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~Download E-pub ♩ The Warden ♃ It Was So Hard That The Pleasant Waters Of His Little Stream Should Be Disturbed And Muddied That His Quiet Paths Should Be Made A Battlefield That The Unobtrusive Corner Of The World Which Been Allotted To Him Made Miserable And UnsoundTrollope S Witty, Satirical Story Of A Quiet Cathedral Town Shaken By Scandal As The Traditional Values Of Septimus Harding Are Attacked By Zealous Reformers And Ruthless Newspapers Is A Drama Of Conscience That Pits Individual Integrity Against Worldly Ambition In The Warden Anthony Trollope Brought The Fictional County Of Barsetshire To Life, Peopled By A Cast Of Brilliantly Realised Characters That Have Made Him Among The Supreme Chroniclers Of The Minutiae Of Victorian England It Is The First Book In The Chronicles Of Barsetshire Book Circle Reads 155Rating 3.5 of five Good, solid Victorian stodge The kind of book you read when you re glutted with silly, vapid reality stuff and need a bit of the reality fiction of its day. Very enjoyable book that is concerned about people putting their great big feet in puddles before ascertaining their depth It s very cleverly worked out and contains just the amount of love and romance to drive the plot forward Like most of Trollope s Barchester series, it is somewhat a comedy of manners and enjoyable for that.Recommended to those who like the classics and have a certain fondness for schadenfreude even though they know they shouldn t. , I have finally introduced myself to Anthony Trollope, and I can say with a smile that I am very happy to have made his acquaintance A friend suggested I start with The Warden and I believe it to be advice well taken.The Warden of this novel is Mr Harding, a kindly and good man, who is overseer to a group of bedesmen whose care has been provided for in the will of a long deceased gentleman The church tends the property left in the will and provides for the care of the men out of the proceeds, which works quite well until someone decides that the church and Mr Harding are getting from the arrangement than the men themselves What might be seen as a simple matter and one in which determining right and wrong is simple as well, proves to be a complicated issue in the hands of Trollope He gives us the myriads of grey that always accompany such disputes and he refuses to offer us a villain on which can be hung the blame that would so easily justify us in taking a stand for one side or the other He makes us think and he makes us choose and he shows us clearly that whichever choice we make, it will not be for godly good or satanic evil but for human judgment, which is flawed.I very much enjoyed this novel It moved quickly and held my interest while still causing me to pause and ponder I saw much in it that I could easily identify in current situations, politics and the machinations of the press have not changed as much as we like to think I will be reading the next book in the series, which I am assured is an even delightful novel.Thank you, Mr Trollope, for being so patient in waiting for my promised visit to your world I am pleased to say it will only be a few weeks and I will gladly call on you again. I m going to clamp down my opening paragraph with a SPOILER because I reveal in generalities how the book endswhich is kind of important I guess view spoiler Who doesn t love a happy ending Apparently Anthony Trollope I didn t realize how use to them I ve become, because I was pretty surprised when it happened Surprises in books are usually a good thing, but here it felt flat hide spoiler I am not sure what to write of as a review.To escape such confused state, it is better to state everything in bullets It is a story of a man who listens to his conscience even when it means to lose everything most of all, his income It is a story of wonderful relationships the friendship between the Warden and the Archbishop the filial affection between a father and a daughter the Warden and his daughter, Eleanor challenging love between lovers Eleanor and Bold a fascinating relationship between a father in law and a son in law the warden and his first son in law, Dr Grantly It is about 19th century Church politics especially the Church of England It is about the abuse of charity funds by clergy which was a great discussion point in Trollope s time.Overall, it is a lovely story written in a superb language I loved the language and Trollope s habit of addressing the reader once a while.This edition also has a wonderful introduction by Robin Gilmour and he has rightly indicated at the opening of introduction that it is meant for those who have read the novel That was a great service I just skipped it and went direct for the novel I am a new reader and after the completion when I read the introduction I was wonder struck by very many remarkable points analysed Had I read it earlier, I would have neither understood the analysis nor have enjoyed the novel. ,. O Anthony Trollope 1815 1882 . A gentle story about unexpected clerical upheaval in an English town I loved Trollope s distinction between grandiose, abstract ideas about justice and our small choices that reflect how we personally define it There are figures on both sides of the main conflict who believe they know what s definitively right, but it s only the warden of Barchester who casts his idea of right in an individual light I ve heard this is nowhere near Trollope s best, and I m not surprised as it was pleasant but not especially memorable , but I enjoyed this one and I m very much looking forward to the rest of the Chronicles of Barsetshire.