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[ FREE PDF ] ⚖ Silence in Schools ♿ Silence Is Undervalued As A Pedagogical Tool, Yet It Is Cost Free And Educationally Significant This Book Explores The Phenomenon Of Silence In Schools, Its Appearances And Uses The Author Looks First At The Negative And Coercive Aspects Of Silence In Schools, But Focuses Primarily On The Constructive Ways In Which Certain Schools Use Silence Case Studies Describe How Schools Have Introduced Meditation, Quiet Spaces And Silent Moments, And The Author Analyzes How Such Initiatives Are Enhancing The Students Experience And Learning She Explores How Awareness Of Silence Can Be Developed To Change School Cultures So As To Develop And Enhance Democratic And Reflective Practices It Illustrates Silence As A Beneficial Educational Tool Silence In Schools Is Important Reading For Head Teachers, Classroom Teachers, Policy Makers, Educational Researchers And Parents The Conclusions Drawn Offer Useful International Applications And Show How Silence In Schools Can Be Effective In Many Different Types Of Educational Setting