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@Download Book È Frazetta Sketchbook õ The World S Greatest Heroic Fantasy Artist, Frank Frazetta Teams With J David Spurlock, The Bestselling Author Of How To Draw Chiller Monsters Werewolves, Vampires And Zombies For The All New Art Collection Entitled, The Frazetta Sketchbook In The Revolutionary Artist S Extensive, May , Obituary, The New York Times Said, Frazetta Helped Define Comic Book And Fantasy Heroes Like Conan, Tarzan And John Carter Of Mars Signature Images Were Of Strikingly Fierce, Hard Bodied Heroes And Bosomy, Callipygian Damsels Frazetta Took The Sex And Violence Of The Pulp Fiction Of His Youth And Added Even Action, Fantasy And Potentcy, But Rendered His Works With A Panache Seldom Seen Outside Of Fine Art Despite His Sword And Sorcery, Science Fiction And Fantasy Subject Matter, The Quality Of The Work Has Not Only Drawn Comparisons To The Most Brilliant Of Illustrators, Maxfield Parrish, Frederic Remington, Norman Rockwell, NC Wyeth, J Allen StJohn, And Joseph Clement Coll But Even To The Most Brilliant Of Fine Artists Including Rembrandt And Michelangelo And Major Frazetta Works Sell For Fine Art Prices The November , Forbes Magazine Article Schwarzenegger S Sargent Led With The Line, Which Artist Helped Make Arnold Governor Frank Frazetta, The Rembrandt Of Barbarians Vanguard Created The Comics And Fantasy Artist Sketchbook Boom With Editions On Al Williamson, Neal Adams, Wally Wood, Jeffrey Jones, John Buscema, John Romita And Alex Horley Vanguard Continues Both Their Original Sketchbook Series And The Vanguard Frazetta Classics Series With The Frazetta Sketchbook Which Was Planned Shortly Before The Icon Of Fantastic Art S Passing The Collection Is Brimming With Rare And Previously Unpublished Drawings And Painting Preliminaries Of The Subjects Frazetta Is Best Remembered For Including Barbarians, Wild Beasts, Tarzan, Buxom Beauties, Monsters And Conan Foreword By New Yorker Cover Artist Peter De SeveAll Editions Feature Big, X Lavish Illustrated, Full Color Pages With Text You know sometimes when I am feeling down about artistic endeavors in the world, it is nice to be refreshed with books like these You aren t going to find much in the way of a collection of finished Frazetta paintings with this book there are other book collections out there , but this collection of doodles, concept sketches, figure drawings and early work is really inspiring Just when I think that no artist out there cares about drawing what is actually there, Vanguard comes out with this book of Frazetta drawings that just blow my mind away What I mean is that when you look through some of the sections particularly the life drawing section , you can see what amazing detail he took in nearly every study he even included the unseen and unmentionable cellulite that most people have as well as fat curves that most contemporary artists would dismiss or slim down It didn t make the models or the drawings any less attractive to me, as a matter of fact, it made it so It is just so nice and refreshing being reminded that there are artists out there who can draw from life and do so realistically They can draw without relative bias And even so with Frazetta as most would expect all of his life drawing models to look like ian women Far from it, the section on life drawing alone showcases women and men of varying sizes, builds and to some extent ethnicities And to see such care taken with so many different forms of media is just amazing There are quite a lot of ink, pencil and conte drawings in this book and as I mentioned, a lot of it is unpublished sketches or early work that most people do not see or associate with Frazetta.It was also nice of Vanguard to put certain early sketches alongside the finished counterparts as they appeared on books or magazine publications so the reader could really see how something developed from beginning to end.Of particular interest to me was toward the end of the book There is a small section of sketches Frazetta did closer to the end of his life while he was battling with thyroid problems He apparently lost the use of his right arm and instead switched over to the left The man is truly talented since his drawings with the left hand are almost as superb as the ones with his dominant hand They are distinctly different different line making and shading techniques , but they are still so well rendered that you would honestly be surprised that he did them with his left hand at all.I thoroughly look forward to part two of this sketchbook. Frank Frazetta is my favorite artist of all time He is the man that brought museum quality paintings to the covers of books I am always amazed at all the mediums he works in This book is a fantastic collection of his pencil sketches, many preliminary drawings for paintings, almost all never before published After Frazetta had a stroke and lost the use of his drawing arm he retrained himself to paint and draw with the other hand and still is a top notch artist I love this guys work Highly recommended