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I enjoyed this so much that I will have to read it again sometime I also need to get of her books. This is a novel that is based on a true crime a 500 million art heist at the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990 The story centers around artist Claire Roth, who is good at making reproductions of famous paintings Early in the book, a dealer asks Claire to make a forgery of one of the Edgar Degas paintings that was stolen from the Gardner Claire recognizes that she s making a deal with the devil, and part of her payment is she gets her own art show.The novel includes chapters about Claire s background, which involve a doomed love affair with an older artist, and there are also letters from Isabella Stewart Gardner to her niece Isabella was the person who originally bought the paintings in the museum and was friends with numerous artists in the late 1800s The flashback chapters, the letters and the present day action slowly build toward solving the mystery of the stolen painting.I enjoyed the artistic aspects of the novel, especially the details of different forgers and the skills they used to make such believable reproductions However, I found the romantic parts of the story to be tedious and too much like chick lit There was also a critical decision in Claire s back story that I don t believe any self respecting artist would make Despite these minor irritants, I enjoyed the novel and would recommend it to friends who are interested in the art world. @READ DOWNLOAD è The Art Forger ⚣ On March Thirteen Works Of Art, Today Worth Over Million, Were Stolen From The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum In Boston It Remains The Largest Unsolved Art Heist In History, And Claire Roth, A Struggling Young Artist, Is About To Discover That There S To This Crime Than Meets The Eye Making A Living Reproducing Famous Artworks For A Popular Online Retailer And Desperate To Improve Her Situation, Claire Is Lured Into A Faustian Bargain With Aiden Markel, A Powerful Gallery Owner She Agrees To Forge A Painting A Degas Masterpiece Stolen From The Gardner Museum In Exchange For A One Woman Show In His Renowned Gallery But When That Very Same Long Missing Degas Painting Is Delivered To Claire S Studio, She Begins To Suspect That It May Itself Be A Forgery Her Desperate Search For The Truth Leads Claire Into A Labyrinth Of Deceit Where Secrets Hidden Since The Late Th Century May Be The Only Evidence That Can Now Save Her Life I will start by saying that my experience reading The ART FORGER was like I sat down to watch the movie Heat, and for some reason the movie Quick Change ended up in my DVD player by accident.Okay maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it was a much lighter read than I had expectedI kept looking at THE ART FORGER on other people s to read list and was kind of on the fence about it Then I was sitting down watching Anderson Cooper on CNN, and he had a segment on the Gardner Museum Heist Even though I knew that Barbara Shapiro s book was a work of fiction based on a factual event, I decided to buy it, and start reading it that night that is the nice thing about e books when you decide to read something, it is right there at your finger tips like candy bars near a cash register.This is a really fun book It has a little bit of everything mystery, romance, suspense, art history, and everything you would ever want to know about art forgery but were afraid to ask. The best parts were the tidbits about the process of forging an old master painting While the writing is never bad, it s bland Lackluster prose really inhibits the narrative voice of Claire, the forger of the title, who never comes to life on the page Her na vet after having been burned once by a man, only to let it happen again is astonishing, yet we never understand why she seems to be so easy to dupe On top of the her unexciting narrative tone, Shapiro includes an ongoing correspondence between the collector Isabella Stewart Gardner and her niece which is both stylistically unconvincing and a cheap trick the letters themselves are available to the reader, but are presumed to have been destroyed in the fictional universe they are meant to illuminate Most readers will know the conclusion long before Claire and the obtuse museum officials the 1990 Gardner museum robbery seems to have done little to increase the saavy of the members of the Boston and New York art scene on display here I have a couple of books about Han van Meegeren waiting for me back in Pennsylvania, which I expect will prove to be far thrilling than this dull thriller. Sorry, could not care if Claire was successful or not I know we were supposed to be sympathetic toward her, why else for the youth prison volunteerism, but she was too untrustworthy When I read it, it appeared as if she knew all along that she was making a forgery so that Aidan could sell it as the original but by the end of the book she had miraculously convinced herself that all she was doing was making a copy of a copy and that isn t a crime Of course she had her penance of never knowing if her paintings are selling because of her talent or her notoriety Really Tough break for a felon.Few too many loopholes in the story, and the devotion of her friends seemed unfounded most I could glean the men liked her because she was attractive although Rik was thrown in as a gay man Oh, and I almost giggled each time Aidan s finger was in jeopardy Did like the art background, the explanation of techniques and the premise Just couldn t care if Claire was thrown in jail or not. This book is not my usual cup of tea, but the impending holidays have a way of getting me out of my usual zone including sampling tea I wouldn t normally drink due to an Advent tea calendar to indulge in a fast paced, page turning read What I