good on their own and as a whole I definitely would want to readof this. Harry Absalom, by Gordon Rennie, is one of the best new characters to come out of 2000AD in the last decade He s like a cross between DCI Gene Hunt John Constantine But it s not just a one man show, the supporting cast including some of the weirdest people I ve seen, adds to a compelling world I want to knowabout The setting is very British and the dark humour is too Then there is the stylistic monochrome artwork by Tiernen Trevallion which fits the mood of the story perfectly It s so much fun to read, and it s so distinctive and different that I have to give it 5 stars. The one liners Oh the one liners I loved this graphic novel, I really did If you like dry English humour this is a must have The story is so over the top, but delivered in a gripping, you re not getting out of your seat until you ve finished it way I picked it up from the library but I m actually thinking of buying it. Gordon Rennie s Detective Inspector Harry Absalom very much resembles Warren Ellis William Gravel or Garth Ennis and Ellis take on John Constantine A bit of a lower class Londoner who gets the job done In addition Absaloom s speech pattern resembles Gravel s and Constantine s to my ear In Absalom s case he and his special squad enforce the Accord, the agreement between the Crown and the demons of Hell Absalom s ancestor was around in the 16th century when it was signed.This TPB feels a little like a introduction forstories This volume is enjoyable enough But, there are some hanging plot threads Such as who does new squad new member Jemima Hopkins really report to And, what is Mr Critch s game Plus it would have been nice if the Accord s details had been explained, at least in part.Oh, and nothing like seeing neo Nazis get their comeuppance. ^Free E-pub ☝ Absalom ⇱ CLEANIN UP THE MANOR ONE BLEEDIN DEMON AT A TIME Modern Day London Veteran Copper, Detective Inspector Harry Absalom, Heads A Special Squad That Enforces The Accord A Diplomatic Treaty Made In The Sixteenth Century Between The Throne Of England And Hell If Any Demonic Entities Step Out Of Line Harry And His Team Will Track The Infernal Offenders Down And Sort Them Out For Good A Miserable Old Bastard With A Knack For Finding Trouble, Harry Is The Perfect Man For The Job Written By Gordon Rennie Necronauts With Stunning Artwork From New Talent Tiernen Trevallion, Absalom Is A Thrill Packed Mixture Of Cops And Horrors