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As the Matzo Ball Turns is a side splittingly funny read I became invested in Rothstein s adventures in Hollywood and did not want to put the book down Not only is the book filled with humor, but it is an insight into the struggle of trying to make it in Tinseltown As I was reading, I felt like I was truly experiencing the highs and lows of the author s journey Rothstein s unapologetic honesty and sense of humor had me laughing until I cried 10 10 As The Matzo Ball Turns is an Absolutely great read from beginning to end Jozef finds a perfect combination of comedy and truth to shine light on the his endeavors of pursing his dreams of making it in Hollywood Have to admit after each chapter it gets harder and harder to put down Inspirational book and worth every penny. this is an excellent book captivating and mesmerizing how the story of truth unfolds before your eyes if you want something different then your average joe bookthis is it.I highly recommend this book and especially to anyone who is in the restaurant business jozef encapsulates passion , inquisitive thought , heartache , determination and muchin this phenomenal read. Fabulous book and musical I love it Very hilarious and NOT a waste of anything If you have a sense of humor, you ll find the book and the musical to be funny I would definitely recommend reading the book and seeing the musical next time they have shows The musical has improved a lot since the start The songs are very good and catchy I ve been singing them since September. ( READ PDF ) ☨ As the Matzo Ball Turns ⚔ Jozef Rothstein Arrived From Small Town Pennsylvania In Hollywood With Stars In His Eyes Ten Years Later, He Left With Those Same Stars Circling Around His Head Reeling From The Humbling Routine Of An Actor Looking For Work Any Work, Even For A Chewing Gum Commercial, Clad As A Beaver In Speedo Trunks And A Scooby Doo Cape While Surrounded By Beautiful Women Dressed To The Nines Rothstein Found Humor The Best Solution To Saving His Sanity Meanwhile, His Money Generating Job Paralleled His Dream Employment Rothstein S Ten Year Sentence As A Waiter In A Jewish Deli Frequented By Tinsel Town S Celebrities Gave Him Of The Same Ego Pummeling, Doled Out In Equal Measure By Customers And Managers, But With A Twist The Occasional Hit Men And Drive Bys Added Just Enough Excitement To Make Near Death Experiences An Unwelcome Reality Here, Too, Laughter Saves The Day, And Rothstein Gleefully Shares The Inspirations For A Never Ending Comedy Of Terrors Just As Frequently, His Own Missteps Find Him Flat Flat Face On The Pavement, Sharing Space With Customers Familiar To The World And Yes, Rothstein Does Name Names Find Your Favorites In As The Matzo Ball Returns And See Hollywood Stars And Waiters Everywhere In A Whole New Light As The Matzo Ball Turns Was Also Honored As A Finalist In The Humor Category From Forward Book Of The Year Awards As the matzo ball turns is a great book Funny as heck and very insightful As an avid reader myself I would definitely recommend this awesome book Didn t read this novel, but rather the musical adaptation Jozef Rothstein wrote.Worst Play Ever.I assume the book is just like the musical but longer Perhaps the book is better because it hasroom to write about character motivations or histories, but the musical is a mess with lots of questions left unanswered, a plethora of typos, and songs that neither rhyme nor have any discernable rhythm.It s supposed to be a comedy, but it was never funny and was several times just downright offensive The main character speaks to a personified subconscious REALLY and has a bunch of wacky misadventures The title made me think it would be some Jewish family soap opera comedy, but instead, it s all about some actor named Jozef Rothstein who is a brilliant writer REALLY who gets chewed up and spat out by the Hollywood machine That s not to mention the crazy political drama added into the final third of the show The musical is full of typos and hasscenes than any upcoming indie play should The first act is 65 pages and the second act is 85 pages the exact opposite breakdown you want in a comedy play With scene changes, this will probably be a 3 hour show at least an hour, if not 90 minutes, too long If I had to guess, the author has never had anyone but friends or family read the play or leave reviews here It needs some HEAVY critiquing, editing, and cutting rewriting If the author spent 10 years of his life in Hollywood and all he got out of it was this lousy book his words , then that was a real waste of a decade Laugh out loud funny I just joined Goodreads and was excited to see this book on here A friend picked it up at a book signing by the author and told me I just had to read it Once I picked it up I could not put it down It s rare when anything makes me laugh to the point of tears but there were moments in this book that did just that And along with hilarious observations of the nightmare that can be customer service the author s description of Hollywood and his pursuit thereof, is incredibly interesting It s the Hollywood story we don t see on the E Channel I love this book Btw if anyone has any recommendations please drop me a line I am hoping to find some rare gems on this site Thanks This book is is truly an extraordinary piece of writing As the Motzo Ball Turns is a funny, insightful and a fascinating window into one mans journey to make it in the den of evil we know as Hollywood His amazing recall of his experience working as a waiter in a Jewish deli included his daily encounters with many infamous people,crazy customers and colorful co workers that had me laughing for hours It is the unexpected combination of witty and realistic humanity that makes this book endearing I am hoping for a sequel I highly recommend this book. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks by page 5 This book is so well written Jozef Rothstein is a wonderful storyteller This book is an easy read filled with hilarity that will make you want to tie on your apron and head to your nearest Jewish deli The perfect read for anyone who had worked in the hospitality industry, in Hollywood or just always wanted to know what it would be like to be involved in either As The Matzo Ball Turns is a page turner and if you are anything like me you will read itthan onceanytime you need a good laugh