liked most about the novel was learning of the fascinating, time consuming along with some shortcuts techniques an artist of oil paintings and a forger of them uses it s not just drawing on the canvas and then painting over the sketch, though I m not sure this narrator was the right vehicle for so much knowledge and talent I suppose she s some sort of artistic as well as detective genius The Boston setting was a plus, since I visited there just a few months ago, including a day at MFA Museum of Fine Arts , which is described in evocative detail during one narratorial visit Described in even loving detail is the Gardner Museum, which I didn t have time to visit and I so wish I had.The ending felt anticlimactic I realize I am perhaps being too critical, as well as contradictory, but I either wanted one fictional letter or perhaps no letters at all, since I m not sure the tone of them rang true from an aunt who has robbed her niece of happiness and I don t think that was their point.The novel is billed as a literary thriller and while not of the same order as What I Loved or The Goldfinch, it s still an interesting glimpse into the art world, even appealing once to my childhood self who loved From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler And those who found The Goldfinch overwritten I didn t may appreciate Shapiro s matter of fact that is, plot over character style. Reader know thyself and most of the time I do The Art Forger has been on my list probably since the day it hit the shelves Am I glad I finally picked it up and read it You bet Mystery, intrigue, romance, history, art, there s something for everyone here The foundation of the story is based on the 1990 theft of thirteen paintings from The Isabella Gardner Museum Barbara Shapiro paints a tale of the who, why, what to explore a plausible explanation regarding one of the most famous art pieces gone missing that day a Degas In the story the stolen painting is a fictional work by the famous artist named After the Bath Claire Roth, an artist and reproductionist makes a deal to forge the stolen painting It s a very interesting story indeed It left me craving knowledge of the techniques described in the forgery, Isabella Gardner, the museum itself and the great artists The real heist has been in the news of late and seems to have ties to my own state Connecticut, making this the perfect time to explore the facts and fiction of the case There are many excellent reviews here and in the usual places I won t bore you with of my thoughts except to say I really enjoyed the book Tense is places, enough mystery, characters that were vivid and that I liked, this was a fine read for me. My predominant emotion while reading this book was irritation and I became much interested in why it was irritating me so much than I was in the novel itself I suppose principally because I thought it was going to be much literary a novel that creates the feeling that the characters are generating the plot rather than a novel whose plot creates the characters I ve just looked at other reviews of this book and nearly everyone praises the research I think what they mean though is simply that she told the story of Han van Meegeren I first came across his story on the excellent BBC series Fake or Fortune and it s a fabulous intriguing story He was a master forger who had an almost foolproof technique of copying old masters He might never have been discovered had it not been for the war When the Dutch government found out he had sold a Vermeer, a national treasure, to the Nazis he was tried for treason Therefore he had to prove to the court that he himself painted the picture What the author gives us is a kind of chick lit version of Van Meegeren There s a suggestion this novel asks the question, what are the moral implications of forgery in a world where everyone sees what they want to see That s a fascinating question Unfortunately the novel never really addresses it It s too busy trying to sell its film rights But if you want to read a serious, well crafted novel about an art forger I d recommend The Last Painting of Sara de Vos Since I have a Master s Degree in Art Education, I know a bit about art and history and this didn t pass the smell test for me I was given this book as a gift so I finished reading it, but it didn t engage me much I was angry with the main character for the entire book as she was a liar and a thief I didn t believe from the first that she could create a masterpiece in her boyfriend artist s style that was so good that it was accepted at MOMA Who would first of all do this No one And one of her first works be so wonderful that it is hanging in one of the most prestigious museums in the world No.Then she tries to have the work authenticated as hers and is rejected, and is vilified by the art world for her efforts So, then what does she do years later when she has finally lived down the scandal, she enters into a nefarious plot with an art gallery owner to paint a copy of a famous Degas work that was stolen from the Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston What She has already been involved in one forgery scandal and then proceeds to copy another work No, No, NO Plus, the author makes up a whole bunch of stuff that is not true about Degas, Stewart Gardner, and various other things and also throws in true stuff about art forgeries and such With so much interesting history out there, I don t know why she bothered One example made up for the book is that Degas cajoled Stewart Gardner into posing nude for him The models for artists at the time were prostitutes and Degas never painted nude women for his love of them He was a misogynist He thought of women as animals and he was recording their movements, not for their beauty, but for their study The whole episode is so uncharacteristic of either person and of the time period.